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Logical Arguments

1. "Should Christians Wear Wedding Rings" Logical Arguments

a. Negative Arguments

  • a) Wedding ring tradition originated in ancient Egypt, the circle was viewed by Egyptians as a symbol of the eternal. b) Symbols can be used as a kind Charm. c) Using charms is witchraft and non-Chrisitian.

    • rebuttals: a) The motives and symbolism of ancient Egyptians puts no burden upon the modern Christian. My reasons for wearing a wedding ring are different than the reasons of Ancient Egyptians. b) Symbolism is not equal charm or witchcraft. Christians have employed all sorts of symbols in various ways. It is relevant to point out that the Lord gave us the communion table as a symbol.
  • a) 1 Peter 3:3 teaches Christians should not wear gold b) Wedding rings are traditionally made of gold.

    • rebuttal: b) Wedding rings are not always made of gold and if we were discussing "wooden" rings then the objection would still remain so this argument is not truely about the kind of material the ring is made of, but the wearing of a ring of any materal at all.
  • a) Wedding rings are jewelry and b) the problem with wearing Jewelry is that it represents pride (Isaiah 3:16-22) and rebellion against God and his creation (Pro 8:13; Mar 7:22). Pride also demonstrates a love for the world more than for God. (1Jn 2:15; 1Jn 2:16-17) c) A Christian avoid pride. (Proverbs 21:4)

  • a) Previous generations of preachers have preached against wearing wedding rings and they were right. b) Who are we to disagree with these men of God and compromise, backslide or let down the standard? (Many churches have compromised the Word of God to a point that they have lost the concept of salvation and that of a sanctified life. )

    • Rebuttal: An argument from precdent is weak as whose to say which generation did get it right? Because somethings said first a certian way is not of itself proof of its truthiness. Often times an untruth can gain traction much sooner than a truth.

b. Positive Arguments

  • a) Not something worth arguing about.

  • a) I personally am not convicted by wearing my wedding ring. b) a clear conscience is enough for christian liberty. (Romans 14; Colossians 2:16)

    • rebuttal: Proverbs 21 explains that “every way of a man is right in his own eyes, but the Lord pondereth (weights or judges) the hearts”. You can justify it as right in your mind now, but can you do so in judgment before the throne of God?
  • a) I am married and I wear this ring as token of the covenant and a signal to everyone that "I'm taken."

    • rebuttal: Do you actually need a ring to let others know that you are happily married and not looking for a new partner? If that is all that stands between you and adultery, that ring can slip off very easily when you justify it. (Proverbs: 21:2; 1 Peter 3:3; 1Timothy 2:9; Genesis 35:4; Exo 33:4-6; Isaiah 3:16-22)