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The Throne of Majesty

The Throne is in heaven -

v. 2 A throne was set in heaven
Psalm 103:19—The LORD hath prepared His Throne in the heavens;and His kingdom ruleth over all.

The Throne is Occupied -

v. 2 "One sat on the throne"

No name mentioned and No figure described. Only His appearance stated.Not in shape - but in color and flashing brilliancy.

v. 3 "Jasper and a sardine stone"

Crystalline and purple in hue. Royal.cBeautifully bright, red, carnation color.Flashing light or Flames like fire.

I John 1:5 -- God is light…
Hebrews 12:29 -- God is a consuming fire.

The Throne is Encircled -

By a rainbow -

v. 3 "There was a rainbow round about the throne"

Token of God's covenant. Genesis 9:11,17

An Emerald Rainbow

"Insight like unto an emerald."

"Emerald" - "light green"

The throne is a throne of judgment but not of destruction.

Judgment mingled with grace and mercy.

Life - Promise - Hope - "Emerald"

Over-spanning the appearance of consuming fire.

By other thrones - v. 4

"Seats" same word as thrones.

By Elders -

"Four and twenty elders sitting"

On the thrones - "round about the throne"

By Living Creatures - vv. 6-9

The Throne is of Judgment

v. 5 And out of the throne proceeded


Exodus9:23,28 Exodus19:16


I Samuel 7:10


I Samuel 12:17,18

"Lamps of Fire"

It is a flaming indignation.

Isaiah 4:4 Malachi 4:1 I Thessalonians 1:7,8

Lamps of Fire - "Light"

Not of revealing truth,But revealing judgment.

Seven - Completeness - Tribulation"Seven Spirits" - The fullness of the Spirit of God.

The Throne Has A Pavement - v. 6

Exodus 24:10 Revelation21:21