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The Sealed Book

The Sealed Book, vs. 1-4

This chapter continues the description of the vision in chapter four. The scene is still the throne, the Elders, the Living creatures.

This prophecy is in connection with the Church, but not of the Church. Also, this prophecy has its description given in Heaven, but its fulfillment on the earth.

The Position of the Book

v. 1 "In the right hand"

The place of power.

v. 1 "Of Him that sat on the throne."

The place of rule of authority.

The Characteristics of the Book

v. 1 "A book written within"

A scroll - about judgment

The book contained a revelation and demonstration of things to come at the consummation of this present age after the Rapture of the Church.

v. 1 "On the backside, sealed with seven seals"

Reserved judgment. This is not a familiar judgment seen. This is an exceptional administration of justice never before witnessed.

Reserved unto the Day of Judgment

The Dignity of the Book

The question by the angel

v. 2 "Who is worthy to open the book"

The answer to the question

v. 3 "No man in heaven, or in earth, neither under the earth,was able to open the book, neither to look therein."

Notice also that this "strong" angel is not able to open the book either. (powerful, forceful, boisterious, mighty)

John's reaction to this fact

v. 4 "And I wept much"

Because of three things -

None found "worthy" to "open the book"

None found worthy to "read the book"

None found worthy to "look thereon"

The Time of the Opening of the Book

After the Rapture, 4:1

The Purpose of the Opening of the Book

To release the judgments of God on the earth