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Letter to Thyatira

The Fourth Letter: Thyatira

Revelation 2:18-29


Believed to be Columba.He was a brilliant, consecrated scholar. Committed to memory most of the Scripture. Called by an audible voice to be a missionary. In one missionary journey, he approached a walled city. The gates were barred. He lifted his voice in prayer. As he prayed, the court magicians harassed him with loud noises. He began to sing a Psalm. The gates opened of their own accord. He preached the Gospel. Many were saved. At another village:The son of a chief became violently sick. Southwest coast of Scotland he founded a Bible school.

City - "Thyatira"

Historically: The city of Thyatira was the least noteworthy of all the Seven Churches.

It was well off financially.

The name Thyatira means "Dominating Female"

"Feminine Oppression" Ecclesiastes 7:25-28

A woman was not meant to have an iron-like disposition, nor wear that which pertains to a man, or cut her hair. Deuteronomy 22:5I Corinthians 11:4-7, 13-16

The Jezebel spirit was dominating in this church, taking authority and perverting the truth. The Roman church, which is represented by this spirit of Jezebel, was as heathen and wicked as Athalia, who tried to destroy all the seed royal. This Age lasted the longest of all - about 900 years. From 606 AD - 1520 AD


v. 19 "I know thy works"

"Eido" suggests fullness of knowledge

Two aspects of truth presented here:

Love - service

"And charity and service"

Faith - patience

"And faith and patience"

In the Church of Ephesus, their doctrine was right, but lacked love. Here, they had love but lacked doctrine.

"And works"

The last to be more than the first. Their last works…better than their first

There was growth.

Complaint v. 20

"Notwithstanding I have a few things against thee."

Wicked Seducers - Called Jezebel

Allowed to teach

Allowed to seduce - His "servants"

"To commit fornication"

"To eat things sacrificed to idols"

Caution - vv. 21-23

A demand to repent - v. 21

A warning of judgment - vv. 22,23

Counsel -- vv. 24-29

"Hold fast to what you have" - v. 25

He will give more - v. 26

Listen to the Spirit - v. 29

Covenant To the Overcomer- vv. 26-28

Power over the Nations

Rule with a Rod of Iron

Give him the Morning Star