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The Woman in the Wilderness

The Woman in the Wilderness, Rev. 12:6; 13-16

REVIEW: Verses 1 and 5 described the Woman as being "clothed with the sun", "having the moon under her feet", "upon her head a crown of twelve stars" and from out of her is produced the Man Child. We believe these details and the fact the this book is to be interpreted as prophecy identify this Woman as the Church or Body of Jesus Christ.

The Flight of the Woman, vs. 6,13-16

The Reason For Her Flight, vs.13.

Revelation 12:12—Therefore rejoice, ye heavens, and ye that dwell in them. Woe to the inhabiters of the earth and of the sea! for the devil is come down unto you, having great wrath, because he knoweth that he hath but a short time.

She makes her flight to the wilderness because she is persecuted ("dioko" to put to flight, drive away, to pursue) by the Dragon. Satan being ejected from heaven, by the Man Child with the aid of Michael and his angels, turns his wrath and venom on the woman. Satan persecutes the woman for two reasons:

Having been cast out of heaven the Man Child is out of his reach.

The woman is to be "blamed" for bringing forth the Man Child.

Notice that the dragon's attention is on the Man Child and readies to pounce as soon as the Man Child is brought forth. The Dragon is not concerned with the Woman until He is defated and cast down to the earth. His attack on the Against the Woman is an act of defiant rage.

The Place of Her Flight, vs. 6, 14.

The Wilderness - vs. 6. " And the woman fled into the wilderness. " "Ran away" -"Escaped " "Eremos" it is an adjective -describing something rather than indicating a place. Meaning -"Desolate" -"Deserted" -"Lonely"

A Place of Preparation -vs. 6

"Where she hath a place prepared of God" Readiness -All preparedA place of:


Deut. 8:2-3 Israel in the Wilderness Rev. 3: 10 "Try" to test -scrutinize -discipline -examine -prove

A Place of Persecution -vs. 13

Great Persecution -"Great Wrath " vs. 12 "Thumos"hot anger -passion, as if breathing hard -fierceness -indignation. Most evil and wicked times on the earth.Dan. 12:2 Matt. 24:21-22 Luke 21:22

A Short Time To Do His Work -

"Hath but a short time"

A Place of Provision -vs. 14

Special and direct help of God.

"Given two wings of a great eagle. " Ex. 19:4

Endued with Soaring Power -Isa. 40:31

"That she might fly (in) the wilderness. " vs. 6 says she's already fled into the wilderness.

Finds Her Place - "…into her place."

( a) She had been out of her place.

She finds her place in the wilderness.

Israel wandered in the wilderness. Because of their "unbelief." It's here in the wilderness that she finds her place. Rev. 3:14-18.

A Place of Nourishing -vs. 14

"Where she is nourished" ( 1) The church fed and nourished. To bring maturity. "Trepho" -to feed, to make to grow Israel had manna in the wilderness - To get them ready to go into Canaan.

"For a time, and times, and half a time."

3 -1/2 years -First half of the Tribulation.

"From the face of the serpent."

As being towards view.Presence - Rev.4:1 - "Apo" -away, off, departure

The Flood of the Serpent, vs. 15-16

The Source of the Flood -

"The serpent cast out of his mouth"

False Accusations -vs. 10

"The accuser of our brethren "

False Doctrines -I Tim. 4:1

"Doctrines of devils"

The Nature of the Flood -

"Water as a Flood" (Words as water.) The flood is typical of every form of destruction -Psa. 18:4 Isa. 59:14; Jer. 46:7-8 Jer. 47:2-3 Dan. 9:26

The flood expresses overwhelming misfortune, the bitter persecution to which the Church will be subjected to.

The Purpose of the Flood -vs. 15.

That he might cause her to be carried away of the flood.

To be overwhelmed -"Carried about" Eph. 4: 14

The Failure of the Flood -vs. 16

"The earth helped the woman "

The earth frequently signifies -" the wicked. "

Adam was made from the dust of the earth. I Cor. 15:47

"The first man is of the earth, earthy. " Rev. 17:16-17

"The earth opened her mouth "

Could be a supernatural event. Num. 16:31-33 Ex. 15:11-12