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Healing is For All

[machine auto-transcript from 20090322P Healing is for All needs editing to be very useful.]

Never been there before I didn't know why they even invited me to come in what I believed I walked in on the Sunday morning and look over the congregation is with them so we run out of time this week is always saved I'm in and they had more jewelry and more long hair on them in the normal women I preached about five minutes and they're all shouting to the world is going on here as soon as excited about the Gospel only came to the end of the week I could not feel in my spirit that I could walk away and leave these people know Sunday night was the last night of the meetings that I just didn't feel in my heart how will the world am I believe these people go back home and feel right in my spirit and I told the Lord what I The don't know what will happen like you do on Sunday night when their term of service over Connecticut up and I said you might not agree with what I've got the save of him will tell you what I believe is in the word of God and do what God requires of us and I started in at the top and I worked on my way down to the top to the bottom down the is only one doorless move this church was set in amongst other buildings of the building in back of building on both sides was only one way out in the virtual front door down when I go through I decided this is your last night the human you've told his people what they need to know that you doubt I'm talking to myself it on the I have normal finish preaching and those least 30 maybe more dirty women that one over on the car and that they were talking and I figure boy this is my chance I'm going to domicile a modified that middle door and I'm out of here I started down the line and hit a cone will want to down the long validity she was very shocked that she come right up into my face and I figured it on talking to myself because the rises in common laid it on pretty hard in the so I'm telling myself now you've told him let them tell you and don't be upset she stood up into my face and looked up at me and she said Brother Reynolds we want you to know that when we started doing these things we felt they were wrong but our pastor kept telling us it's all right it's all right it's all was I so glad that I told him what I believe the word of God teaches us that he meant what he said come out from among them be separately meant that and it seems like this doesn't encouragement today for moles in amongst them for this new church age this merging church age putting it all together Muslims this is what I say the Muslims or Catholics or Protestants were all God people know we're not born of a devil CAM ruled in our hearts wasn't until we accepted Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior then we'll tell me they're going children know I really have a hard time with these Catholics but it's on the radio they keep saying repeatedly I tried to call one I couldn't get through I was the least tell them what I believe but I couldn't get through to them but he says repeatedly over and over I'm a Catholic, Christian, Catholic, Christian you can't be both if you're Christian you are not a Catholic if you're Catholic you're not a Christian say what you will but you cannot have anyone between you and the Savior man will nurture Scripture with your doctor to see that healing is all today and a little buffalo people as servant in the house of God that is sick man I like to sing this song before we look at the word only believe only really work if we could grasp only the only believe so many people use this in all I believe whether I believe that the first thing that happens they have to run what happened 1231 happened to the promises what happened to go is not not true is his word not true it's signed and sealed settled in heaven knows no power present the world with him that can change to alter that were not were so quick to give up the word was believe in what you are saying that out of the only really know singing will will leave you you you only will be all over or loss only will he really will you and will do a little long and he will learn and who will be all the on a little longer to and he rules in will he will pay you rule is a believer as we did in the mountains in the lead this is what he is going to be looking for is that when it comes we find he would be hard pressed that I cross the land around the world find people that really believe the local doctor or Jesus commissioned his disciples the word did he get a piece never change what it called his disciples to do is still calling his disciples do matter to a number of sources and when he had called me on his 12 disciples very bundled them our against unclean spirits to cast them out and reveal all manner of sick and all manner gave them power has he changed as his word changed as his promises changed in the Percy said Allison this is as much a commission to the followers of Christ as it wants to Versace says he'll sick P.-year-old etymologist parading here was sick claimant selectors raise the dead cast out devils freely you have received freely give a we could only grasp truths goats were were so quick to trust people were so slow to believe the I want to and honesty in the face doesn't come by somebody else's testimony faith doesn't come across somebody else got some unwanted press that on you face comes by one thing and one thing alone face comes by the word of God the word that is revealed to you as an individual the word is used then I've told you this so many times but I felt like I wanted to help somebody tonight to grasp the whole world the word the revealed word around gawked Hasso word from his word that will inspire a few delay hold on the provisions that he's made for you a man Romans 1017 says faith cometh by hearing and hearing by testable states, by hearing and hearing by the word the revealed word around of God's work publishes logos but there's times when God will speak to an individual and give them the word man you're looking at a very strange but I wanted him to stay in the dog is warning people to trust him trust him we sing that song I am trust the new Roland I am trusting you you been so faithful and true Ben was so true and then we turn around and we deny us learned comes by faith hating does not come by the way this and I've been around this long enough to try to help you understand something I've had people say to me while I felt like I was healed but when I got home I still have the problem you don't get healed because of feeling you get killed because of the word of God is alive and his word Jesus said the word that I speak unto you his life and its beer not failing does not produce you but faith will produce a better domain you snap your fingers and you got the upper believe in going up a hold on some times when it seems like it's gone too far and most of you understand that at one time I went source trouble with my heart that thing just gave me fits here I'm preaching to others I'm saying blind eyes pop open my children know what I'm saying they would there be so deaf ears open momentarily the dumb begun to speak but was unable to speak in the hair I waltz dying with a heart condition but I believe God I had the wallet time on a technical hospital I remember my cell up there in Waterville and so I took the time to drive from here all away up to Waterville not score ways for 80 miles came into the motor home and looked down at me and one thing that they want us me is the brother Reynolds did you think about going to the hospital and I looked out a moment and I said not until you just said never even crossed my mind to listen all that I'm trying to do is to inspire you to believe all and you can't hold his promises and he is true Ya I struggled out of 710 ratings up there in Smyrna Mills and God was working mightily and in those days I had to be a very powerful that I maneuvered my childless testimony before but I wanted to somebody tonight to grasp a hold of the promise of God but I had a big castle in those days that I didn't make the motion for if I got excited and I made motion toward the thing would just take it in and at times I'd have to back up and get a hold of the pulpit and whole loan let it come down to even get my breasts with that one night night after night we been seeing God work miracles one minute Tom delay that was in absentia shortly other momentarily 2 is live the leg takedown came back the next night in the leg with pullback to but is asking me to pray for them again and he said to me brother Reynolds Accu prayed last night my leg was all right it was good also than I visited the next morning somebody did something may be aggravated I grabbed a cigarette and I started spoken in the scissors I smoke that cigarette my leg director but during those meetings people getting saved in fact they started this over an island falls and push behind some buildings so nobody could see those are actually it's a mud puddle down the but God begins to move with up to 10 down from there took it over right in that church law was set up outside the church and for five solid weeks we went on and so ago and they had to build a new church because it was big enough to hold the crown God work miracles but in the midst of all of that one night I was I was just excited about the word and I would like to announce the name felt good nose someplace around ugly 1976 and I've been doing it ever since sharia trio MAF to hold on but is true to his word faith will produce fact sailings will produce disappointment but face will produce what God said he would do worry if some Scripture healing is for all massive gates dropped from 16 verse Vietnam was commonly brought on to him many that were possessed with devils they cast out the spirits with his word and this is what I want you to get and healed some of the sick healed all law of the sick payola all the sick Matthew 12 verse 15 but when Jesus knew it he wrote her a missile from defense and great multitudes followed him and he hailed some of them I took the time to go through the Scripture of Jesus ministry alone and I found that there are 10 places was says over and over and over the healed all the healed all he healed all he healed all you getting the message what he did is still doing Matthew 14 verse 14 Jesus windfalls and sorrow great multitude and was moved with compassion told them any healed their sick after 15 verse 30 great multitudes came on them having with them those that were laying by Dom Main and many others and cast them down at Jesus they and he healed them why is it that we have such a hot job trust him is a true can he be trusted as a 19 verse two great multitudes I have no idea what that might encompass great multitudes followed him any healed them there mastered 21 verse 14 the by then the laying came to him in the temple and he sent them away this is God's word the word that he said is signed and sealed and settled in heaven and who can change it I realize sometimes this is just leaning on the arm of flesh but I've never seen anyone really live in victory Lane on the arm of the flash loops for verse 40 now on the sun was setting all they met in a sick with diverse diseases brought them on a.m. and he laid his hands on every one of them and did what you over and over Luke 619 and the whole mall... saw the couch there was a reason why they wanted a touching for their Web virtue out of him and healed them all everyone say all healed them locate Luke nine 911 and the people when they knew it followed him and he received them and spake unto them of the kingdom of God and healed them that had need of healing how many did he heal these healed all of that had indeed appealing over and over and over the Scripture says he healed them he healed all of them he never disappointed in the we need to learn to trust him believe him and at constructor verse 38 God anointed Jesus of Nazareth with the Holy Ghost and with power cooler about doing good here laying some healing molds pay all that world press all the downfall (although Devil who is oppressing them will bring the I've even had preachers they need to be Will you don't pray against dogs will it might be going to willful them to be sick we set NA church service I was having tent meetings but the Sunday morning service they had in the church and they had invited this evangelist before we ever got to have that meeting down the some of you remember it and Katie Seelye and this man began to preach that morning that sometimes God wants you to be sick and somehow that word soul disturbed Katie she was in such this date that as soon as the service was over I went over tour and I had to pray and read the devil she grasp what this guy was saying that she was suffering for Jesus not listen the Lord doesn't mean also suffered by him is doing alright it's us help you save none to draw anointed Jesus of Nazareth with the Holy Ghost and power who went about doing it all by is it wrong for people to be well is it wrong for people to be whole when about doing good healing all that with the press of the devil for God was with him or to delete go does any of you here tonight that haven't needed your body and you've struggled with their listen this power in this word if you can grasp ahold faith cometh by hearing and hearing by walk hearing the word of God is not brother Reynolds for this is God's word if you get a holder that holds the bat of to when about doing doing is still going about doing good healing all their jaundiced second versus his beloved I wish above all things about mesh prosper and be in God's word is God's promise is God's will and will for you could be well it's the devil's desire to attack you (shoe brings sickness and disease upon you when you stop and consider Job God didn't do their I've even heard preachers say what God did that Joe know we didn't God simply took his hands off and sit devil July jolt will serve me God knew what you would do that Joe's founder Denis had some problems and especially with his so-called friends know about them that's where a lot of our problem comes right from our friends remember one time my mother said to me doing up an institute because I was skipping Simi's I didn't but I got to the throne no sooner had to go on presale I have seen I have to say this is not something that would just say I have seen the eyes of the blind Poppel missing the deft ears open just like I've seen the dumb to speak as clear as anyone never having learned to speak the word I've seen the cripple him ever forget one were down in Springfield payroll this minute on a wheelchair that elevated than 20 years I walked down and I felt in the spirit tell them to get up and walk will you doubt it didn't get up and walk to get up and ran and he ran so fast up of the tripped over some trip details and the kids went flying and he went flying with God worked as nothing but only believe some things are possible use it all things are possible to them that believe the record saying that again is rescinded if there's anyone here tonight you have a need in your body you want God to do something for you, I spend together and sing it only really all things are possible