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Romans 5

Chapter Five

"The Abounding of Grace"

v. 1 Having established to this point that we are justified by faith, Paul continues on that in being justified we have peace with God through our Lord Jesus Christ. Justification brings peace. Therefore, in reverse, peace with God is an evidence of justification. Having justification as the reward for faith and peace as the result of justification, we may also observe that peace is an indication that faith is working.

v.2 Christ has not only made peace with God through justification possible, but also through Him we have access by faith into this grace wherein we stand. Faith being man's part and grace being God's part of the relationship. Grace is "unmerited favor", or also defined as "God's Riches At Christ's Expense." The position and standing of grace is entered into, 1) by man's faith in God's Provision and 2)Christ's Atoning death. We were shut out by the law in its judgment on sin, but access to God, into the standing of grace, has been gained by faith in Jesus Christ.

vv. 1-5 By the Formula: Man's Faith in God plus Christ's Atonement we have been provided with many wonderful things:

  1. Justified

  2. Peace with God

  3. Access into Grace

  4. Joy in the Hope of the Glory of God

  5. Joy in Tribulations

For we know that:

1.) Tribulation Works Patience

2.) Patience Works Experience

3.) Experience Works Hope

  1. Hope Does not Make Ashamed

  2. Because the Love of God is Shed Abroad in our Hearts

  3. By the Holy Ghost which is Given unto Us

v. 6 All of the preceding are possible because, "When we were yet without strength, in due time Christ died for the ungodly."

v.7,8 Man's "love" so self concerned and limited. A man will go only so far in his willingness to help. For those that are religious and do good things you might find some to die for. Those that are kind to others and generous, you might have an easier time finding someone to die for. Christ died not for those who appeared to have value and worth, but he died for the worst, he died for the offenders, trespassers. He died for SINNERS. This is GRACE.

  1. Scarcely for a Righteous Man Will One Die

This word depicts coldness.

II. Peradventure for a God Man Some would even Dare to Die

This word depicts warmth.

III. Christ Died for SINNERS

This word depicts those that have offended and have erred.

vv. 9-11 We Have Reason to Joy and it is in Jesus Christ:

  1. We are justified by His blood

  2. Saved from Wrath through him

  3. Reconciled to God by His death

  4. Saved by His Life

  5. Atonement is by Him

vv. 12-19 Death has reigned by Adam's sin throughout history, but now by Christ grace has abounded toward us Just as death was brought by one that sinned, so is the gift by ONE through His obedience.

v. 20 The LAW came that the offense might abound, but where sin abounded GRACE did much more abound.

v.21 As sin has reigned UNTO DEATH, so might GRACE reign through righteousness unto ETERNAL LIFE by Jesus Christ our Lord.

  1. Just as sin reigns unto death, Grace reigns unto eternal LIFE.

  2. Just as the Law has power over those that break the law, so Grace has power over the righteous. (They have received this position of righteousness by the abounding of God's grace.)

Contrasts in this Chapter:

Sin's Effect Christ's Provision

Sin Righteousness

Death Life

Law Grace

Enemies Reconciled

Disobedience Obedience

Judgment Justification

Condemnation Justification of Life

Wrath Peace

Sinners Saved

Sin's Reign Grace Abounding