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I. The Entrance into Canaan, Ch. 1-5

Chapters 1-5. The Israelites were to defeat all enemies by the Presence of God. God promised to be with them, to never leave them nor forsake them. God gave three wonderful Promises to Joshua and the Israelites:

  • The Promised Land (Joshua 1:3-4)
  • The Promise of Conquering All Enemies (Joshua 1:5)
  • The Promised Presence and Rest of God (Joshua 1:5)

In Chapter 1, God gave a forceful charge to Joshua, to be "strong and courageous" in his task of leading Israel to inherit the Promised land (Joshua 1:6). He was the military commander of an army that faced formidable enemies, and he knew warfare lay ahead. The Enemy was spied out in Chapter 2. In Chapters 3 to 4, the Israelites cross Jordan miraculously and erected memorial stones. In Chapter 5, Israel is encamped at Gilgal where circumsion is reminded, the passover kept and the Captain of the Lord's host appears to Joshua.

II. The Conquest of Central Palestine, (Ch. 6-9)

The Conquest of Central Palestine, Ch. 6-9

The siege and capture of Jericho, Ch. 6 GOD’S ARMY POSITIONED

Jos 6:2 And the LORD said unto Joshua, See, I have given into thine hand Jericho, and the king thereof, and the mighty men of valour. 6:6-9 Vs. 3 “And ye shall compass the city all ye Men of War”

Joshua 7:12—Therefore the children of Israel could not stand before their enemies, but turned their backs before their enemies, because they were accursed: neither will I be with you any more, except ye destroy the accursed from among you.

B.	The conquest of Ai, Ch. 7, 8 GOD’S ARMY SANCITIFIED
	1.	Israel faces first near defeat
	2.	Achan’s sin discovered and put away
	3.	Final victory through strategy from God.

7:13 “Up sanctify the people”(You won’t get anywhere without being sanctified.)

You won’t get anywhere without the Lord being with you.

8:1, 2 Thou shalt do to Ai as thou hast done to Jericho. 8:29 Grave stones – death 8:30-32 Altars of whole stones – unbroken law Death is now under the law of God Matt. 5:17 Law is fulfilled by Christ; death hath no more dominion over the believer.
Rom. 6:9, 11, 14, 22; Ex. 20:25, 26; Deut. 27:9-26 8:12 – “ Gerizim” – People of the desert (Blessing) Simeon, Levi, Judah “To Bless” Issachar, Joseph (Ephraim and Manasseh), Benjamin 8:13 -- “Ebal” – (Stony) Reuben, Gad, Asher “To Curse” Zebulun, Dan, Naphtali The eyes on the mountains are watching to bless the obedient and curse the disobedient. II Chron. 16:9 Zech. 4:10; 3:9; Rev. 5:6; Amos 9:8; Joshua 6:17-19; 7:1 Israel was disobedient. How was the record cleared? Because God used Joshua 7:6; Because of Jesus I John 2:1

C.	The league with Gibeon, Ch. 9 ISRAEL DECEIVED
	1.	The deception of the Gibeonites
	2.	Their exposure and enslavement

9:22 “Beguiled” – cheated, charmed 9:1 All the kings 9:2 “gathered themselves together” 9:2 “Accord” – In Hebrew means one mouth Think of the pressure upon Joshua and Israel as all the kings and armies scream as they charge upon Israel. Israel heard the wrong voice and was pressured into a mistake. Jos 9:14 …asked not counsel at the mouth of the LORD

III. The Conquest of Southern Palestine,(Ch. 10)

The Conquest of Southern Palestine,


10:8 (The Promise Repeated) 10:8; 1:5; 8:11-14; 21; 24-29; 10:40-42

The confederacy of five kings against Israel Their attack on Gibeon

C.	Israel defeats them at Bethheron
	1.	God fights for Israel with hail stones
	2.	The sun and moon stand still

The five kings captured and slain at Makkeda E. All the cities at the south captured and burned

IV. The Conquest of northern Palestine, (Ch. 11)

V. Summary of Israel’s Conquests, (Ch. 12)

VI. The Division of the Land, (Ch. 13-21)

VII. The Altar of Witness at Jordan, (Ch. 22)

VIII. Joshua’s parting Councils and Death, (Ch. 23, 24)

The Conquest of northern Palestine, Ch. 11 ISRAEL’S REST 11:23, 18-20; 15-16; 6

Northern tribes under king Jabin gather at Lake Merom

B.	Joshua defeats them and subjugates their cities

Summary of Israel’s Conquests, Ch. 12 ISRAEL UNDEFEATED 12:24 UNDEFEATED 🡪 31 wins – 0 losses

Eastern Palestine conquered under Moses B. Western Palestine conquered under Joshua

The Division of the land, Chpt. 13-21

A. Eastern Palestine divided between Reuben, Gad, Manasseh (1 ½ tribes), Ch. 13 ISRAEL REMINDED --13:1,2,6 (The Task Repeated) 1:4

Caleb given Hebron as an inheritance, Ch. 14 ISRAEL’S INHERITANCE 14:1,5
Vs. 3 Other side Jordan by Moses 13:33 None for the Levites Num. 18:20-24 14:4 Children of Joseph – “Two tribes” Double portion Both tribes received a double portion – Jos. 17:14-18 Look at the area on the map that Ephraim and Manasseh cover and how they reach out like hands to the other tribes. Judges 1:25; Gen. 49:22-24; Josh. 14:6 Num. 14:24; Josh. 14:7-15 Caleb’s Inheritance Hebron Western Palestine divided by lot to the 9 ½ tribes, Ch. 15-19

15:19 BLESSING OF GOD Not the world vs. 18 (Not a “field”) vs. 1 Edom Flesh/Carnal Life We do not want the world controlling us.God helps us to capture the flesh (Edom) and crucify it and allow God to control our Land (life). Amos 9:15 Obadiah 17-21

15:19		“Give me a blessing” Upper springs - Lower springs

15:20 Judah was first to receive an inheritance of the tribes on the West side Jordan

	All things are possible with the blessing of God.

Judges 1:1 1:8, 19; Josh. 15:63; Judges 1:15 Upper springs and lower springs flowing in our life.

II Sam. 5:6-7 David of the tribe of Judah conquered the Jebusites and Jerusalem. Judges 1:19 II Sam. 5:10 Rev. 21:3 Heb. 7:14

16 and 17 HANDS OF FAITH a. Covering two chapters b. Vs. 1 The children of Joseph Ephraim and Manassseh 2 tribes – 2 hands c. Hands stretched out from other side Jordan East side to the Great Sea - West side 16:1-3; 7, 8 SONG – “We are able to go up and take the country, To possess the land from Jordan to the sea, though the giants may be there our way to hinder, God will surely bring the victory.”

	16:4 		Ephraim and Manasseh took their inheritance.
	16:5-9		Ephraim’s Inheritance

Vs. 9 They had cities also among Manasseh linking Those together – hands were joined. faith to faith

Faith provides for sons and daughters 17:3-6. 

Men of faith say “more” “me too” 17:14-18 Faith increases your desire and responsibility……but also enables you. Sin increases your desire and responsibility……but disables you. Strong hands prevail. Weak hands fail. Josh. 16:10; 17:13; Judges 1:27-29; Judges 1:34, 35

		Joshua 19:40 – 	42		46		47
					Ajabn		Japho	Leshem – Dan

Judges 1:34,35It seems as though the Amorites were satisfied with forcing Dan into the mountain, but also take over the mountain. Yet the hand of Joseph prevailed. God helps us join our hands together and use both our hands in destroying our enemies, not toiling with them as “tributaries.”Gen. 49:22-26; Heb. 4:2 Moses – Ex. 17:12 Aaron – Lev. 16:12 Jonathan – I Sam. 23:16

18:1 ISRAEL TAKING UP THE SLACK Vs. 1 “assembled together at Shiloh and set up the tabernacle.” Vs. 2 “seven tribes which had not yet received” Vs. 3 “How long are ye slack to go to possess the land? Vs. 4 36 men Josh. 7:5 – God still has His men. Vs. 5 “Seven parts” Vs. 11 Benjamin’s lot and inheritance Lot #1 Acts 19:2 - Have ye received your inheritance? Eph. 1:13, 14

YOUR Promise Acts 2:39 “For the promise is unto you.”

I. The Holy Ghost Promised John 14:26; John 16:7-16, 20; Luke 12:12 II. The Holy Ghost Given John 20:22; Acts 2:1-4; 4:8, 31; 5:32; 8:15-17; 9:17, 18; 10:44-48; 11:15, 16, 24; 13:9; 19:2; II Cor. 5:5; Eph. 1:13, 14 III. Praying For the Holy Ghost Baptism Acts 2:37-42; 4:31;8:15; 9:17; 19:6; Eph. 3:16; Luke 24:49; Acts 1:4; Luke 1:21

Who had received? 

Josh 18:7 Gad, Rueben, ½ tribe Manasseh, 18:5 Judah and Levi, Also the House of Joseph - Ephraim and Manasseh – North, Judah – South Levi did not have an inheritance to them. They received what was shared with them from other tribes. If the other tribes were slack, the Levites would go without.

God help us to be faithful and take up the slack in our lives. It is affecting others.

Who had not received their inheritance?

Benjamin 18:11 Simeon 19:1 Zebulun 19:10 Issachar 19:17 Asher 19:24 Naphtali 19:32 Dan 19:40


Simeon’s inheritance Lot #2 19:1, 9 “within the inheritance of Judah” Judah means – Praising God; Simeon means – Hearing God’s Word

Zebulun’s inheritance Lot #3			19:10-16
Issachar’s Inheritance Lot #4			19:17-23
Asher’s inheritance Lot #5			19:24-31
Naphtali’s inheritance Lot #6			19:32-39
Dan’s inheritance Lot #7			19:40-48

19:49 Joshua received an inheritance among them.
Treated like a tribe, Treated like a king. Like a man of God should be treated.

The assignment of the Cities of Refuge, Ch. 20 CITIES OF REFUGE

20:7, 8 Three on each side Jordan West side East side Kedesh- a sanctuary Bezer-an inaccessible spot Shechem-shoulder Ramoth-heights Hebron-seat of association Golan-captive

All six cities of refuge portray Christ as our Savior. 🡪Heb 6:18

E.	Forty-eight cities assigned to the Levites, Ch. 21 LEVI’s 48 CITIES

21:45 “All came to pass” This life is temporary (Heb. 11:8-10, 13-16) - Songs 🡪

This world is not my home This old world can never hold me “I’m getting ready to leave this world” This old world is loosing its hold on me “I’m gonna be gone” I’ll soon be done with troubles & trials

The Altar of Witness at Jordan, Chpt. 22 TIME TO GO HOME

 The Call 22:1-9      The Test 22:10-20      The Witness 22:21-34

Joshua blesses and dismisses the 2 ½ tribes They erect an altar at Jordan C. The western tribes pacified when the purpose explained

Joshua’s parting Council and Death, Ch. 23, 24 EXHORTATION

Joshua’s exhortation and words of warning to Israel

23:3, 4Former benefits 5-10 Promises & conditions 23:11-16 Threatenings

Examine the Samson of the bible and see if this is just a threat. Josh. 23:12, 13 Judges 14-16 He loved a Philistine and lost his 2 eyes. Jg 16:4…he loved a woman in the valley of Sorek, whose name was Delilah. Jg 16:21 But the Philistines took him, and put out his eyes, …

Each tribe experienced why it is necessary to drive the enemy completely out

…snares…traps…scourges…thorns…blindness   II Peter 2:9; John 8:12

24:15 “Serve the Lord” the choice is yours.

	Remember the eyes in the mountains are watching you.
	Remember the Promise.          Joshua 1:3-9

His death and burial

C.	The burial of Joseph’s remains in Shechem