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The Two Witnesses

The Two Witnesses - 11:3-13

These two witnesses are not presented to John in vision. They are described to him by the glorious Angel, who is the Lord Jesus Himself. The account that is given here is not John's but Christ's, given in His own words.

Who, then, are these Two Witnesses?The connection in which the account is given may help to give us the answer. These Witnesses come upon us suddenly, in the midst of the scenes of the Judgment, and at a time when Christ is ready to take possession of the earth.

Their Outstanding Circumstances -

Ordained of God - vs.3

"My two witnesses" - "And I will give power"

Power to Prophesy -vs 3

Power to Punish -vs. 5

Power to Shut Heaven -vs. 6a

Power to Work Miracles -vs. 6b,c

Two in Number -vs. 3- 4

Deut. 17:6; Matt. 18:16; Moses and Aaron -Caleb and Joshua Zerubbabel and Jeshua -Peter and John Old Testament and New Testament Everything to be established by two or three witnesses. Notice- vs. 4; Zech. 4:1-3. Zerubbabel the prince - Jeshua the priest They are two men God will raise up in this end time.

Their Ordained Commission.

They Are Witnesses.

Prophetic Witnesses -Apostles -Martyrs - Witnesses Christ Himself -"The faithful and true witness" As Enoch - Noah - Moses - Elijah - Jonah in Ninevah - John the Baptist to Herod.

They Rebuke Sin

Expose Deception

Demand Repentance

Require Righteousness

They Are God's Witnesses.

"My two witnesses" vs. 3 Proving that this Angel is Christ. Not as He is now - but as Judge and King Not of the Bleeding Lamb but of the Avenger of His Elect. The Powers which they exercise - The Reason No Rain -

Sin of Idolatry -

Trust in False gods -

Desecration of God's Temple -

They Are Human Witnesses -

They are People - vs. 3 "Clothed in sackcloth."

They Prophesy - vs. 3 "They shall prophesy."

They Can Be Hurt - vs. 5 "If any man hurt them."

They Can Be Killed - vs. 7 "Overcome them, and kill them."

They Are Raised From The Dead - vs. l1

"After three days and a half the spirit of life from God entered into them."

They Ascend into Heaven - vs. 12 "They ascended up to heaven"

Who are They? Some believe Moses and Elijah. Some believe Enoch and Elijah. Some believe O.T. and N.T. Some believe a body of believers. Malachi 3:1-6; 4:1,5-6; Matt. 17:10-13; 11:14-15; Luke 1:15-17. John the baptist was a partial fulfillment - Mal. 4:6; Luke 1:17. Lev. 26:1,9; Jer. 14:22; Zech. 10:1,2; Hag. 1:9-11. The Reason water to blood - Because of the bloody and oppressive tyranny. Moses in Egypt. The bloody persecution.

They Are Merciful Witnesses.

Though they appear in judgment, the message is a warning - "To flee from the wrath to come" - But they will hot listen - II Thess. 2:9-11.

What have we identified the two witnesses to be? Now we continue… Their Times -Their Doings -Their End

The Times of These Two Witnesses.

They are not Gospel Times.

The Jew and his Temple.

Ministers- different from Gospel ministers. vs. 5.

They kill -vs. 10 torment - deal out fiery judgment.Avenge the very wish to injure them. We are not to avenge ourselves.Not to smite and kill our enemies - but love them. Jesus was crucified Stephen was stoned. James was beheaded. Peter was crucified.Paul beaten -imprisoned - beheaded - Polycarp is burned.The Gospel is a thing of joy. Isa. 57:7.

Their garments symbols of calamity and judgment. The heavens are shut - no rain -no grain. Waters are turned to blood.

They are very Evil Times.

Times of great affliction and sorrow for God's true ministers. Hell has incarnated itself upon earth.

From the Abyss has come the Beast. All the world wonder at -

All worship and adore him - Not given to the worship of God.

War rages against God's People. Rev. 12:13 They are overcome.

The two witnesses are killed. How many more?

They are times of Miracles, vs.3 The Two witnesses

The Beast and False Prophet - lying signs and wonders. II Thess. 2:3-10.Deceiving the world - Rev. 13:12-13 Moses overcame the magicians.These overcome the witnesses vs. 7.

The Work of These Two Witnesses.

They Are Prophets, vs.3; vs. 6; vs. 10. They Are Preaching Prophets. Expounding God's Word. Calling to Repentance. They are , also Judgment Prophets, vs. 3 Elijah called down fire "consumed fifty" etc. Mal. 4:6 "smite the earth with a curse."Hebrew word -utter destruction. Matt. 24:21-22.

The End of These Two Witnesses.

Their career, though illustrious, and crowded with miracle from beginning to end, is very brief. vs. 3.They shall prophesy a thousand two hundred and threescore days. 3 -1/2 years.

They Are Killed -vs. 7.

Put to death. "When they shall have finished their testimony. "When their work is complete.

The Form of Death They Die - vs.8.

Some believe reference is made of crucifixion. The ordinary mode of execution (at this time) is by beheading. Rev. 20:4a.

The Place of Death - vs. 8 "in the street…of the great city"

They are denied burial. "Spiritually called Sodom and Egypt" This is further proof of the literalness of this prophesy. Jerusalem in Apostasy, is a Sodom. Isa. 1:9-10; 3:8-9; Deut. 32:30-33; Jer. 23:14.

The Length of Their Death - vs. 1 3 -1/2 days.

They do not remain dead. "Life came into ,them -and stood upon their feet." The world is left in shock -

They Ascend into Heaven - vs. 12.

They hear the call. They descend up to heaven.Their enemies behold them.

The Witness of God To Their Ascension. vs. 13

A great earthquake. At the death of Christ - earthquake. But no one died -it was Mercy-Love-Grace. Here is Judgment - "Tenth part of the city fell" vs. 13. "Seven thousand " slain - The earthquake in California