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A sermon outline of Rev. James R. Reynolds, Sr.

Luke 16:23 — in hell he lifted up his eyes.

    1. Introduction

The rich man —

the beggar, Lazarus — God is my help.

Some believed this would to be the only hell they shall know.

Some don't believe in a hell.

Some believe it to be the place of the dead.

    1. There is a place called hell.

The Bible says there is.

Hell is a place.

It is more than a word, it is a place. And really it does not make too much difference what you call it, it still is a place.

The young woman dying, said to her father, "father, why did you not tell me there was such a place?" "What place?" "A hell!" He said, "Jenny, there is no such place. God is merciful. There'll be no future suffering!" She said, "I know better! My feet are slipping into it at this moment. I am lost. Why did you not tell me there was such a place?"

A young man who had been raised as a Jehovah's Witness, he said, "all of my life I was taught that there was no Hell." However, he murdered a man and he said, "when I pulled the trigger I knew there was a place called hell."

Hell is a prepared place.

Hell is a place prepared for the devil and his Angels. Matthew 25:41

Heaven is a prepared place for prepared people. However, Hell is a prepared place for an unprepared people.

Hell is not death or the grave.

Revelation 20:14 — death and hell were cast into the Lake of fire.

The body goes to the grave, the spirit and soul into hell.