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Opening of Seals 5 and 6

Opening of Seals 5 and 6

The Opening of The Fifth Seal 6:9-11

The manifestations under the breaking of this seal differ, in some respects, from the four preceding. There is no expression from the Living ones. There are no 'horsemen or horses. And the burden of the description is exhibited in the results rather than in the processes. Yet, everything belongs to the same general category of trial and suffering. Under this fifth seal, we have added, bloody persecution of those who hold and testify to the truth. The good as well as the bad suffer the hour of trial. Hence, this fifth seal is the picture of Persecution and Martyrdom.

There are no voices of command from Heaven under this seal, and no messengers despatched from the throne; the reason, bloody persecutions of God's servants come from beneath -not from above. It is the devil who is the murderer. It is Dragon that makes war with the saints. These are martyrs of this particular period of time. Martyrs of the Judgment.

The Cause of Their Martyrdom. vs. 9

It is not death, but the cause of death, which constitutes a martyr. Millions upon millions perish under the preceding seals, but they are not called marytrs. The cause for which these were slain makes them martyrs.

"Slain for the Word of God"

What they may have rejected in the past, now hold to be the very Word of God .

"And for the testimony which they held. "

(Steadfast adherence to the faith) Probably the testimony of all that was happening. Plagues, disorders, and horrors around them. It will be more than the hardened hearts of scorning unbelievers can bear.

Their Estate at That Time vs.9

They are "Soul s" Their slaying is not the end.

They can be seen. "Saw" Invisible to men in the flesh, seen in the spirit.

They can speak. vs. 10 "They cried with a loud voice."

It is wrong to say the dead is in a state of non-existence, unconsciousness, or oblivion. Matt. 10:28; kill body - not soul Luke 20:38; Not the God of the dead. Luke 16:19-31 Rich man and Lazarus. Luke 23: 43 "To-day" Consider the experiences of dying believers,and their testimonies.

The Message They Convey. vs. 10 (last part)

It is a cry addressed to the throne. "0 Lord, holy and true"

It is a cry for fulfillment. It has started why the delay.

The Response To Their Message. vs. 11

They were given White Robes.

They were approved and precious

They were to rest awhile

They were to rest in Him

The reason for their rest.

There were others God wanted to make it. "Until their fellow-servants also and their brethren, that should be killed as they were, should be fulfilled. "

The Opening of The Sixth Seal. 6:12-17

Fearful Physical Events

"A great earthquake"

A great shaking -applied to the shaking of a fig tree- everything will be shaken.

"Sun became black "

"As sackcloth of hair"

"The moon became as blood "

Joe12:31; Matt 24:29; Mark 13:24-26; Luke 21:25; Acts 2:19-21

"The Stars Fall "

The Effect on Earth of These. Starts vs. 14

The Effects of these Events on Humanity. vs. 15-17

The General Condition of Society

Kings -great men -rich men - chief captains etc.

The Security is Gone.

"hid themselves"

They realized the source of these events. vs. 16

Hide us from the face of Him that sitteth on the throne, and from the wrath of the Lamb.