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Overview of Course

Bible Introduction will include the study of:

Chapter 1: General Information of the Bible

The sixty-six books of the Bible and their general contents, principal characters, places, facts and events of the Bible.

Chapter 2: Unity & Inspiration of the Bible

The awesome and beautiful design of Scripture and the process by which God chose to deliver his message through the pens of holy men.

Chapter 3: Canonization of the Bible

Answer the question, "How did we settle on the 66 books we call the Bible? Why are other old manuscripts not included in the Biblical canon and why are the Books that are included there?"

Chapter 4: God's Word Into English

The amazing history of how God has preserved his Word through the ancient languages and then oversaw its translation into English.

Chapter 5: Modern Versions of the Bible

A careful look at Modern Versions of the Bible with important concerns and cautions.