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The Sealing of the 144,000

The Sealing of the 144,000. 7:1-8

The judgment has begun, and has progressed through a number of its most important stages, but grace has not entirely departed. The sealing must take place before the judgment can continue. vs. 1-3

Who The 144,000 Are vs. 4

"Of all the tribes of the children of Israel. " They are Jews- not the Church. The sealed ones are one company, complete in itself; and the Elders and Living ones are another company complete in themselves. John sees them all at the same time, the one in the presence of the other. 12 thousand from each tribe:

Judah -confession or praise of God

Reuben- behold a Son or viewing the Son

Gad -a company or a troupe

Asher- blessed or happy

Naphtali- obtained by wrestling

Manasseh -making to forget

Simeon -hearing or obeying

Levi -adhesion or cleaving to

Issachar -a reward

Zebulon- habitation or dwelling

Joseph -added or addition

Benjamin- Son of the right hand

Look at them all together. Confessors or praises of God, looking upon the Son, a company of blessed ones, wrestling or fighting for what is ahead, forgetting these things that are behind, hearing and obeying the word, cleaving unto the reward of a heavenly habitation, an addition to what has already happened, sons of the day of God's hand, or the day of His Power, begotten in the extremity of the age.

One reason the names of Dan and Ephraim is left out. Dan means a judge. These 144,000 are not judges, and never become judges. Ephraim -double fruitfulness, or increase, or growth by multiplication. These are a fixed number 144,000. These are Israelites, living in the period of the judgment, who confess and look to Christ as their Messiah.

The Time of Their Sealing

It takes place on earth.

After the opening of the Sixth Seal Chpt. 7:1

Before the opening of the Seventh Seal vs. 3

The Nature of Their Sealing

It is a mark Of some sort. The impression or mark of a seal or signet. Conspicuous and observable.

In the Old Testament the Mark of Circumcision In Egypt the Mark of the Blood Rahab the Mark of the scarlet thread . Anti-christ puts a mark on his followers.

In their foreheads -vs. 3

Similar to Eze. 9:4

It is something Supernatural. vs. 2

"The seal of the living God" As all believers are sealed by the Lord. Eph. 1:13; Eph. 4:30; II Cor. 1:22

The Agent of Their Sealing

By an angel vs. 2

"I saw another angel"

Coming from the East -

The rising of the Sun. "Unto you that fear my name shall the Sun of Righteousness arise."

The Basis of Their Sealing -

They are "The Servants of God" vs. 4.