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SQ: Soteriology


Doctrine I

Study Questions


1. What does soteriology mean?


2. Name the five cardinal doctrines.


3. What does the word salvation include?


4. What are the three aspects of salvation?


5. Is salvation an outward or inward experience?


6. What does justification mean?


7. What does  regeneration mean?


8. What does sanctification mean?


9. What is meant by the conditions of salvation?


10. What are the conditions of salvation?  Give reference.


11. What is the difference between repentance and faith?


12. What is the command of God to all men everywhere?


13. How does the Holy Spirit help a person to repent?


14. Is intellectual faith sufficient for salvation?  Give reference.


15. Give verbatim Heb. 11:6


16. What is the difference between belief and faith?


17. What is it that produces faith?


18. What does conversion mean?


19. How is conversion to be distinguished from salvation?


20. Is conversion entirely a matter of human effort?


21. Which comes first, regeneration or conversion?