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1.2.0 Anthropology: The Doctrine of Man

Sections for Anthropology: The Doctrine of Man:

  1. The Creation of Man
  2. The Original Condition of Man

1. The Creation of Man

a. Special Creation “after his kind” Gen. 1:25

The Creation of Man. The term special creation refers to the doctrine that all living organisms were created according definite species and that these species will produce after their kind. This principle defies the evolutionary hypothesis that each species is an evolved form of some earlier species. Biblically put, special creation means that all living organisms will produce after his kind. A very simple example of this principle is that when you plant an orange seed, it is most definite that an orange tree will develop and not any other kind of plant (i.e. apples, watermelons, cucumber, etc.).

b. The Image of God

Genesis 1:26 says man was created in the image of God. To what does this “image” and “likeness” refer?

There may be reference here to physical likeness. There are some who believe that such scriptures as Psalm 17:15 teach that God has a visible form and that man in the garden bore that image. See also Isaiah 6:1 and Acts 7:55,56.

However, we must be careful to remember that while God is capable of assuming human form, the essence of His being is Spirit. (John 4:24)

It has reference particularly to a moral and intellectual likeness. The following passages speak of the “image” of God in respect to knowledge and righteousness. (Ephesians 4:23; Colossians 3:10; 2 Corinthians 3:18)

c. Evolution versus Special Creation

Opposed to special creation is the theory of evolution, which teaches that all forms of life developed from one form and that higher species, developed from a lower. So that, for example, what was once a snail became a fish; what was once a fish became a reptile; what was once a reptile became a bird, and what was once an ape became a human being.

  • What is a species?

A class of plants or animals which have characteristic properties in common and can be indefinitely propagated without changing those characteristics.

  • What is a test by which the distinction of species is known?

If living organisms can be paired together and so propagate indefinitely a fertile offspring, they are of the same species.

  • Is evolution a scientifically proven fact?No, it is a theory.

  • Reasons there is a God and Evolution is a Lie


A plan without a planner? How would there be nothing and then suddenly something? The existence, beauty, immensity and order of our universe is evidence enough of a Designer at work and not mere coincidence.

SUN — 10% closer earth would sizzle or if the sun was 10% farther away the earth would freeze. The sun is so big that it could contain 1,300,000 earths.

MOON — If it was any closer, huge tidal waves would engulf us.

AIR — Just the right amount of oxygen is present in the air so that if any was added or taken away, life could not exist on earth.

STARS — Our solar system with its sun, and planets, the Milky Way, is composed of 100 billion stars each with their own planet system. The universe is considered to be infinitely expanding.

EARTH — Job 12:8 “Speak to the earth, and it shall teach thee.” The earth is spinning in four directions at least all at once.


THE ROSE — Color — scent, all packed into a tiny seed never gets mixed up.

THE RADISH — Black seed — Green leaves — Red coat — White meat.

THE WATERMELON — seed reproduces itself 1 million times.

THE ACORN — Oak tree — The Poet said, “Only God could make a Tree.”


The human body is incredibly complex and amazing. It begins with the union of two cells and it takes upon itself some 21 trillion other cells (all going to the right places).

THE HEART — weighs almost 3 lbs. and pumps enough pressure to lift a battleship or push 100 freight cars down a track.

THE BRAIN — greatest computer —Much of our brain's potential goes unused.

THE EAR — sound scale — There are sounds in the air that we do not hear, and yet the ear has within it the potential to hear all sounds.

Example — A dog will react to a whistle that we cannot hear.

THE EYE — Transmits sight to the brain which changes the images right side up.

THE BLOOD — Vessels like an incredibly complex city. Blood cells detect harm and fight off the enemy

THE NERVES—There are over one billion nerves (main stems, branches and endings) in the human body all managed by one brain.


How did life begin? Some say a product of evolution. Evolutionists seek to link man with brute beasts, but Jesus Christ came into the world to link man with God. John 1:12; Ephesians 2:15; II Peter 1:4; I John 3:2

Life did not come by human nature evolving into the Divine, but by the Divine entering into human nature.


There are so many gaps and so much supposition in evolution that it cannot be classified as a true science. The gaps in evolution have become known as the “missing links.” It is made up of exaggerated speculation and theories and not “observable facts.” As a matter of fact, Evolution requires so much blind faith of its followers that it is more accurate to describe it as a religion. In the United States, it has become the religion of the State under the guise of “Separation of Church and State.”

Let's take a look at some of the Darwinian “scientific method” at work! Consider if you could recognize any of your deceased relatives if you were give as scant evidence as we see below. THE MISSING LINKS:

Hesperopithecus— Harold Cocki — Nebraska Man — This model was constructed from one tooth that was discovered which eventually proved to be from a pig.

Homo neanderthalensis— Neanderthal Man — Germany — Constructed from partof a skull, thighbone, one rib fragment. Scientists could not agree on the findings if they were even from the same body.

Pithecanthropus erectus— “The ape man who walked erect” Known as the Java Man — The entire model was constructed from only a piece of skull, two teeth, and one thighbone. 10 scientists said they were the bones of an ape; 7 said they were the bones of a man. 7 others said they were a “missing link” in the chain of evolution!

Eoathropus dawsoni— Piltdown Man — From one piece of jaw, one piece of skull, one canine tooth, two molar teeth, and one nasal bone. Applying the chemical dying process proved the jawbone does not belong to this skull at all.

Homo erectus— Heidelberg Man — Again, an entirediagram of a complex creature of hundreds of moving parts totally reconstructed from the exhaustive resource of onejawbone found in the sands of Germany.

2. The Original Condition of Man

a. Man was created a perfect being.

The record of Scripture plainly describes that man was not created a simple cell that evolved or any other such theory, but was created perfectly complete and mature. There were no flaws in God's design.

b. Man was created a free moral agent.

The sin in the garden was volitional on the part of man. It was completely voluntary for they had the freedom ofchoice.

c. Man was created with an inherent religious instinct, which made him conscious of moral responsibility to God, and capable of communion with God.

d. Original man was created sinless (Genesis 1:31) and innocent of evil. (Genesis 2:17; 3:5-7)

Genesis 1:31 very — mead (Hebrew) superlative; exceeding; very || good — towb (Hebrew) good; best; beautiful

e. The original man was endued with lofty intellectual faculties. Genesis 2:19, 20; Hebrews 2:6-9

Man was created with enough intellectual capacity to give names to all living creatures, and to have dominion over them. The modern theories of evolution, which try to explain the development of man from a lower order of beings, are monstrous products of unbridled imaginations.

Genesis 3:7 does not suggest that Adam and Eve were created intellectually ignorant. The fact they could be naked and not knowit would seem to suggest a lack of intelligence. The answer to this puzzle is that they were created in innocence and not ignorance. It is hard for us to comprehend a world full of innocence and void of evil. But this is exactly the atmosphere of Eden that Adam and Eve enjoyed. There were no impure thoughts or motives, no sewer-thinking, or any such thing. Until the fall there was no precedent for sin. They enjoyed the glory and beauty of the purity of God in a pristine form—untouched by the filth of sin.