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Romans 15

Chapter Fifteen

"A Call for Unity Amongst the Jewish and Gentile Believers"

The fifteenth chapter of Romans has a strong feeling of conclusion. As is Paul's style in this book, he repeats concepts already presented but more directly and personally. He prescribes the following instructions to his readers:

  • The Strong ought to bear the infirmities of the weak.

  • Please our neighbor to their good and edification.

  • Bearing toward another the mind of Christ. That ye may with ONE mind and ONE mouth glorify God.

  • Jesus is a minister to the Jew and Gentile.

  • The Gentiles have reason to rejoice and are commanded to do so in the Scripture.

  • Joy and Peace through the Holy Ghost are prerequisites to abounding in hope.

  • Being full of goodness, admonish one another.

  • Paul explains that he is called to minister the Gospel especially to the Gentiles.

v. 23-23 Paul restates again his desire and intention to visit the church at Rome and his itinerary. He must first go to Spain and collect an offering for the saints at Jerusalem. He would then bring the offering to Jerusalem, after which he intends to visit Roman.

It is interesting to note that there is somewhat a controversy over Romans 15:14—16:27. The question is as follows, "Where did Romans originally end." Many old manuscripts do not contain this passage, and at the same time most do in one way or another. Some have it placed at the end of chapter fourteen and others both at the end of chapter fourteen and at the end of the book. This bears no influence of compromising the texts integrity, but can be logically in a hypothetical manner explained. Someone copying the letter and desiring to disperse it amongst many different churches could have left off the parts personal to the church at Rome.