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Fruitful in Christ

Beware of the Little Foxes

You could be fruitful but if you don't pay attention to fox, he can destroy the fruit.

Song of Solomon 2:15 — Take us the foxes, the little foxes, that spoil the vines: for our vines have tender grapes.

  • The devil is a fox

The Devil Is A Sly Old Fox,
If I Could Catch Him
I'd Put Him In A Box
Lock The Box And Throw Away The Key
For All Those Tricks He's Played On Me.
I'm Glad I am a Christian (3x's)
I'm Trusting In The Lord.

  • 1901 Dickens "Curiosity Shop" uses the phrase "sly old fox"
  • 1946 "Dew on Jordan" by Harold Preece, page 47 (UK)
  • 1948 "Dunshaw: A Lancashire Background page 46
  • 1970 Nazarine magazine, Preacher's Magazine
  • 1982 "The Ministry of Teaching" quotes song
  • Curtis Hutson in "Salvation Crystal Clear" tells the story of an "old preacher" quoting this song., 1987, Sword of the Lord Publishers
  • 1987, "Built by the Spirit" - Page 183
  • 2009, Paraphrased version in a poem
  • "Poems of Shylock", 2012, section "Duel with Old Nick (in prose)", refers to "sunday school song", "Satan is a sly old fox",

In order to be fruitful, the branch must be purged.

John 15:4