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Breaking Up Fallow Ground

Rev. James R. Reynolds, Sr. April 13, 2005 Wednesday Bible Study

Title: Breaking Up Fallow Ground

Text: Hosea 10:9-15 ( 12 )

["If you effect a child, you effect a life." The homosexual problem is a SPIRIT, and they are not born that way.]

There is yet some ground needing to be broken up.

The Jews were a nation of farmers and it is common practice of Scripture to speak in terms they can relate to. Israel is spoken of as a nation of backsliders.God does not tolerate sin. He is very gracious and longsuffering, but at the same time He hates sin.



The prophet of God is bringing a message to Israel that has turned away from the truth of God yet still holding on to religious worship and idolatry.

It is past time to seek the Lord.

The heart needs to be prepared to receive the Word of God. Our hearts can become like ground that has become dry and unable to receive seed. Fallow ground is hard ground and cannot receive the Word of Truth, the seed.

To break up the fallow ground is to bring our minds into a state to receive the Word of God.

Seed always produces fruit of its origin, its kind. A kernal of corn will not produce a cucumber, but corn. God's Word will produce a people after God's heart.

It does no good to preach the Word of God when the mind is in a state of being fallow. Throwing good seed on hard ground is vain. The ground must become soft and able to recieve the seed to ultimately produce fruit.


Look at your own heart. The devil will try to distract us with looking at others, but Is there sin that has been overlooked in my life?

1). Is there INGRATITUDE? Luke 17:17 If God has done something for me my heart should be filled with gratitude.God has been good to me! Romans 1:21 How much more would God do for us if we respond to his blessings with thanksgiving? Break up the fallow ground and allow it to become soft so that it could recieve the rain. The cross is more than a symbol, but is a reality (Christ died on that cross) and what more do we need to be thankful? .

2). Is there a lack of love for God? Rev. 2:4 You don't love Me like you use to. Does my heart no longer leap when talking about Jesus or the Bible? 2:5 "Remember from whence thou art fallen..." Examine my heart.

3). Is there neglect of the Bible? Psalm 119:11 For you to get the Word in your heart you must spend a lot of time with it and memorize it. Allow it to soak in and become a part of me.

4). Is there unbelief? Romans 14:23 "I believe the greatest sin is that of unbelief." Mark 9:23-Do we believe that or do we just read words? If the problem overcomes you then you are unbelieving. There are mountains which are problems which can be removed and cast into the sea.

5). Is there neglect of prayer? Possibly the most grievous thing to do is to come to the altar while others come down to pray and for a person to simply think about what they are going to do tomorrow. Do not put on an act, be real.

6). Is there worldly mindedness? (i.e. Son, stand up in that corner! -I maybe standing on the outside, but I am sitting on the inside.) Prov. 21:4

7). Is there lying? Any act that is designed to deceive is lying. Col. 3:9

8). Am I robbing God?

(1). We spend much more time with people and things than we do with God. "If you do not tithe your time in prayer to God then you are a robber."--a preacher from Texas. Apostle Williams, "I get up every morning at 5 o'clock. Sometimes I can walk, but other times I must crawl to church.

(2). We rob God when we do not give Him our talents.

(3). We rob God of our money. Malachi 3:8-10

9). Hindering others from being useful. Gossip-God never made us to be garbage cans, and garbage does belong in the garbage can. Be an encourager; do not hinder someone else.