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Sovereignty of God

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This day and consider it in by our not the Lord he is God in heaven above and upon the earth denies there is none else read that again no therefore this day and consider it in buying our not the Lord he is our in heaven above and upon the earth beneath their ears none of I can tell you when I overheard a message preached on the sovereignty of God is what I want to talk to you this morning about the sovereignty of God he is so no therefore this day and consider him by our Lord he is call in heaven above and upon the earth beneath there is not now gawkers solver and by creation God is solver and by creation he wasn't voted in a cannot be voted out none will take his place there is none greater than he God is solver and solver and by creation blossoms one and 16 says fall by him were all things created that are in heaven and on her nerves visible and has an invisible whether they be thrones or dominions or principalities or powers all things were created by him and all you created all things and they were all created for him you're listening Dennis is one and one says in the beginning God when there was nothing out blog will still today man used his words to desecrate the character and nature of God but one day as he said through Solomon even to the young go-ahead to your saying go Iran wager your own thing but remember this God one day will bring you to do on your world can go their own way but one day God because he is God will bring them judgment in the beginning God in the Hebrew reads Elohim the plural go dropped the father God the son God the holy they always lost always will be there no in assessing the beginning God created the heavens and the earth's by him and for him and some idiots ruin anything that says that men may know that thou whose name alone is Jehovah are the most high over all the earth and talking to this morning about the sovereignty go Khrushchev made a stupid statement when he said one day we'll succeed sending out spacecrafts and well thought of God and will tear him from his throne and will cast him down quick off his integrative as far as the body but his soul is inhaled burning and God is still on his throne you're so streptomycin very plain that God does as he pleases God does as he pleases what they please but deleted in Sima hundred and 35 and six assists whatsoever Lord please that it be in heaven and earth's in this 80 and all the places he got any dust what he wanted to and it pleased him whatever God did it pleased him out of a lot of things that God may change their direction that displays but as far as what he may get all please whatever you decide to do a bit and it pleased him whatsoever Lord pleased that it be heaven and earth and sea all the places it takes it all in Scripture says this he controls all things why doesn't Al Gore read the Bible this one verse of Scripture alone would help them to understand how foolish it changes times and seasons he sets up games and even removes King's his wisdom and knowledge Daniel the second chapter in the 21st versus as of this week he changes the times and the season wiped out with men that was changing but I embassies and I have some of these folks on the radio and they get darker and all while global warming and some are so foolish in their rendition all of what was going on when made the statement the other day well is because of global warming that we gotten cold and this is what they came up with why we have a cold spell and we had the coldest month for new some and surely it had to be global warming causing coal gave changes the times and the seasons he rewrote with chains and sets up being a give of wisdom unto the wise and knowledge to them that no understanding every invention that man has ever made a train by the knowledge and wisdom of God and other thing that I heard about Al Gore is that he be made via invented the Internet of the word is eminently computer through wasn't imminent while doesn't matter even make a long of silly people are make statements as they do go on he changes the times and the seasons he removes King's is setup Y. do we have then if God is in control why do we have such an evil man you stop and consider we have an evil wicked nation I remember way back before Bill Clinton hardly anybody of the new about I knew very little about them myself when I was in prayer when they and God spoke to me and said your next president will be William Clinton William Jefferson Clinton I came to this pulpit and I told months before he was ever inaugurated that Bill Clinton would be in express and the reason why God spoke to me whilst he said because we have such an evil nation we cannot sacrifice and slaughter 15 million babies and not just please go we cannot support bills or Wallace that allowing men to marry men and not just please go God said if a man lay weatherman has he done for the woman is abomination it's against God I called one of the senators here in the state and I told him what the Scripture says in and they were dumbfounded in the does the Scripture say that I said that's exactly what the Scripture says that the man lays with a man as he dazzled the woman is an abomination to God God has the right to tell us how we can conduct our life we can make choices with we can make choices God is solver in saving on your code into his own will listen to what he says and Daniel Forbes 35 and all the inhabitants of the earth are you. As nothing and he was according to his own lives Wale in the army of heaven and among the inhabitants of the earth and not in 10 states and will send him what it was a enough according to his will whatever he desires to do your fine blog picking up the thought that I dropped concerning God lifting up games and putting things down again I remember before this and I have to be very chocolate idol anger somebody but I don't like this idea that this man is in our wife he has no reason to be there it has never showed up versus to that he was born in this country in fact he made the statement the other day on the radio he said I'm just like you I'm an American African that's where he came from Kenya again the flaw and the inauguration and therefore he was even accepted as a presidential nominee God spoke to me and said if the Christians fail next president will be Obama and I believe God spoke to me for a reason up to the Christian and because the Christians say there is nothing but will in the world but Christian is the only one that has knowledge of tools knowledge of what is right and what is wrong and the hapless man loves abortion and loves queers even while eliminating what Bill Clinton's don't tell a don't pass he wants them to openly exercise their so-called rights it's not a right for a man to love another man is not all right for a woman to love another woman owned to God's word and is solver in and day well bring them all and judgment they may get by for a while but God will bring them the judgment he is solver in a duo according to his will among the inhabitants of the earth and none can stay his hand close to what were you doing our God they smartly make statements but one day I'll haul them into the courtroom and he'll say to them depart from me you accursed in everlasting destruction say what you will about the word of God now he processes this right sovereignty by virtue of absolute ownership even get it any other way he simply owns all things and he is solver all things were created by him and for him the Lord is God Israel had to learn that as a way for between who is God is God daughter is available in the profit came in such a long while he between two opinions is it going to be that you think they list all while God might be God how long is this going to go all finally have a showdown is that you will be well under God now oh my God and the says analysis by five leading make our and the fire of God fell upon the sacrifice and could sacrifice in the welder and looked up the dust and dirt and the people follow their faces and I don't on years ago below is all would to God that this world would rise and will wake up and come to realize that it realizes that he is go GSM control Gates says what he wants to say and he does what he wants to do a non-insight into them were you doing now with relievers whenever responsibility computers will we have a responsibility here is my so often look across the congregation knew my not understand but he sees you I don't see everyone by every once in a while I'll see what somebody playing around with their fingernails of the summons of the Bible I remember when I was up and not what is that place we "know Wale of the Gauguin says dental down the where they are having techniques and on a Sunday morning we went in for the Sunday morning service of the Gauguin was preaching his own shows in the morning we were having kept meetings at night and the lady that was setting just in front of me just a moment by the Gauguin to read the Bible down autosomal and she's going to the phonebook and she kept going to the songbook until he was finished she really got a lot out of that service we have a responsibility to hear what God has to say to us we are near and he the spirit house with your daughter has something to say to you today is why I just come to fill in place no whatever reason you came God has a reason for you, and he wants to talk to you he wants to speak to you that has the word for you today in Newsday man whenever responsibility here as well John 1027 Jesus himself said my she my she here my voice my she model announced it is so important that we develop that we grow up my sheet there is a difference between sheep and lambs meadowlands don't even know who their shepherdess but he said my she know my voice God has something to say to you today but wants to speak to you but wants to inform you that he loves you and that is concerned about you that he watches over he'll are my sheep hear my dollars and I knows him I know will be a consolation to you when you stand before his throne and says welcome I know you what it said that it's going to be worth some veterans say depart from me I don't even know you never knew you it was very and 15 assists today if you will hear his voice hard not to you now that we're living in a time when the devil is doing everything he can on your car toward God puts truce towards righteousness to that which is your idea or not different ones that listen to the television I care enough from the to know all that some of the stuff that they've been preached who is not from the word of God be very careful today to hear his voice high on nor your not have people say to a wealth of so-and-so doesn't believe that so-and-so doesn't believe this yet and that's man's ideas and that's man's interpretation and you've heard me say this a lot at times this was a personal experience myself with a preacher I looked him in the eyes and he had a conflict of what I what I was teaching what I preach them that I turned to him and I quoted a verse of Scripture from the word of God I quoted were a word I didn't add anything to it I didn't take anything away from it I simply quoted the word or word and he looked at me and he said well that's your interpretation is to what they're doing today if you will hear his voice hard on not your car's he was 12 and 25 says that this would say that you refuse not him say that your refusal was not him that's because I today we live in law being sold as an absolute right of it has an absolute right to the content you what's right what's wrong he can demand if you could do this all to do with their install Samba hundred and verse versus no way that the Lord is God is he that made us and not we ourselves we are his people and that she is pasture being solver and he makes the rules being solver and he makes the rule you have a problem with a rule as I've often said that although it was been preached dockable's initial we have a responsibility prey are listening we have a responsibility part I don't feel he doesn't ask us if you feel like there is a responsibility laid upon every believer will put it like this is that you need to always pray that you are not into temptation what is the what is the Lord say he was saying that if you don't pray you would end up in trouble flow is telling us that we need bright we was possibility to go to pray Conseil Chronicles 714 he said it like this if my people talking about his people people that know if my people which are called by my name shall humble themselves and Ray shall humble themselves and pray talking about his people and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways then will I hear from heaven and will forgive their sin and will heal their land I will be familiar to us pray wasn't just a demand in the old times it's still a demand today that we pray you will find that all your problems and a lot of furor difficulties that you face if you spend some time in prayer all those problems will be dissipated God will work for you don't expect God to take care of your problem if you are amid times you've heard me tell about the one of the teachers design your lawyer and I know that he was very busy and that he said to us one day and one of the classes is that I don't have the time I have to do my prayer rug will it show he never had to tell me that just to hear him as he stood up to them tried to indoctrinate the class it was something missing do you know there's something missing in a persons life that doesn't spend time in the presence of God in him and aged pray you responsibility to pray also as a responsibility of divine command locating and one says men are sometime troy men all once in a while men are when they feel like it now this was sent to us some time ago a young couple was coming here and that they said to me after I got through preaching the morning Lola has to so-and-so when they named NI one value or is he was on the radio and he was saying to the people the only time you pray is when you feel please please somebody jump up and tell me how often do you feel like pray is there more times you don't feel like pray but you know you need to pray right and he was telling the people all a pray when you feel like and if they only pray when they feel like it is a pervert who do and then he went on to say all a Ranger Bob Gephardt only different to make it a hardship on you to read your Bible is a lot of times you won't feel like reading your Bible I guarantee it other things will try to crowd in and crowd out the time of reading reading your Bible but if you make up your mind and you put your foot down and say read the Bible that he was to teaching the people only read the Bible when you figure it now we need to know what to say praying sometimes men always to pray and not to say I responsibility of divine command God commands us Ephesians 6 of agents is praying always with all prayer and supplication in the Spirit blossoms for abuses continue in prayer and wants in the same with Thanksgiving but more than that is a responsibility of the divine chrome or your God commands us but God also gives us a promise listen to this Jeremiah 29 and 12 innings shall you call upon me and you shall go pray unto me N. my Wale harken on you I Wale pocket you call your way NI well here I was amid times God has answered your prayers and probably some of you even question if God wanted to go we need to have a confidence when we pray that's what Jesus said when you prayed to what relief when you pray believe and believe why pray that the answer will come and this is what they say call on me and pray I will talk unto you than that he does little for the Jeremiah 33 recall unto me then I will than I like to I like to call out to me N. my Wale and silly where you can put that in your pocket and take a I will call you for I believe I will absolutely and Shelby great and mighty things which thou knows no. Listen to it refused to turn away don't turn away from the law but has something to say to you by this and there are many ways refusing to hear him he stands even at the door of the church behold I stand at the door and no hook if any man would does that say to you the whole church will not listen but individuals throughout the church around the world if any man hear my voice if any individuals here Michael he's calling some will respawn and if you hear his voice do not refuse to hear her many refused to hear audio refused to hear about dual-mode if somebody asks you and I don't know what was somebody just the other day as what he preached on one fellow said he preached on the platform of the would-be preacher will in on the plot we hear that we don't listen we hear a sound just like those that we would pull he heard the boy's they may have heard a sound and the Greek word has it that they heard a sound but they couldn't understand what was being said and does a lot of people sitting right here this morning I couldn't say a lot but there is some sitting here this morning you haven't even heard a word that I've seen some thought about your roast beef nine or people like ghostly but I don't miscellany okay but we don't listen it has been a leading key thing here please folks listen you don't have to listen to me but you do have to listen to him and if I stand behind his pulpit under the anointing of God and I speak things out of this word you should be listening to what you should be hearing what is said listening and another thing refusing to hear fusion to believe I don't believe that I don't believe that and I hear this I don't believe that I don't believe there is a sin this book God requires us to believe that then another thing people refuse to hear some you should straighten up and do what's right and I wanted to the tunnel and he knows me but some get offended when they hear the word that tells him to straighten flying right incentives they all sang to preacher for telling the truth's thank you that you have enough concern about my soul to be concerned about me but they get angry we are say it happened too long ago when local administrations you expect me to come and sit and listen to you and all I was trying to do is to wait until they got offended a lot of people get offended at God's word meant and whether there will things you can't swear if it cuts and it gets close just remember that I don't know about you but\par }