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24 Elders

The Four And Twenty Elders - vv. 4,10,11

Who They Are Not -

They are not the Patriarchs

Revelation 5:9 From every tribe, tongue, people and nation.

They are not the Apostles. The Apostles were all Jews. They have their part in the foundation. Revelation 21:12-14

They are not disembodies spirits. The dead praise not God.

These are praising God. vv. 10,11

Who They Are -

Notice - Where they are located and what they are doing.

They are located in the throne and sitting on thrones.

Revelation 4:2,4 Now turn to the 3rd chapter and vv. 20,21

They are Overcomers

Sitting on thrones Ch. 3:21; 4:4

They have crowns - v. 10 Crowns promised -

Incorruptible crown - I Corinthians 9:25

Crown of Rejoicing - I Thessalonians 2:19

Crown of Righteousness - II Timothy 4:8

Crown of Life - James 1:12; Rev. 2:10

Crown of Glory - I Peter 5:4

Five in number - Grace and Faith

So then this is a company of people that have heard His voice in the church and have overcome "as He overcame" and He has given them the right to sit with Him in His throne.

They occupy the closest position to Christ.

Chpt. 5:6 Reverse the order —

They are Twenty-Four in number

These were the representatives of many others.

The priests and Levites "were set to forward the work of the house of the Lord, was twenty and four thousand." I Chronicles 23:3,4

But they were all arranged in courses of twenty-four.I Chronicles 24:3-5

I Chronicles 25:8-31 There were not more than twenty-four on duty at a time.

They are Elders -

The expression is that of time - "Elders". The "Elder" was the ruling man in the original order. They are "Elders" because of their official place.

"Sitting on thrones." They are the first glorified of all the redeemed - the seniors of that celestial city.