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Living Waters Flowing

Deliverance Center – Portland, Maine

Rev. Stephen G. Reynolds, Sr.

Sunday PM, November 18, 2007

TITLE: Living Waters Flowing

TEXT: Isaiah 28:16,17

I Peter 2:3-12

Many have taken refuge in lies and they are appointed unto death. God has determined, judged sin.

Out of your belly shall flow rivers of living waters.

There is living waters flowing for us tonight.

Ther eis a union that God has in mind to bring us beyond just the state of free from sin and the things that war against the soul, but he wants to free us from the things that conquer. We work at the end from the beginning to know that it is worth the fight.

TO God be the glory, God is the everlasting light of our soul. He will glorify Himself in us and will establish His works. Our works our vain unless the Spirit of God moves in us.

We need the Gospel made plain so that every taste is a cool drop from Heaven saying that Jesus Christ is the healer, deliverer, establisher of our hearts.


Not something that is dead, but LIVING. 

Isaiah said, A SURE FOUNDATION< you can know that He is there. You don’t’ have to wonder whether God is there, but you can know him that He is there.

One of the ways the lord makes us to know He is there is He allows us to TASTE. He reveals to us HIS WORD. If we don’t hunger and thirst for His Word our hunger for God is suspect.

I Peter 2:8

Out of the living stone is living water flowing. The living stone gives spiritual drink. (The natural mind does not receive the things of God) If you heart will reach out to God you will find that His word will defeat the enemy of your soul and will defeat the thing that is warring against your soul. He can make us more THAN CONQUERERS, but until then we must UNDERSTAND THE BATTLE.

ABASTAIN FROM FLESHLY lust, You can find yourself to be the example, a living stone placed in a spiritual house so people can come and see God, your testimony is about Jesus, you are praising the Lord, you are living for Him and bringing Him glory.

So many don’t believe in SALVATION let alone PERFECTION. You don’t always have to be in a state of fighting against the flesh. Lust is an enemy, an evil desire. Abastina from fleshly lust which war against the soul, Through the power of the Holy Ghost and the Word we can say NO to sin and YES to God . We can have victory over sin. The fleshly desire is stronger than the spiritual desire. When we feed the fleshly desire, it causes us to stumble at the truth. You wander if it is fro you and whether it is for anybody.

I am not satisfied with a refuge of lies. We are going to fight the flesh and unbelief. Our heart is hungry, a spiritual desire for living waters. Wee are not any better than anyone else, but just taste and see that the Lord is Good, that he is a crown of glory for them that are willing to believe God. So many have disallowed Him as the cornerstone, but I am going to believe the truth, rising about the battle. He is the livning stone, he is the chief cornerstone, he has placed in our life to make our life sure, and we are to be like him.

I Peter 2:5

There is living water flowing from the living stone. If you are a living stone than out of you is going to flow that river. If the lord is the living stone in our life then He is that spiritual drink. He is marvelous, and wonderful in his workings. So that we can become like Him. He is REAL

Many question, CHRIST AS THEIR SAVIOUR, many others, THE BAPTISM OF THE HOLY GHOST. There are a lot of fleshly desires that war against our soul. But God is going to bring judgment and lay it against the line.

We are all builders…either building as an UNBELIEVER building on false hopes and lies or a BELIEVER building on that sure foundation of truth, which is Jesus Christ, the chief cornerstone.

He that believeth on Him is not ashamed, is not confounded but shall have everlasting life.

The Holy Ghost came and visited Mary highly favoring her and therefore came the life of Jesus. The son of God was born of Mary, making her highly favored of God. She was a simple virgin lady betrothed to a man named Joseph, but God saw fit to do something special in her for a purpose.

Paul said that He was the chiefest of sinners. He can save anybody He saved me! Not all will be saved, but that is because of the choices that men make.

We are elected because we believed Him.

4:2 They heard the Gospel but did not believe it, not mixing their hearing with faith. Help us to say “Lord I need you crown me with your glory and loving kindness. I don’t want to be drunk with the things of this world, but be filled with His spirit.” Eph. 4:16 be not drunk with wine…be filled with the spirit.

By your good works glorify God in the day of His visitation…There is a day that He will visit His people. The outpouring of God’s Spirit. Knowing truth is not enough, but we must LOVE truth and it must be watered by the Spirit. The Spirit and the Word agree.

God is calling for a diligent heart to seek him with the whole heart. It is the little foxes that spoil the vine. Those little fleshly desires, a little bit of doubt and fear.

Matthew 17 Peter james and john whent up in the mountain and Jesus visited them in a special way. He gave them a taste that He is more than a man. They became afraid, but God has designed His word that we be not afraid of Him though in awe and reverance. Let us come boldly to the throne of grace… YOU are not going to run in haphazard and lukewarm and still receive from God, but it is going to take a whole hearted effort. All doubt and struggle must be done away with. These 3 disciples had the greatest opportunity of their life but were afraid to enter into it, Luke 9:45 Our questions should be with faith SHOW ME ZTHYZ TRUTH, TEACH MY THY WAYS. His path is that of victory and life.

We are going to overcome because we know God and the spirit of God is floing in our life and He is watering that Word every day. Every day allowing our flesh to be exposed too the power of God. Holding our flesh to the altar. The blossoms and buds will bring fruit that glorify God. It is the Holy Ghost in us that cause that word, seed, to germinate. Zit is the knowledge eof God revealed to us by His Spirit and not just knowledge ein general. ONLY CHRIST THROUGH THE HOLY GHOST can reveal to us. Bellieve for the watering.

It gets pretty dry looking in the mirror of the Word and having no Spirit watering it.

Christ is the unseen cornerstone, solid foundation, living stone, rock that flows with water as the one that followed Israel in the wilderness.

We take root in places we do not belong. If we see this World as a refuge of lies, we would not drive one stake.

Lord change our heart, our mind, our attitude.

There are some builders who build in disobedience, building on a lie. God is going to send his righteousness to the plummet and his judgment to the line. God won’t have to do anything the flood waters of sin will destroy you. A refuge of lies uncovered and overflowed with waters of destruction. Reject God and be overflowed by the waters of destruction.

v. 8 the lord that is the living stone, became the stumbling stone. He laid his life down ‘in our path’ that we would have to ‘stumble’ over Him in order to go to hell, in order to go without.

He is the rock of offense. He has allowed himself to placed down and rejected, disallowed, disobeyed. He has allowed himself to become that rock of offense. He has laid Himself down before us that after we have stumbled over him, but that we remember how we rejected him, our unbelief, and our doubts. He promised to be sin for us. To be our offense. He who knew no sin, became sin for us that we might be made the righteousness of God.

Some people think they can just plow so deep there is know dirt left. There is certain place in our heart that man can’t find or touch.

Part of the battle is believing God in the face of adversity and not taking counsel from our flesh.

Before every Pharaoh, Judas, Mary Magdalene, was laid the rock of stumbling and offense. He is willing to take it all.