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Jerome's Corrupt Latin Vulgate

Jerome was commissioned by Pope Damasus I to produce a Latin Bible for the Roman Catholic Church in AD 382, this Bible is referred to as Jerome's Latin Vulgate.

Jerome admitted to altering the text in his preface to the Latin Vulgate.

Jerome's Vulgate is the source of the corrupt Catholic Douay version of the Bible produced in 1609.

Jerome may have consulted the Alexandrian manuscripts of Eusebius since they were in existence prior to the Latin Vulgate. )

Wycliffe did not use the corrupt Latin Vulgate.

Erasmus rejected Jerome's Latin Vulgate.

Tyndale used Erasmus Greek text and the Wycliffe Bible, not the Latin Vulgate which does not agree with Tyndale's work.

The KJV translators had access to Jerome's Latin Vulgate, BUT THEY REJECTED IT AS FALSE!

Jerome used the Alexandrian Manuscripts for the Latin Vulgate.

The Vulgate agrees with the existing manuscripts Vaticanus and Sinaiticus which are two of the Bibles of Constantine.

Jerome's Vulgate became the basis for many of the new modern Bible versions. .

Jerome altered his text to conform to the paganism of the Roman Church.

Anthony Hort and Brooke Wescott created a New Greek NT text in 1875.

This corrupt Greek text is one of the sources of our modern Bibles.

These men were involved in the Catholic Church and the occult, they did not believe in the infallibility of the Scriptures, and held many philosophies that are contrary to the Bible.

They followed the pagan minority manuscripts of Alexandria that agreed with their pagan philosophy.

Wescott and Hort used the Vaticanus and Sinaiticus manuscripts for their New Greek text.

They rejected the Textus Receptusand chose to use the corrupt minority manuscripts of Alexandria.

The new versions supported by this Greek text stem from the paganism and idolatry of Egypt.

The devil used these men to attempt to undermine the KJV and promote the new false perversions of the Bible.

This perverted Greek NT was the foundation for the English Revised Version, the American Standard Version, and other new modern Bible versions.

Wescott ansd Hort used their new perverted Greek text as the foundation for the Revised Version New Testament which was published in 1881

The Revised Version Old Testament published in 1885 follows the corruption of Jerome and the Alexandrian manuscripts.

This was the first major attack by the devil on the pure King James Version of the Bible.