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Archived: Final Exam


Doctrine I


Final Exam



1. What is the meaning of Doctrine?



2. Why do we describe theology or doctrine as “a science”?



3. What is the difference between a doctrine and a dogma?



4. What connection does doctrine have with development of Christian character?


5. Give verbatim II Tim. 2:15.



6. What does special creation mean?



7. What does being made in the image and likeness of God refer to?



8. What does Harmartiology mean?



9. What is the most tragic fact connected with man?



10. What were the steps in the fall?



11. Name the two trees of destiny.



12. What does Jeremiah say is wrong with the heart?



13. What does soteriology mean?



14. Name the five cardinal doctrines.



15. What are the three aspects of salvation?



16. What does justification mean?



17. What does regeneration mean?



18. What does sanctification mean?



19. What is it that produces faith?



20. How is conversation to be distinguished from salvation?



BONUS:  What kind of a term is Justification?