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God is Not Mocked

God Is Not Mocked

Rev. James R Reynolds, Sr.

January 5, 2005

Ezekiel 38 versus one through 23.

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All that is happening is happening today is building up to a climax. There will be another world war. Now my studies over the years I've found a whole lot of people misinterpret scripture put the battle here at the end of the age. It is very definite that there's a difference between the last days of the latter days. What is referred to here is a war that is going to be climaxed with great devastation to the nations that rise against Israel. And we're watching today the formation. Now it has been expressed and is being expressed as a matter of fact that picked up the newspaper today read a small article how that Israel is so hated by the Palestinians and not just by the Palestinians but Israel is hated by the nation's by the Arab nations and Egyptians. And we can't forget that Russia has been very picture of mental to the nation of Israel. They've slotted literal millions of Jews. But there is coming a climax to all that is going on right now. Will we see a time of peace? Will men succeed in bringing about peace in the Middle East? I fear not have the feeling to struggle is going to go on until such time and is received with the prof takes he Ezekiel is inspired of God hundreds of years ago. Now I know that they're different bodies of believers that think one thing and something something else but I don't know that you can place in the setting a nation that has been more a detriment to the kingdom of God than the mission of Russian pair Abiola says this God is not mocked not by individuals or nations. We must say that Russia has been mocking Israel for years. In a few years ago one of the leaders literally shook his fist to saying narrow, day when we will find God Karen from his throne and cast him down. God is not mocked. Whatsoever man so if that's shall he also read the weatherman or nation. That Chelios will reap one of the Russian cosmonauts that went out when they came back they said we will tell our spacecraft window a police found no God therefore their conclusion was there is no God. But do you understand that Russia prior to the early days in the 1900s was a leading Christian nation how many new that? But communism came and with communism coming into power they turned against everything that was godly. Communism took over and Russia forgot God. Communism to its leaders tried to wipe out to and pay close attention because I believe that at Summerlin's to some other nation. The Communist leaders of Russia tried to wipe out Christianity. Millions of Christians have been put to death or have died in slave labor camps. Christian parents and Russia were not allowed to to teach their own children in their own homes about the Bible. And if they were found out the government would take to children from them put them into government institutions and taught them there is no God. Does that sound familiar? James Colby today said that he got some information and I thought that while I was putting this together what a time for him to call and share this with me this I believe he got off the Internet. Is that right? The article begins what have Web and saying has now happened. And apparently they have been warning concerning things coming. You cannot quote what the Bible has to say about homosexuality in public or you'll be charged with a hate crime. Philadelphia is only the beginning if we fail to take a stand here at this crime will still be applied across America. In the 27 years of this ministry I've never once witnessed a more outrageous miscarriage of justice than what is happening in Philadelphia. For question Christians are facing up to 40 years in prison and $90,000 in fines for preaching the gospel on a public sidewalk right fully protected by the First Amendment. On October 10, 2004 just a short while ago before Christians were arrested in Philadelphia along with founder Michael A. cabbage members of repent America with police approval were preaching near a homosexual event handing out gospel literature and carrying banners with Bible messages. When they tried to speak there is a lot of by a group of homosexual activist of the pink angels. A videotape of the incident shows that the pink angels interfering with the Christians movement on the street holding up a large pink symbols of angels to cover up the Christian message and blowing high-pitched whistles to drown out their preaching they're there with police permission. Instead of arresting a homosexual police arrested the Christians their charge for eight crimes ------- missed what he said get from the tape.----- this is an America that nation once found and once called to a Christian nation. Can we see a trend? The Bible makes it very plain what is going to happen to Russia. Now, Russia's intent has always been to rule the world. How many know that? That is their basic philosophy to rule the whole world. I ask your question tonight will Russia rule the world? Ezekiel 38 and verse eight says and after many days thou shalt be visited in the latter days a show, to the land that is brought back from the sword and I scattered out on many people consume mountains of this row which have always been leased but is brought forth out of the nations and they shall dwell safely all of them. God is for wanting only the nation of Russia but also the nations that will be in league with them coming out of the northern parts making attack against Israel and God is a them when that time comes and these things began to take place it will soon be the destruction of Russia. Noticed there are some indications of where we are.

After many days. Over 2500 years ago he Ezekiel prophesied this in a says after many days in the latter days in office as number 16 he says in the latter days it shall be in the latter days. Where are we? In the latter days. First. Now he makes it plain and verse eight where they were all there going to attack. A plain enough rusher will attack Israel. Some of you remember the chain division that God gave me when they said communism is dead and will shortly after that that I received and night vision. It was as real as if I was awake. A voice spoke to me after they had planned such victory communism is dead and the Lord said the bear is not dead it is only wounded. And it will arise and it will attack Israel and America. I trust are listening. Verse nine says and not shall be like a cloud. It couldn't happen and some could it have interpreted this that this could have happened many years ago they going to come as a cloud the only possible way he will go To be in the time when airplanes were present. When did the right by the strikeout with first airplane? 1912. So it couldn't have happened before. Gotta come as a cloud to cover the land. How and in all my bands and many people with me. How many remember reading something about the second world war? Earning the old enough to remember seeing those planes? Those big B-29's I remember being out in the Falmouth home in those big bombers came out have to say that must've been 75 or 80 bombers in formation came and do you realize that when I came over the land it was like a cloud.? Take 75 or 80 big bombers will it were a kid they're making. It would put the fear in you. Now Russia has many more airplanes than we do. While we were in the process of dismantling a lot of our, meant Russia was in the process of building manners. A lot of are respected Democrat senators forced stopped for a thoughtful or concessions with the Russia that we would disarm if they would disarm. You can always trust your enemy to do what you want to do? Style and all of the thy bands that many people would see. Russia right now has had warships in the Mediterranean for many years and they say now that there is a buildup of Russian warships in the Mediterranean just off the coast of Ezra along with a lot of the Chinese warships. What is going on? To arch enemies getting together to gain to attack this little spot of ground.? No wonder blanks head when you see Jerusalem compass with armies like. Russia could well rule the world with its league of Nations but she won't because God is going to fight against terror. Dunham first 13 the says she burned deed and is a list of whole group of nations and all take time of those that is going to be in league with Russia but now he's speaking of those that are going to be on Israel's side she burned deed and nations along the Red Sea so there are some all that Ezekiel spoke about Antar sheesh most Bible prophecy teachers students believed harsh is has to do with England and speaks about she burned deed and end the merchants of parishes with only young lines. England has always been referred to its national symbol is the line and out of England is going to come some blind ropes when all of her young lions and who those young lions? Where did we come from? Where did candidate come from? Now I questioned if Canada will have a whole lot to do with fighting against Russia but there are things that developed very fast at times so there has to be more than just want the young lions plural not singular. Australia is another nation that resulted from England. And they shall say moved there in first 13 shall say and to be in Tuesday? Russia shall say and to be art thou common to take a spoil? Our thought that a company to take up ready to care voiceover and told to take away cattle includes to take away a great spoil? Two things I think that we need to understand that Russia is concerned about well as much as any nation in the world. And also both finances. You know that the Dead Sea has a wealth of this untold Ltd.. And they want to destroy the planet purpose of God is it because of the Russian people that want to do that now is the demons of hell that inspire people against everything that is in this book. Hell hates God hates this book. They'll say to Russia you've come for that purpose. Understand were approaching the Third World war and when these nations rise up in defense of Israel will be in the Third World war in the Third World war on has to come to usher in the tribulation hour. Don't get mixed up with Armageddon to third wall work comes before the seven years to jubilation Armageddon comes at the close of the seven-year tribulation. They are two different wars. The Third World war will face the nation said Art league with Russia against the nations that will stand with Israel and there is going to be a a lot of devastation. Verse 14 to $.16 and howled during there for some Amman prophesy in Santa got thus saith the Lord God in that day when my people of Israel definite go safely when they're back into their land. With or be a time of peace? Seemingly there will be a short time of peace here because they dwell safely on the safe right now? There's a lot of conflict going on right now on both sides a lot of them losing their lives the Palestinians and Israel and shall not not know it? And thou shall come the north parts and then people would be an old embarking on horses critics will laugh at that to riding on horses. Going to have Calvary three in this modern day. Russia has thousands of forces that have been trained to handle the rising and falling temperatures because there's a great variation of temperature there in the land is fashion so that it would be very difficult to move troops by land of the then by horses. Hunt all how many know the Bible is always true? A great company and the mighty Army and thou shalt come against my people Israel has the clout to Cumberland show the latter days and I'll bring the against my diet and that the heathen may know me. Ask an Arab ask these Muslims to know God did know Jesus? They'll almost the in-your-face. All is archived. All all I've is no God! bBut God is gone to teach donations to lessen their phone to know him. Bring me against my land that the heathen may know me when I shall be sanctified in the old thought before thy spirit thus saith the Lord god Art thou he over whom I've spoken an old-time but my servants the prophets of Israel which prophesy in those days many years that I'll bring the against them? Almost like a news report gods and the prophets spoke about what is going to happen want you gave you for warning. And God says I'm going to bring it down and going to printed against my people. Something blood against Russia something were assured and Scott. I may ask you where the heathens? Why are the heathens that got his court to teach a lesson? Anyone that rejects the God of heaven and denies Jesus Christ. There he. And he says I'm going to teach them a lesson they're going to know me God is going to severely Judge Russia and the nations that are with them. And that may just answer this in a nation that forgets God as Russia has will meet the same judgment. Are you listening? Ezekiel, God is to ended this real saith the Lord God that my fury when they make their advance at the same time my fury show, but my face for in my jealousy and in the fire of my wrath have I spoken surely in that day they shall be of great shaking in the land of Israel. I understand that they even have suitcases that carry atomic bombs. I understand also that there are a Russian submarines that have atomic warfare now only in the Mediterranean but we have some right out on the coast here. And there are friends quote" don't believe in their communists. They're against God. The against Christianity. In my wrath surely in that day they shall be a great shaking the land of Israel and would you understand a great shake and he it's going to be much greater in the earthquake. Take a bunch of those atomic bombs. So that the fishes of the sea and the files of heaven and the beast of the field and all creeping things that creep upon the earth. And all of them had better upon the face of the earth shall shake at my presence there. God is going to do something. In the mountains have gone to fall down the steep place is in every wall show fall to the ground. The land is going to know tremendous judgment. And he says I will call for sword against him to well all my mountains saith the Lord our God. Every man's sword shall be against his brother. What does that sound like to you? They're going to turn on each other. How many know God is able to confuse people to the point where they will turn on each other.? Is that what is saying. Every man's sword shall be against his brother. And I'll plead against him with pestilence you haven't seen anything yet. Now we've seen some pestilence and they're still trying to figure out some serum are some means of cure for it but God is going to send some pestilence and with blood and it seems like the pestilence issues connected with the blood there going to be diseases that are infecting the blood. Even greater than what we already know now ready in upon him and upon his bands I will dilute and upon the many people better up with him fall upon a brain in great hailstones fire and brimstone does seek God is then put them in this generation. How they know that? How many know that God is a mountain last that only by the Russians and Communists but across the landed around the world the God of the Bible has been put down and cheeses has been bought he is nothing more than just another man he was not resurrected." Nothing more than just a profit? Backspace" tell he is God Almighty dusts well I've magnify and sanctify myself and I'll be known in the eyes of many nations and they shall all that I am the Lord revival at least for a period of time will take the land. But only after God brings great devastation. No Russia of the world? That's his intent but God says when they make their advance against Israel I'm going to be angry. In the UK got angry you are in trouble. But I've set a lot of that to say this, America has not done much better at it and what Russia has done. And I think that we are going to see a load of devastation. I can't help what is on condition extent of liberty cost ha ha ha ha ha ha some of you remember when I told to that right after that happened you told us on March 4 yes that is exactly right. But now what I'm saying is it wasn't just wants or place but three times and I mostly to was for but I'm not sure I should have written it down as soon as it happened but I didn't. But I have heard others say the first wasn't too bad that for second will be for worse in the third is going to be great devastation. So what is it a mobile? Should it frighten us should cause us to be fearful? No it should only be a spur to get asked to yourself and seek God like you have never sought him before. There are some the would-be film worthy and makes no difference what all decent groups that are saying the church is going to go all the way through all the churches going to go all the way through the jubilation our know there is going to be some that will become a worthy to escape all these things now please don't have the IQ Hastert is afraid of what people of men of war could do. I'm not afraid of that clear-cut. But I see in this boat there is something better than going into it to IC that there is that hope of the believer to escape. And it is not for all. As sharing with a first-year class today you know who they are saying and hear this on the radio they're saying there are two groups of people that are those that believe everybody is going to go into jubilation and those that believe everybody's going out before tribulation and the use trip should like this God is not a pointed us to wrath and so therefore God is not pointed us to wrath and so were going to be taken it is God's desire for you not to go through but that does not mean if you don't live right you see God has appointed us not to wrath but if we desire to go all way into our own think we've moved east police police that a new in the world bull number that comes out of great tribulation if there are no Christians gotta be here? Should we pray? Should we seek a period and I trust that all of these things are happening will only be an encouragement to us to get a little closer to Jesus. To walk with him. He see that was his intent even of every time God warned Israel what was out wanting? To get a little closer. When God brought judgment what was in for? To get them a little closer. What was that that happened in New York? God could have stopped that. But it was an opportunity for people to get close to God and they did seemingly for couple of weeks but got in his wealth and in his grace brings judgment to get people to himself. Can we seek him? Can we seek in? Keep can we seek him like we've never? Young people, get serious. Kit series. Remember God is not mocked and would we say and could we say honestly that our generation is mocking God? Remember God is not mocked. Whatever nation show solos that shall reap. Let's stand together.

Our government and police department so willing to fight a against that and stand up against the Christians pared away my watch a course and was here? Check courts and came to the city and it was advertised something like this America and God. And he went it City Hall there was a large body of people that came but there was also a large body of homosexuals as Spain's. Now check courts and has paid to rent that City Hall. Use up their time to preach one after another sometimes they went in groups went down and start the signs read up in his face while he's trying to preach the building was lined with police officers as all those hippies long-haired homosexual square came down one bite right by me I had everything I could do to keep my seat I could live Chile see myself grab in that long hair and running for the door. Words and finally said which you please sit down high paid to rent this City Hall. But they carried on. Finally I taken enough and so I ran up to the lieutenant who is standing in the front with all these other officers and I said to them sort serve a node should do something and he grins I said if I was out there on the street preacher the gospel you wouldn't arrest hesitate to a breast me because I have been doing that and they knew that at that time they were still hauling us in off the street they stood there until the group and just before words and close to probably 50 a quiet minutes before the close to they all went out to notably Sanchez did? Everyone of them followed the amount they would then not to protect the Christians not to protect the man that paid for the City Hall they were there to protect those queers. And we went outside and finally came to the clothes that are outside standing outside hand inhalant sing and we shall overcome. They won't overcome! Because a god in heaven heats that sin. And still God will judge. Someone close in prayer.