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World War III

A sermon outline of Rev. James R. Reynolds, Sr.

TEXT: Ezekiel 38:1-8; Luke 21:20


We need to know where we are, where we are headed, and what the final analysis will be. We need to be busy getting ready to get out of here. There are signs that are screaming at us. If there was ever a day the church needed to pray, it is today.

It is amazing that that little patch of land called Israel is so intriguing to the countries that all the countries would be focused on it. What currently is happening with Lebanon is only a getting ready for the final push.

1. The Combatants Engaged In This War

    1. Gog and its Allies — vs. 1-6


      1. "Gog, the land of Magog, the chief prince of Meshech and Tubal"

Magog was a son of Japheth, a son of Noah, that migrated into the land that is now called Russia.

"Gog, … the chief prince of Meshech (Moscow) and Tubal (Tobolsk) cities in Russia.

"Gog, … the chief prince of" Russia.

      1. Persia (now called Iran)

      2. Ethiopia

      3. Libya

These Arab nations are in full allegiance with the leaders of Russia.

vs. 7 says Russia — "Be thou a guard unto them."

      1. Gomer — Germany "and its hordes"

      2. Togarmah — Turkey "and all his bands"

    1. Israel and its Allies — vs. 8,11,13

      1. Against the mountains of Israel — vs. 8

      2. America — vs. 10

      3. "Sheba" — vs. 13

      4. "Dedan" — the seafaring Phoenicians — many migrated to Europe — the British Isles — Spain

      5. "Tarshish" — "with all the young lions"

Identified as America, Canada, Australia, and other Western democracies as the "cubs" of Great Britain.

2. The Preparation For This War

Great preparations are underway today to fulfill the magnitude of this war that is described in Scripture.

The two great superpowers and their vast alignment of nations are seemingly in a race to prepare for this war. Both the war and its results are graphically outlined in the Bible. It is prophesied just as graphically that the nations that God uses to fight against the Russian alliance shall be devastated in the war, as well as Russia and its league of nations.

    1. Russia's Preparation

      1. The Soviet Navy is undergoing spectacular growth. The number of ships rose from 1,000 in 1955 to 7,000 in 1970.

      2. The Soviet Army boasts a strength of 4.4 million men.

A report by the Pentagon claims the U.S. is outnumbered 2-to-1 in armed forces, 4-to-1 in artillery pieces, and 5-to-1 in tanks.

The Soviet Army has B-gas that effects the nervous system.

      1. The Soviet Air force has 8,653 combat aircraft, 1,500 transport planes, and 1,300 Aeroflot planes.

      2. The Soviet's have nuclear weapons.

    1. America's Preparation

      1. The U.S. is prepared for war. It has been and it will be.

      2. Nuclear antisubmarine rockets, torpedoes

      3. Weapons stockpiled consist of tons of thousands of nuclear weapons.

3. The Order Of The War

    1. The Time of the War

      1. "In the latter days" Ezekiel 38:16

      2. "At the time of the end" Daniel 11:40

    1. Russia Attacks Israel — vs. 14

      1. "Riding upon horses" vs. 15

Horses in a nuclear age gas shortage

      1. Attacked by Airplanes — vs. 16

"As a cloud to cover the land"

      1. Also, attacked with ships — Daniel 11:40

"With chariots, and with horsemen, and with many ships."

    1. The Prophets Prophesied this to Happen — vs. 17

"The prophets of Israel which prophesied"

    1. God will Use His Weapons — vs. 13:4-5

"Weapons of His indignation"

"The Lord of hosts mustereth the host of the battle"

4. This War Is Not The Battle Of Armageddon

    1. Armageddon is at the end of the Tribulation — Revelation 16:16

    1. Armageddon is fought in the valley of Jehosaphat — Joel 3:2,12

    1. Also referred to as the Valley of Megiddo — Zechariah 12:11

    1. Blood will run in the valley bridle deep for over 200 miles. Revelation 14:11

    1. The Third World War will be fought on the mountains of Israel. Ezekiel 38:8

5. America Will Be Involved — Isaiah 18:1-6

    1. Will be Judged — vs. 1 "Woe"

    1. The land is described — "the land shadowing with wings"

    1. America is overseas from Israel. vs. 2

"that sendeth ambassadors by the sea"

America has sent ambassadors to virtually every country in the world.

    1. This is a specific message to one specific nation.

  • vs. 2 "A nation scattered and peeled…"

  • "outspread and polished" — Broad and highly developed

  • United into a nation — Preamble to the Constitution. "We the people of the United States, in order to set forth a more perfect union."

    1. "A people terrible from their beginning"

The U.S. has never lost a declared war.

    1. "A nation meted out and trodden down"

The U.S. is completed surveyed and "meted out"

    1. "Whose land the rivers have spoiled"

Rivers formed with many forms of pollution.

    1. "That liveth carelessly" — Isaiah 47:8; Ezekiel 39:6

    1. America will be judged — Isaiah 18:5

    1. But not destroyed — vs. 6

"cut" and "pruned" but not destroyed.

"They shall be left together."

6. The Russian Army Will Be Destroyed

    1. God is against Russia because Russia is against God. Ezekiel 38:3,18-23

Karl Marx, the father of communism, said, "Let us drive God out from heaven." (Karl Marx was raised in a God-fearing family.)

Gus Hall, a top U.S. Communist who ran fro president said, "Slit the throats of Christian children and drag them over the mourner's bench…and allow them to drown in their own blood.

Nikita Khrushchev said, "Whether you like it or not, history is on our side. We will bury you." He also said, "We will find God and tear Him from His throne and cast Him down."

There are two reasons for God be against the leader of Russia:

      1. God is against Russia because Russia is in battle against the Promised Land of Israel.

      2. God is against Russia because of Russia's policy and doctrine which propagate atheism and are diametrically opposed to Christianity.

This is documented by the Soviet Commissioner of Public Instruction:

"And you must always remember this, that we hate Christianity and the Christians. Even the best of them must be regarded as our worst enemies. They preach love to ones neighbor and pity which is contrary to our principles. Christian love is a hindrance to the development of the revolution. Down with love of one's neighbor! What we need is hatred. WE must know how to hate, for only at this price can we conquer the universe."

Jerry Rubin of the Students of Democratic Society at the Kent State University said:

"The first part of the Yippe program is to kill your parents. And I mean that quite literally; because until your prepared to kill your parents, you're not ready to change the country. Our parents are our first oppressors."

Is it any wonder that God inspired His prophet to declare, "I am against thee, O Gog, the chief prince of Meshech (Moscow)."?

    1. Five-sixth of Russia's army will be destroyed. Ezekiel 39:2

    1. Russia will be seven years burning the weapons of war. Ezekiel 39:9

    1. Russia will be seven months burying the dead. Ezekiel 39:12-13


Now, before all this, God says that there is hope for some:

Luke 21:36 "Watch ye therefore, and pray always, that ye may be accounted worthy to escape all these things that shall come to pass, and to stand before the Son of man."

"to stand" — histemi - abide, continue, covenant

"before" — emprosthon — in front of, in the presence of, as being presented to

II Corinthians 11:2 "… present you as a chaste virgin to Christ."

"chaste" — hagnos — pure from every fault, free from mixture, holy, free from defilement, pure as being tested/judged

Song of Solomon 6:10 "…clear as the sun…" bar — pure, clean, clear, beloved