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Comparison of the Apostles and Jesus

(Chart 2) Portrayal of the Apostles

The portrayal of the apostles in Acts is very similar to the portrayal of Jesus in Luke's Gospel.

The Apostles in Acts Jesus in Luke's Gospel
The Holy Ghost descends on the apostles at Pentecost (2:1-4) The Holy Ghost descends at His baptism (3:21-22)
Peter preaches, quoting from the prophet Joel (2:16-36) Jesus preaches after reading form the prophet Isaiah (4:14-30)
The apostles call people to join them (2:37-41,47b) Jesus calls His first followers (5:1-11, 27-32)
Peter and John heal a lame beggar (3:1-10) Jesus heals a blind beggar (18:35-43)
The High priest arrests some of the apostles and questions them before the council (4:1-22) Jesus is arrested and interrogated by the council (22:47-71)
The "narrator" summarizes the "signs and wonders" of the apostles, especially the healings and deliverances (5:12-16; 8:6-7,13) The "narrator" summarizes the healing and delivering activity of Jesus (4:40-41; 6:17-19)
The sick are healed through Peter's shadow and Paul's handkerchiefs or aprons (19:11-12) A woman is healed when she touches the fringes of Jesus' clothing (8:43-48)
Jewish leaders want to kill the apostles, because of their teachings (5:17-42) Jewish leaders plot to kill Jesus, partly due to His teachings (19:45-48)
Peter raises Tabitha (Dorcas) from the dead (9:36-42) Jesus raises a widow's son form the dead (7:11-17)
The apostles encounter a pious Roman centurion) (10:1-48) Jesus heals the son of a faithful Roman centurion (7:1-10)
Paul felt compelled by the Spirit to go to Jerusalem, despite the dangers that await him there (19:21; 21:8-17) Jesus is determined to go to Jerusalem, despite the dangers that await Him there (9:51; 13:33; 19:11-28)
Paul is welcomed in Jerusalem by the believers and soon goes to the temple (21:17-26) Jesus is welcomed in Jerusalem by large crowds and soon goes to the temple (19:28-48)
Paul is seized by a Jewish mob that wants him killed, but later stands trial before Roman governors (21:30-36; 23:23-26:32 Jesus is arrested by a Jewish mob, but is later turned over to the Roman procurator for trial (22:47-54; 23:1-25)
Paul argues against the Sadducees, who do not believe in the resurrection (23:6-9) Jesus is questioned by some Sadducees who dispute the concept of resurrection (20:29-38)
Paul takes bread, gives thanks, and breaks it, and eats (27:35: 20:7-11) Jesus takes bread, says a blessing, breaks it, and gives it to the disciples to eat (27:35; 24:30)
As he is being stoned to death, Stephen hands his spirit over to the Lord Jesus and forgives his executioners (7:59-60) As he is dying on the cross, Jesus forgives His executioners and hands His spirit over to God (23:34,46)