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SQ: Regeneration


Doctrine I


Study Questions



1. What is Regeneration?


2. What does the N.T. describe Regeneration as?


3. Why does man need Regeneration?


4. What were the three things revealed in the words of Nicodemus?


5. What was Nicodemus’ first question?


6. What was his second question?


7. What was his third question?


8. What was Jesus’ first question to Nicodemus?


9. What is the deepest and universal need of all men?


10. What is the means of Regeneration?


11. Who is involved in Regeneration?


12. What is the human preparation in Regeneration?


13. What is the meaning of the word “adoption”?


14. What are the effects of Regeneration?


15. What kind of term is “adoption”?


16. What is new in Rom. 6:4?


17. What is new in Ezek. 36:26?


18. What is new in Ezek. 11:19?


19. What is new in Eph. 4:24?


20. How will a person born of God demonstrate this fact?