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The Facts about Soul-Winning


The Facts about Soul-Winning

How does a fisherman catch fish?

He must be a fisherman – Experience

He must go – Patience

He must be prepared – Ability

Prov. 11:30 Dan. 12:3 Mark 16:15 I Peter 4:11

Acts 2:46, 47

Continue daily with one accord in the temple.

Breaking bread from house to house.

Ate their meat with gladness and singleness of heart.

Praising God.

Having favor with all the people.

Salvation is in a person

Salvation is not in a church or a minister. Salvation is an EXPERIENCE. I John 5:2 – Salvation is in the SON

Salvation is not just believing something. It is receiving Christ. What does it take to make a millionaire? One must have a million dollars. What does it take to be a Christian? One must HAVE Christ.

H – Heaven A – Accepted V – Vicariously E – Effected

Salvation involves the whole man.

I John 5:12 John 1:12 II Cor. 5:17

Man is made up of three parts –

Intellectual Emotional Volitional
Today many have intellectual conversions. They believe Christ died with a mental consent and believe they are saved. "Feel Something". Walk by faith not feeling. Some fear God and what the Spirit is doing and cry out to the Lord, but don't accept Him as Lord. Will. To accept Christ you must be willing.
Believing truths about Christ. Feeling and fearing things. Matthew 16:24

Salvation is in Christ.
I John 5:12; John 1:12; II Cor. 5:17

Soul winning is introducing a person to Jesus.

John 1:29

John the Baptist introduced Jesus to the world.

John129, 35

We must introduce Him to people – using a plan.

II Tim. 4:2; I Peter 3:15; Col. 4:6; Luke 4:18; Acts 8:30

Two things to depend on in introducing Christ.

The Word of God – Your Bible

I Peter 1:23; John 6:63

The Spirit of God – The Holy Ghost

Acts 1:8

You speak the Word and the Holy Spirit will complete the work. If you do your part, He will do His. Ps. 29:4; Heb. 4:12; Eph. 6:17

To win souls, you need tools.

The KJV Bible – at least a pocket New Testament

Text book or plan – (How to win a soul) Pure Truth

Tracts and booklets – (i.e. “Now What”)

The Soul-winning Plan

Engineers need a plan to build a house.

Engineers need a plan to make a machine.

The Counsel needs a plan to run the city.

Soul-winners need a plan to win a soul.

You must have approach questions. You must get a person’s attention before you can tell them anything. Don’t just walk up to a person and ask if they are a Christian. Not everyone that says they are a Christian is a Christian. The following conversations are not the only questions the Personal Worker can ask, but they are merely given as a model.

“Are you interested in Spiritual things?”

Most people are interested, but surprisingly, many responses will be negative. Listen for what they say but don’t respond to it. SHOW KINDNESS, DON’T ARGUE! You are not trying to win an argument, but you are trying to win a soul. Go right on with the next question no matter what they say.

“Have you ever thought about becoming a Christian?”

Again, it doesn’t matter what they say. Go on with the plan.

“If someone was to ask you, ‘What is a Christian?’ What would you say?”

Remember you will receive a vast variety of opinions and statements.

A Christian is one that goes to church.

A Christian is one that does his best.

A Christian is one that is baptized.

A Christian is one that is a good citizen.

A Christian is one that is kind.

A Christian is one that reads the Bible.

A Christian is one that pays his bills.

A Christian is one that prays.

A Christian is one that shows good morals.

“Yes, a Christian does that, but what is a Christian?” Some believe that a Christian is one that doesn’t drink, smoke, lie, cheat, steal, fight, doesn’t go to the movies, dances, game rooms. No – that is a fence post. Christian living is not a matter of can or cannot, does or does not, but will or won’t!

Then quickly go on with the plan, don’t be sidetracked. Remember, you are after a decision as quickly as possible.(The sooner, the better.) With a slight nod of the head, very carefully and naturally, holding out your bible ask –

“Would it be alright if I showed you what the Bible says a Christian is?”

If yes, go right to the Word quickly. As you quote, point for them to read.

Man’s need –

In Romans 3:23, God says that we are all sinners. Point to the scripture as you quote it. They may say that they have never sinned. Ask them if they have ever told a lie. Every man has told at least one lie in his lifetime. Ask, with one finger off to the side, “How many lies does it take to make a liar?” èJUST ONE Rev. 21:8 “all liars will have their part in the lake of fire.’

Sin’s penalty –

Rom. 6:23a “For the wages of sin is death…” This death is a great separation from God. The wages will either come to us or Christ on the cross.

God’s gift –

Rom. 6:23 “…But the gift of God is eternal life through Jesus Christ… God has a gift for every one that believes. You can’t earn it; you must accept Him or reject Him.

Place of gift –

John 1:12 says that God gives some power to become the sons of God! Where is the gift – How can I get it ? Where can I find it? The gift is in a Person—Jesus. Faith makes the difference. Our Faith must be in Jesus. Believing and receiving work together.

Say this card was a gift of five dollars, and I said you could have it. It is not yours until you receive it in your possession. That is the way it is with the gift of Eternal Life. You must receive Jesus in your heart – not just believe, but RECEIVE.

John 1:12—“But as many as received Him, to them gave He power to become the sons of God, even to them that believe on His name.” The gift of Eternal Life is in the Son. God wants us to have eternal life and not perish.

Man’s action –

Rev. 3:20 says, “I stand at the door and knock.”How to receive Him –With a slight knock on the heart say: “Jesus is now standing and knocking on your hearts’ door and wants to come in, but you have to open the door and receive Him in. ----Pause-----

Then ask, with a slight nod of the head wisely, wouldn’t you like to receive Jesus as your Savior? If they say yes, go right to prayer with them. If they say no or don’t understand yet, go right back over the scriptures again with them until they respond.

Summary of the Soul-winning Plan

Are you interested in Spiritual things?

Have you ever thought about becoming a Christian?

If someone was to ask you what is a Christian, what would you say?

Gather as many examples from them as you can without it being obnoxious.

“Yes, a Christian does that, but what is a Christian?” (Remember not to start an argument.) If they are answering with ease and interested, listen for what they believe.

Would it be all right if I showed you what the Bible says a Christian is?

Rom. 3:23 – The Bible says “for all have sinned” Every sinner must acknowledge his sin and need for the Savior to be a Christian.

a) Man’s need –

Rom. 3:23; Rev. 21:8; Man is sinful and spiritually dead. Spiritual death is separation from God.

b) Sin’s penalty –

Rom. 6:23 – For the wages of sin is death… The wages will either come to us or on Christ on the cross.

c) God’s gift –

Rom. 6:23 Jesus died for all. John 1:12 – The gift of eternal life is in receiving Jesus.

d) Place of the gift –

John 1:12 Faith makes the difference. Believing, receiving, and becoming a child of God. Rev. 3:20 “Open the door” (Jesus is knocking at your heart’s door.)

e) Man’s action –

Rev. 3:20 Jesus is knocking. With a slight knock on the heart say, “Jesus is now knocking on your heart’s door and wants to come in, but you have to open the door and receive Him in.”-----Pause-----

f) The Decision –

Then ask, with a slight nod of the head, “Wouldn’t you like to receive Jesus as your Savior?”Jesus is standing and knocking. If their claim to be a Christian is questionable, ask them, “Are you in right standing with Jesus and living in obedience to His Word?”

Test them with the Word.


Ukweli kuhusu wokovu wa Roho za watu.

Mvuvi huvuaje samaki?

Ni lazima awe mvuvi - Uzoefu

Ni lazima atoke - Utulivu

Ni lazima ajiandae – Uwezo

Meth. 11:30 Dan. 12:3 Marko 16:15 I Petro 4:11

Matendo 2:46, 47

Jambo moja lifanyike hekaluni kila siku.

Mkate umegwe nyumba kwa nyumba.

Kula nyama kwa furaha na kwa moyo mmoja

Kumsifu Mungu.

Kupendwa na watu wote.

Wokovu uko ndani ya mtu.

Wokovu haupo katika Kanisa au mchungaji. Wokovu ni ile HALI ambayo mtu huwa nayo. I Yohana 5:2 – Wokovu uu ndani ya MWANAYE

Wokovu siyo kuamini tu kitu fulani. Ni kumpokea Kristo. Nini kifanyike ili mtu awe milionea? Ni mpaka mtu akishakuwa anamiliki dola milioni moja. Nini kifanyike ili mtu awe Mkristo? Ni mpaka mtu akishampata Kristo.

– Mbingu – Kubali – Tenda kwa niaba – Madhara

Wokovu unamhusisha mtu mkamilifu.

I Yoh. 5:12 Yoh. 1:12 II Wakor. 5:17

Mtu ana sehemu kuu tatu –

Akili Hisia Ridhaa
Siku hizi wengi wanayo misimamo tofauti. Wanaamini Kristo alikuf akiwa amekubali. Na wanaamini wameokolewa. "Hisi kitu fulani" Tembea katika imani yako siyo uhisi. Wengine humuogopa Mungu no kile ambacho Roho hufanya na humuita Bwana ila hawamkubali. Hiari. Kumkubali Kristo ni lazima iwe kwa hiari.
Kuamini ukweli kuhusu Kristo Kuhisi na kuogopa vitu Mat. 16:24

Wokovu u ndani ya Kristo
I Yohana 5:12; Yohana 1:12; II Wakor. 5:17

Kuokoa Roho ni kumtambulisha mtu kwa Yesu

Yohana 1:29

Yohana Mbatizaji alimtambulisha Kristo ulimwenguni.

Yohana129, 35

Tunapaswa kumtambulisha Yeye kwa watu. – kwa mpango fulani.

II Tim. 4:2; I Petro 3:15; Wakol. 4:6; Luka 4:18; Matendo 8:30

Mambo mawili ya kutegemewa katika kumtambulisha Kiristo.

Neno la Mungu – Biblia yako

I Petro 1:23; Yohana 6:63

Roho ya Mungu – Roho mtakatifu

Matendo 1:8

Unalisema neno la Mungu na Roho Mtakatifu ataitimiza kazi hiyo. Ukitimiza sehemu yako, na Yeye atafanya yake. Zab. 29:4; Waeb. 4:12; Waef. 6:17

Kuokoa Roho unahitaji kuwa na silaha.

Biblia ndogo – angalau Agano Jipya

Kitabu cha muongozo au mpango– (Mbinu za kuokoa Roho) Ukweli mtupu

Vijarida na vijitabu – (Yaani “nini kifuate”)

Mpango wa kuiokoa Roho

Mhandisi huitaji ramani ili ajenge nyumba.

Wahandisi wanahitaji ramani ili kuunda mashine

Halmashauri ya mji inahitaji mpango ili iuendeshe mji

Waokoaji wa Roho za watu wanahitaji mpango wa kuokoa Roho.

Uwe na maswali ya kuanzia. Jitahidi kupata utulivu wa mtu kabla hujamwambia kitu chochote. Usimwendee tu mtu na kuanza kumuuliza kama yeye ni Mkristo. Siyo kila anayedai kwamba ni Mkristo ni Mkristo. Mazungumzo yafuatayo siyo maswali pekee yanayoweza kumsaidia mhudumu binafsi lakini yametolewa hapa kama mfano.

“Unapenda mambo ya Kroho?”

Watu wengi wanapenda lakini cha kushangaza ni kwamba wengi hukataa. Sikiliza wanachosema lakini usiwape jibu.WAONESHE UKARIMU, USIBISHANE NAO! Wewe hukuja kushinda mabishano bali unajaribu kuokoa Roho. Endelea na swali linalofuata bila kujali walichosema.

“Ulishawahi kuwaza kuhusu kuwa Mkristo?”

Kwa mara nyingine, wanachokisema hakina neno. Endelea na mpango wako.

“Je mtu akikuuliza, ‘Mkristo ni nani?’ Wewe utajibu nini?”

Kumbuka kwamba utapokea mawazo mbalimbali na maelezo.

Mkristo ni mtu anayekwenda kanisani.

Mkristo ni mtu anayefanya mambo mema..

Mkristo ni mtu aliyebatizwa.

Mkristo ni raia mwema .

Mkristo ni mtu mkarimu.

Mkristo ni mtu anayesoma Biblia.

Mkristo ni mtu anayelipa madai yake.

Mkristo ni mtu anayesali.

Mkirsto ni mtu mwenye maadili mema.

“Ndio, mkristo hufanya mambo hayo yote lakini Mkristo ni mtu gani?, wengine wengine huamini kwamba mkristo ni mtu ambaye hanywi pombe, havuti sigara, hasemi ungo, haibi, hapigani, haendi sinema, dansini nyumba za michezo na kadhalika. Hapana – hiyo ni nguzo ya uzio. Maisha ya Kikristo siyo swala la kufanya au kutofanya kuweza au kutoweza bali atafanya au hatafanya.

Kutoka hapo unaendelea mara moja na ule mpango wako ila usiyumbishwe. Kumbuka unatafuta uamuzi mapema iwezekanavyo. (mapema ni bora zaidi) ukiinamisha kichwa chako taratibu lakini kwa kawaida ukiwa umeshika Biblia yako uliza:

“Je itakuwa vyema kama nikionesha Biblia inasema nini kuhusu Mkristo ni mtu gani?”

Iwapo jibu ni ndiyo nenda haraka kwenye neno la Mungu. Unavyolinukuu lioneshe kwa kidole ili walisome.

Mahitaji ya mwanadamu –

Katika Warumi 3:23, Mungu anasema hivi kuhusu wadhambi. Onesha kwa kidole maandiko wakati ukiwa unayanukuu. Wanaweza kusema hawajawahi kutenda dhambi. Waulize kama walishawahi kusema uongo. Kila mwanadamu alishasema uongo angalau mara moja katika maisha yake. Uliza huku ukionyesha kwa kidole pembeni, “Mtu anaitwa muongo akishadanganya mara ngapi” è MARA MOJA TU Ufunuo. 21:8 “Na waongo wote watakuwa na sehemu yao katika lile ziwa la moto.”

Adhabu ya dhambi –

War. 6:23a “Kwa maana mshahara wa dhambi ni mauti…” Kifo hiki ni utengano mkubwa na Mungu. Mshahara utatoka kwetu au kwa Kristo Msalabani

Zawadi ya Mungu –

Warumi. 6:23 “…Bali karama ya Mungu ni uzima wa milele katika Kristo………… Mungu anayozadi kwa kila mmoja alinayeamini. Huwezi kuipata; ni lazima umkubali au umkatae Kristo.

Nafasi ya zawadi –

Yohana 1:12 Anasema bali wote waliompokea aliwapa uwezo wa kufanyika watoto wa Mungu! Iko wapi hiyo zawadi – ninawezaje kuipata? Niwapi nitaipata? Zawadi hiyo ipo katika Mtu —Yesu. Inani ndio tofauti. Imani yetu ni lazima iwe kwa Yesu. Kuamini na kupokea hufanya kazi pamoja.

Kwa mfano kadi hii ingekuwa shilingi elfu tano, na nikasema unaweza kuichukua. Haijawa mali yako kabla hujaichukua na kuimiliki. Ndivyo ilinyo kwa zawadi ya Uzima wa Milele. Ni lazima umpokee Yesu katika Moyo wako siyo tu kuamini bali KUPOKEA.

Yohana 1:12—“Bali wote waliompokea aliwapa uwezo wa kufanyika watoto wa Mungu, ndio wale waliaminio jina lake.” Zawadi ya uzima wa milele iko ndani ya Mwanaye. Mungu anataka tuwe na uzima wa milele na tusipotee..

Matendo ya mwanadamu –

Ufunuo. 3:20 unasema “Nasimama mlangoni, nabisha.” Njia ya kumpokea Yeye – akibisha taratibu moyoni mwako, sema: “Yesu sasa amesimama na kubisha hodi katika mlango wa moyo wangu na kutaka kuingia ndani, bali inabidi niufungue mlango na kumkaribisha Yeye ndani. ----Pumzika kidogo-----

Kisha uliza, ukiinamisha kichwa taratibu, wewe usingependa kumpokea Yesu kama Mwokozi wako? Iwapo watasema ndio ingia mara moja katika sala pamoja nao. Kama wamesema hapana au hawaelewi bado rudi tena katika maandiko pamoja nao mpaka watakapokuwa na mwelekeo.

Muhtasari wa mpango wa kuokoa Roho za watu

Je unapenda mambo ya Kiroho?

Ulishawahi kufikiria kuwa Mkristo?

Iwapo mtu akikuuliza Mkristo ni mtu wa namna gani utamjibu nini?

Kusanya mifano mingi kama uwezavyo kutoka kwao ila usiwachoshe.

“Ni kweli kwamba Mkristo hufanya mambo yote hayo, lakini Mkristo ni mtu gani?” (Kumbuka usianzishe ubishi) Kama wana majibu rahisi na wanaonekana kuvutiwa na hoja yako wasikilize ili uweze kufahamu wanachokiamini.

Je itakuwa ni sawasawa ukiwaonyesha Biblia inasema nini kuhusu Mkristo ni mtu wa namna gani?

Warumi. 3:23 – Biblia inasema “Kwa sababu wote walifanya dhambi.” Kila mwenye dhambi ni lazima aikubali hali yake ya kuwa mdhambi na atambue kwamba anayo haja ya kupata mkombozi ili aweze kuwa Mkristo.

a) Mahitaji ya mwanadamu –

Warumi. 3:23; Ufunuo 21:8; kwa asili yake mwanadamu ni mdhambi hali inayomfanya kuwa amekufa kiroho. Kufa kiroho ni kutenganishwa na Mungu.

b) Adhabu ya dhambi –

Warumi. 6:23 Kwa maana mshahara wa dhambi ni mauti … mshahara huo utatoka kwetu au kwa Kristo msalabani.

c) Zawadi ya Mungu –

Warumi. 6:23 Yesu alikufa msalabani kwa ajili ya watu wote.

Yohana 1:12 – Ni lazima kumpokea Yesu ili kupata zawadi ya uzima wa milele.

d) Nafasi ya zawadi katika maisha yetu –

Yohana 1:12 Imani ndiyo inayotofautisha. Kuamini kupokea na kugeuzwa kuwa mtoto wa Mungu. Ufunuo. 3:20 “Ufungue mlango” (Yesu anabisha hodi katika mlango wa moyo wako)

e) Matendo ya mwanadamu –

Ufunuo. 3:20 Yesu anabisha hodi. Kwa kujipiga taratibu kifuani sema yafuatayo, “Yesu anabisha hodi katika mlango wa moyo wako na anataka uingia ndani, lakini sharti uufungue mlango na umkaribishe ndani”---pumzika kidogo----

f) Amua –

Kwa kuinamisha kichwa taratibu uliza, “ Je wewe ungependa kumpokea Yesu kama Mkombozi wako?” Yesu amesimama mlangoni na anabisha hodi. Iwapo unatia shaka madai yao ya kuwa ni Wakrito waulize, “Je mmesimama imara pamoja na Yesu na mnaishi kwa kulitii Neno lake?

Wajaribu upate kujua wanavyolifahamu Neno la Mungu.