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Youth Singing

Find below, slightly higher quality recordings for download.

psalm-34 (Benjamin, Laura)
Whereever You Are (Benjamin Laura)
Revival (Benjamin, Elyanna, Laura, Rosemary)
Only Little Lamb (Benjamin)
I Have Faith in a God thats Faithful (Abigail, Sophia)
In a Million Years (Rosemary)
Goliath Coming Down (Benjamin)
Goliath Coming Down POST ADDED INSTRUMENTS SAMPLE (Benjamin)
I Want to Live for Jesus (Abigail, Amelia, Sophia, Stephen)
My King is Known By Love (Abigail, Amelia, Sophia, Stephen)
Are You Washed in the Blood (Laura)
Go Reach the World (Benjamin, Elyanna, Rosemary)
Hallelujah Anyhow (Laura)
He Set Me Free (Benjamin, Elyanna, Rosemary)
How Great Thou Art (Philip)
How Great Thou Art (Philip)
I'll Fly Away (Benjain, Elyanna)
I'm Glad I'm Saved (Benjamin, Laura)
It Is no Secret What God Can Do (Laura)
Jesus Be the Lord of All (April)
Let My Light Shine (Abigail, Benjamin, Jeremiah, Sophia)
My Best Friend (Stephen)
Somebody's Gonna Stand (Benjamin, Elyanna, Rosemary)
Thanks For Loving Me (Benjamin)
The Lord is Good (April)
There is a Fountain Filled with Blood (Laura)
Victory in Jesus (Laura)
We Will Carry the Torch (Bejamin, Elyanna, Rosemary)
Who Am I (Elyanna)
Here I am to Worship (Benjamin, Elyanna, Rosemary)
I am Determined to Hold Out (April)
Medley (Benjamin, Elyanna, Rosemary)