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The Sounding of The Fifth Trumpet

The Sounding of The Fifth Trumpet - Rev. 9:1-11

The fifth trumpet is different in character from the preceding four. All are blasts of judgment, and all belong to the "Great Day of the Lord." Thus far, the trumpets have blown only for the objects of physical nature, and wrought their effects through disturbances in the material world. But the trumpet now before us goes beyond the physical world and calls into action quite other agencies. The doors of separation between the earth and the prison of evil spirits are opened.

What the Star Is - vs. 1.

This is not a meteor for this star is an intelligent agent, he has ascribed to him distinctive characteristics that could not possibly be ascribed to anything but a living being.

vs. 1 - "To him was given the key"

vs. 2 - "He opened the bottomless pit"

vs. 3 - "There came out of the smoke locusts upon the earth. "

We must conclude that this is not a material but a spiritual star.It is a "Fallen Star"

Who The Star Is - Isa. 14:12.

Vs. 11 Says the "star" is the king over them, whose name in the Hebrew is Abaddon, but in the Greek tongue hath his name "Apollyon"destroyer; devil; Satan.

The Time of His Fall -

At the time of the original creation, he fell into the condemnation of the devil. But in Revelations he fell from heaven to Earth. Just prior to the Rapture of the Church, the Devil is cast out. Rev. 12:7-9.

The Key Given -

Key speaks of Power - And authority to use that power. Peter was given the keys to the kingdom the power to open the door of the Gospel. Christ had the keys of death and hell at His side.

The key is "given - Cannot go beyond what he is permitted. Evil would override the world.

What The Key Is For -

"The Bottomless Pit." - The Release of the Locusts.

What The Locusts Are -

Their Nature.

Locusts have no king, Prov. 30:27. They are supernatural, angelic beings.vs. 11.Jude 6; II Peter 2:4.

Their Forms -

"like unto horses"-"like unto men"-"have hair like a woman,"-"have teeth of lions" - " have breastplates of iron," - "have wings, " - "have tails"

Their Intelligence

They have a certain amount of intelligence. vs. ###Commands are given to them.

Their Power -

Is limited -vs. 4; The extent of their power is to horrify and torment, vs. 5.

The Duration of their torment, vs. 5 and 10.