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A Perfect Man

Rev. James R. Reynolds, Sr.

July 10, 2005

Sunday Morning

Title: A Perfect Man

Text: Matthew 5:48

God's Word needs to be preached in Its fulness. 

Luke 6:40; 2 Corinthians 13; Ephesians 4:13; Colossians 4:12; 2 Timothy 3:16,17; Hebrews 6:1; James 1:4; 3:2; I Peter 5:10

In the begimnmnimng God made a perfect man. Genesis 1:26

"image and likeness" has nothing to do with what you look like on the outside. God is a spirit. John 4:

What is the image of God? 


	1. God has emotions 

			God is love	I John 4:8

			God is jealous Deut. 31:23

			God is angry	Deut. 4:25

			God is mercy	Psalm 136


	2. God is intelligent 

			God is omniscient	Colossians 2:3

	3. God has a will

			God acts	Genesis 1:1 

			God is soveriegn

God made man imnm his own image, a perfect man, emotionally, intellectually, and volitionally.

These areas were violated imn the temptatiomn:

	Mind	Genesis 3:6 (saw ra ah to consider; discern; to think)

	Emotions	To desire; to lust; to covet; to love

	Will	(actiomn; will) to take to recieve

Hebrews 6:1 "Let us go on unto perfection." Ephesians 4:13 Man cannot redeem himself.

**I. The Provision for Perfection**

	Does the fact that God provided perfection mean all are perfected? No. 

God provided redemption = Romans 3:24 A complete deliveramnce by a price paid. Ephesians 1:7 Proviision has been made and man is without excuse. 

**II. The Process of Perfection**

	Hebrews 6:1; Hebrews 4:13; I Timothy 3:16

What makes a perfect man? struggle? No, you will labor in vain.

A complete man, whole man, surrendered completetly to God.  = emotionally, intellectually, and volitionally. 

The Revelatiomn of the Knowledge of Truth is that which will make a perfect man.

Some are far moved emotionally.

Some are far moved intellectually. (By books and not the Word that is.)

We are to love God with all our heart, soul, mind, and strength. The soul has to do with the will. (The soul that sins, it shall die.)

It takes the whole man to be a perfect man. Matthew 16:24 (denying= emotions, take up his cross = the mind, and take up his cross = will; actiomn)

There must be a renewing and restoration of these areas that have been violated by sin.

Ephesians 5:18 There must be a surrender for this to happen. God will not violate the will of a man. Be filled in these areas and surrender in these areas = emotions, intellect, and will. God only fills that which is surrendered. What He fills He controls, & what He controls He leads. John 16:13

We read the holy Bible, to get to a Holy Heaven, serving a Holy God who shed his holy blood, that we might live a holy life.

**III. The Power of Perfection**

Ephesians 1:19 We cannot save ourselves and we cannot perfect ourselves. God must do it.

Philippians 2:13 But, He can't work in you unless you surrender Colossians 1:11,13 2:10; 2 Peter 1:3

**IV. The Purpose of Perfection**

The Perfect mamn will be at the same measure as Christ. Talk, walk, and act like Christ. (Humble, etc.)

A. To Escape Tribulation.  Luke 21:36

B. To Sit with Christ on His Throne Rev. 3:21

C. To be the Bride of Christ (The Church is not the Bride, but it is people from out of the Church) Revelation 19:7

God has the power if we will surrender.