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Week 1

January 1

Reading Checklist:

  • Saturday: Matthew 1-2


Panorama of Matthew Chapters 1-16

  • by Elizabeth
  • Matthew 1-16 Panorama

"Baby Dedication"


  • by Stephen III
  • inspiration: All the 'begats' and babies being born in Matthew 1

"Wisemen at the Nativity"


  • by Amelia

"Nativity in Crayon"

  • by Elyanna
  • inspiration: The birth of Jesus Christ

"Jesus the Same Yesterday Today and Forever"


  • by Stephen Jr.

Palm Tree Geneology

  • by Rosemary
  • Geneology of Jesus in Matthew 1 and the Teaching of Jesus


  • The Genealogy of Jesus is important as it reminds us to consider the birth of this baby Jesus in light of the great Biblical scene and not an isolated incident.
  • Jesus is from the line of David.
  • Jesus is from the line of Abraham.
  • Why Booz, Jeremy, Esaias spelled differently than in the Old Testament?