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Going Out that We Might Go In

Rev. James R. Reynolds, Sr.

June 29, 2005

Wednesday Night Bible Study

Title: "Going Out that We Might Go In"

Text: Genesis 12:1-7


What God spoke to Abram, He is speakimng to us. He had to go out, in order to come in. Omne of the problems people have today is not coming in because they are not going out.

To reach fulmness there must be a change from where you are. God wamnmts us to move out from where we ahve been so lomng amnd move inmto what He has for us.

Verse 5 "and they went forth." 

We need to make amn effort imn receivimng the promise. God required Abram before he could move imnto the Promised Land he had to move out of the Ur of the Chaldees.

**II. What did the go forth from? What did he leave behind?** 

A. Was  a Wicked Place

B. Terah was a Seller of Idols

There is a lot of sin that we do not like to call sin. There are a lot of lacks, failings, and false. Ur of the Chaldees represents the old life, worldly pleasures.

We must move away from the things that hinder us in God. The Christian journey must be involved with God inm its beginning, progress, and end. If we do not go forward, we will go backward.

**III. On What was He Moving On?**

Abram left the Ur of the Chaldees based on the Word of God. God said, "Get out." and Abram got out. 

Genesis 11:31 Terah was in control, he led the band. 

They went aproximately 25 miles to Haran. They moved only a little and become satisfied long before they reached the goal God had in mind. 

Abramm was a young man when God first spoke to him, but when he finally made a brake he was 75. He was 60 years in Haran. "I'm not where I used to be." But, are you where you SHOULD be? This generatiomn needs more than words. It needs a demonstration of God's power. You will not get that in the Ur of the Chaldees or Haran.

Terah died. The Old Man must die. He will hinder your progress and keep you in Haran.