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1 Peter Topical Outline

I Peter Topical Outline

Salvation of the Believer

The Triune God preparing an Elect people (1:2)

(The Eternal Purpose of the Godhead)

Foreknowledge of God—God the Father

-Sanctification of the Spirit—God the Holy Spirit -Sprinkling of the blood of Jesus Christ—God the Son
-Obedience of the believer unto election—Overcoming Saints (Receiving many sons unto Glory) Hebrews: 2:10 I Peter 1:11; 5:1

God's desire in relation to the overcoming Saints is that they overcome all sin, be thoroughly sanctified and take on the likeness of His Son.

-1:1 Strangers scattered called to be the Elect -1:2 Grace and Peace multiplying unto an Election -1:2 Unto Obedience -1:3 Abundant Mercy -1:10 Grace coming unto you -1:13--Grace revealing Christ in you -1:20--Christ's life manifested in you -1:21--That your faith and hope may be in God -1:22--Obeying and loving fervently -2:1--"Lay aside ALL" -2:12--"Desire the sincere milk of the Word" -Romans 1:17--Righteousness revealed from faith to faith -Romans 5:21--Grace reigns through righteousness -Ephesians 2:8--By Grace through Faith -3:12--The eyes of the Lord are over the Righteous -3:14--If ye suffer righteousness sake happy are ye -3:18--"That He might bring us to God" -4:17-18--Or bring us to judgment -4:19: 1:5--Judge Him faithful and commit your soul into His keeping, as you do well, even though you suffer for it

The Word of God is the Source of our Salvation

The full inheritance is reserved in Heaven 1:4

The Power of God's Word is in the obedient believer 1:5, 22

"It is written" 1:6, 11

"The Gospel is preached" 1:25, 12
The truth is revealed 1:5, 12-13, 20, 22-23
The Word of God revealed is seed producing eternal life
The Truth vitally experienced

The true Grace of God working in the believer's life I Peter 1:2, 10, 13; 2:2, 19, 20; 3:7; 4:10; 5:5, 10, 12

Faith—acting on the Word 1:21

Hope—great expectation 1:3, 21
Love—desire and effort for greater demonstration more and more and more 1:22; 4:8, 14
The truth vitally expressed 1:23, 25

We never fail when obeying the Word

The Word of the Lord Liveth, abideth and endureth forever.

We fail only when we neglect His grace that has been given to us 2:8, 10

God's foreordained plan will be revealed in these last days.

This is an End time deliverance. 1:2, 4-17, 20 4:7, 17


1:2, 18,19, 21,23 2:6, 25 3:18


1:2,3-5, 9, 13, 22; 2:1,2

The Blood of Sprinkling

I Peter 1:2; Hebrews 9: 13, 19, 2; Hebrews 10:22; Hebrews 11:28; Hebrews 12:24; Exodus 12:7; Exodus 2:48;Leviticus 4:6;Leviticus 8:15;Numbers 19:4

The inheritance of every obedient believer is by revelation of Jesus Christ 1:4, 5, 12,13, 20

Begotten 1:3
Redeemed 1:18, 19
Born again 1:23
Be ye holy 1:15, 16

Sanctification of the believer.

"Sanctification of the Spirit" 1:2

Sanctification is a separation from sin and a setting apart unto God by the Spirit

-Be obedient (1:2) -Greatly rejoicing (1:6) -Be ye holy (1:16) -Fear God (1:17) -Purify your soul by obeying the truth (1:22) -Love one another (1:22) -Put away all evil (2:1) -Grow up by desiring the pure milk of the Word (2:2) -Offer up spiritual sacrifices (2:5) -Show forth His excellent greatness (2:9) -Abstain from fleshly lust that war against the soul (2:11) -Be honest and show good works (2:12) -Live unto righteousness (2:24) -Sanctify the Lord in your heart (3:15)

The Submission of the believer

Submit yourself to God 5:5,6

Submit yourself to every ordinance of man 2:13

Government 2:13-17

Business 2:18-25

Marriage 3:1-7

Friendship 3:8-12; 5:5

The Suffering of the Believer 3:13-; 5:10

Trials 1:6,7; 2:19-23; 4:12,13,19; 5:9,10

A season of heaviness

Sickness 2:24

By Whose stripes ye were healed

Opportunity to witness 3:13-21; 4:13; 5:1,2

Give an answer to every man that asketh you a reason of the hope that is in you

The Stewardship of the Believer 4:1,7 - 5:14

Having the mind of Christ 4:1

Have the love of God 4:8

Having the gifts of God 4:10

Having the ability which God gives 4:11

Having the glory of God revealed in your life 4:14; 5:1

Be steadfast 5:9, 12

Salute 5:13

Greet ye one anther with love and peace 5:14