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2003 tapes batch2

  1. 20030108 The Pride of thine heart hath deceived thee, sgrsr, obadiah 21
  2. 20030625 the power of a peaceful heart richard derocher
  3. 20030618 the god that answers by fire sgrsr
  4. 20030223A the proof of maturity jrrsr eph 3:14
  5. 20030323P having escaped sgrsr 2 peter 2:20
  6. 20030209A great faith jrrsr
  7. 2003 0105A evidence of an excellent spirit jrrrsr daniel 6:1-3
  8. Ate tape tried to recover as much as I could, about 30 min in is where it was eaten,
  9. 20030615P the works of the devil John 3:1-8 jrrsr
  10. 20030622P teh tree that sweetens lifes bitter streams jrrsr
  11. 20030709 can a christian be demon possessed? jrrsr
  12. 20030105P the blessedness of the christian life jrrsr matthew 5:1-12