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I'm Going To Heaven, I'm going There When I Die


  • I'm going to Heaven, I'm going there when I die
  • I'm going to Heaven, in the sweet ,sweet by and by
  • I've placed my order far a mansion and a crown
  • And in that book up yonder, my name is written down

Verse 1

  • They tell me of a city, that's just beyond the sky
  • They say the population will never, never die.
  • There we'll walk forever upon the streets of gold
  • And in that land immortal, we'll never more grow old.

Verse 2

  • There will be no taxes, no rent we'll have to pay
  • This deed is for your mansion, we'll hear the angels say
  • No washing and no mending, no clothes that look threadbare.
  • We'll have a snow-white garment of righteousness to wear

Verse 3

  • There will be no sorrow, all tears are wiped away
  • The undertakers signboard will not be on display
  • There will be no doctor with a pillcase in his hand
  • For there will be no sickness within that happy land

Verse 4

  • We'll see the old time Baptist, who trod the holy way
  • Some Nazarines and Pilgrims, some Methodists they say
  • But best of all my brother, our Saviour we will see
  • And what a grand homecoming that glorious day will be.