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Opening of The Seventh Seal

Opening of The Seventh Seal (8:1)

Details of the Silence

The Lamb is "He" Who breaks or opens the seal. In response to the breaking of the seal there is silence. This silence appears to be a "calm before the storm".

This silence takes place "In Heaven" and lasts for half an hour ("Hemioron" "Hemi": Half plus "Hora": Hour).

Meaning of the Silence

This seal and the resulting silence are quite mysterious. We can consider the definitions of the words used, but any other suggestings to their meaning is speculation.

In Revelation 8:1, "Silence" (siqe) means hush, voluntary stillness or refusal to speak. It is a silence of intense interest and awful expectancy with reference to the results of the breaking of the seventh seal.

As the following section of Revelation makes several strong allusions to the different parts of temple worship. For example:

  • Altar and incense in 8:3.
  • Four horns of the altar in 9:13.
  • Temple of God in 11:1.

Adam Clarke makes a comparison of this silence and the prayerful silence of the people who waited while the priest went in to burn incense in the holy place.

Luke 1:10 -- And the whole multitude of the people were praying without at the time of incense.