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Third Missionary Journey

Pauls third missionary journey

Chapters 18:23-21:14

FACT: Paul traveled about 2700 miles on the third missionary journey. This is about the same as traveling from Los Angeles, California to Washington, D. C. Lasting nearly three years, the Third is the longest and broadest of Paul's missionary journeys.

Pauls third missionary journey

CHAPTER EIGHTEEN, Part B (vs. 23-28)

1) Antioch 2)Tarsus 3) Derbe 4) Lystra 5) Iconium 6) Antioch of Pisidia 7) Galatia 8)Phrygia

A. Paul Begins Third Missionary Journey v. 23

v. 23—And after he had spent some time there [Antioch], he departed, and went over all the country of Galatia and Phrygia in order, strengthening all the disciples.

B. The Ministry of Apollos vs. 24-28


9) Ephesus

A. Paul in Ephesus vs. 1-10

B. The Sons of Sceva vs. 11-20

C. The Riot in Ephesus vs. 21-41


10) Philippi 11) Thessalonica 12) Berea 13) Greece or Corinth 14) Berea 15) Thessalonica 16) Philippi 17) Neopolis 18) Troas 19) Assos 20) Mitylene 21) Trogyllium 22) Miletus

A. Paul Goes to Macedonia and Greece vs. 1-6

B. Paul's Farewell Visit to Troas vs. 7-12

C. The Voyage from Troas to Miletus vs. 13-16

D. Paul Speaks to the Ephesian Elders vs. 17-38

CHAPTER TWENTY-ONE, Part A (vs. 1-16)

23) Coos 24) Rhodes 25) Patara 26) Tyre 27) Ptolemies 28) Caeserea 29) Jerusalem

A. Paul's Journey to Jerusalem vs. 1-16