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preached by Rev. James Reynolds, Sr. on March 23, 2005 at Deliverance Center Wednesday Bible Study

Text: Habakkuk 3:1-2


Habakkuk is offering a prayer, "upon Shigonoth" = (Psalm 70 Introduction) in Habakkuk's prayer he is singing a song--this is a beautiful happening, a beautiful prayer. "Oh, Lord, I have heard thy speech…" He had heard the sentence of judgment on Israel for her wickedness. "Revive Thy Work!" Before judgment came the prophet is crying for revival. We live in a parallel time; JUDGMENT IS COMING! There ought to be a cry in our hearts for REVIVAL! REVIVE, RESTORE. God wants us to have revival more than we want it. God's Word challenges us to promote, live, and teach revival. Where has the stirring that we have seen lately come from? Just because God wants to send revival? No. He responds to the cry in our hearts. God is looking for a people that are hungry. Just before a rain storm the leaves turn upside down. Farmers would say, "They are calling for rain." If God responds to leaves how much more will he respond to "knees?" What is revival? Webster's--revival means to bring back to use, restoration, to vigour, life, vitality, and activity. (there is a lot of motion and emotion today, but there is more to it than that) It is going to take the pure Word of God to make you what you ought to be.

I. Revival Brings Conviction of Sin

We need a move of God bringing conviction of sin. There must be a person bold and brave enough to proclaim TRUTH. The Holy Spirit does not confirm men's ideas, but will confirm the WORD. Job 42:5 The presence of God was manifested to Job Psalm 51:6-13 Hyssop is an applicator--FAITH John 16:8 (HE is the Reviver!) People may get by with man, but when God gets to moving the sinner cannot hide. Evidences of revival are a deep searching of heart and a deep conviction of the wickedness of sin. Until the Holy Ghost makes us to know how horrible sin really is, there will be no revival. They see their sin in a light that drives them to repentance. True repentance is to STOP DOING IT.

II. Revival is a New Beginning of Obedience to God

  1. The first step is sincere repentance.

Acts 3:19 A change must take place Rev. 3:19

  1. The second step is deep humiliation. (If we fail we need to be DEEPLY HUMBLE.)

Job 42:6 "in dust and ashes" Humility in admitting error is the hardest thing for the carnal man to do. We need a move that is not worked out by man, but a move of God will change lives and shake our city.

  1. The third step is a forsaking of sin.

Isaiah 55:7 Hebrews 12:1 There are people that are watching: people that have gone on before us and those that are now. Besetting sin? UNBELIEF.

III. Revival is the Renewing of the Believer's First Love

We once were always anxious for church. We were always anticipating opportunities to tell people about Jesus. We couldn't read the Bible enough. We prayed often and fervently. Rev. 2:1- They did not lose their love, but left it. An earmark of true revival is a renewed interest in loving God and people. You cannot produce and an ALIVE prayer life, but if you reach out to God, HE will reach out to you.

ILLUSTRATION: Father and daughter walked together often for years. One day she refused his request and it happened day after day from then. He was troubled. "Is she losing her feeling for me?" Finally, after sometime the father's birthday came around, and she came to him smiling bearing a gift. "I have not been walking with you because I have been making this gift for you." The father responded, "Next time, just buy me something and keep walking with me." God wants US.

  1. Revival Produces a Grief in You that Others Do not Love God as You Do

  2. Revival Produces a Love for Others

  3. Revival Produces a Change in Your Prayer Life: Burden and Tears

Do we weep for the lost? Our prayers will change from just, "Give me, Give me."

Hebrews 5:7 Christ cried tears for the lost

IV. Revival is a Removing of the Blindness Sin has Brought

The Holy Ghost comes by and opens our eyes so that we can see how vain sin is, and how WONDERFUL God is.

2 Cor. 4:4 Sin is glamourized by satan, and it takes the Holy Ghost to strip away its facade.

V. Revival is the Awakening of the Church

When the Church is awakened the salvation of sinners will follow. Acts 4: