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The God of Peace Sanctifies Wholly

  • TEXT: I Thessalonians 522,23

And the very God of peace sanctify you wholly and I pray God your whole spirit and whole body onto the coming of the Lord Jesus Christ

Paul said and I pray. And I pray he is praying that God would do in him and I in them his work. God is the one that sanctify saves delivers. We pray. God sanctifies we pray will God sanctified we don't pray? And I pray. And this is a continuation day after day after day. This part of God. His heart what the will of God. His heart what the will of God and all that God has promised and all that God has provided

-------------15 mins missing---

God is unlimited and what do we let God nonbelief limit God.

In our weariness, we limit God.

  • It is sad to say in our lukewarmness we limit God.

Lukewarmness is set into the church so that the messenger a man of God who come to them with a message to repent and they'll say to him they have need of nothing were rich or increase the goods we have need of nothing.

But if you have to reach into your soul and your spirit and say God sanctify me holy I don't want discouragement I don't want doubts I don't want fear I don't what weakness in my faith I know why unbelief I don't want lukewarmness.

I don't care if somebody came by and try to give me $1 million I want to believe God I want peace in my soul I want the peace of God that passes all understanding and my heart and in my spirit prayer must involve the whole behind being where David was seven to reach down and he didn't just prior prayer from off the top of his head he began to reach down and say bless the Lord a muscle bless the Lord, so and all that is within me bless your holy name when you begin to reach beneath the surface.

The God of peace the sanctify your whole being. He sees them part of your reaching out your answer prayer your soul is not reaching out to God to bless him to obey him to need him to seek after him he will wait his providential care will work on new the Holy Ghost will convict you he is looking for that deepness and your soul need him want him cry cry aloud don't just sit there comfortably began to get your soul and tomb of the Lord Jesus I need to he is faithful to hear he is faithful to help her must involve the whole being prayer must be in faith and must be by faith look at the word of God is the God of peace peace should be in my heart he is a God that sanctifies me holy every part of me should want him my whole being if there is an affliction and my body or my mind or my soul or my spirit what's the difference between the soul of a man in the spirit of man every born-again Christian begins to understand for the first time the difference of the soul and the spirit when you are born again the life of God comes into your spirit and makes you now more than just a physical being they can use intellect and conscience but now your conscience inside of salvation experience.

Prayer must be by faith in God. Prayer must be for peace. he is the God of peace we must believe him for that we must not just pray for peace but believe him for it. Cannot let a day go by that you do not senses piece and learned that the process of sanctification is according to my faith and not upon telling God gives around to doing something he is looking for us to believe him in every part of you will say God I need to and I want you and it's true sometimes we pray a prayer with words and five minutes later were doing something else. But if you want him you will seek him until you find him certain search for him with all your heart seek ye first the kingdom of God and his righteousness and all these things shall be added unto you both of the physical and of the spiritual. Prayer must be for peace prayer must be for sanctification continue that work complete that work prayer must be for preservation we have seen many people gain and it's two steps forward and three steps backwards the blessing the feeling of peace and joy and prosperity that Christ brings to a person's life and pride takes them right back further than ever people get to the point to where they get on cruise of a given to a spirit of coasting or get the feeling that they overlap arrived now Paul said he is a God of peace I pray what are you doing Paul? I'll pray for you tomorrow pray tomorrow the next day pray in the next day and pray in the next I pray it's going to be is preaching is going to depend upon the God of peace helping him while he prays and his face will develop as he prays and of her face shall save the sick and the Lord shall raise him up. Prayer must be unto the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ. And if the Lord will put simple faith and commotion for us to believe him and he would continue to add to our faith as we exercise our faith how much more will he do that for the over,? Some think that is just go to church it is just testified just saying just witness just as certain things pass on a few tracks know it is going to take more than that. It is want to take the whole being sanctified by God our whole being sanctification is not only for your spirit but it is for your soul and for your body. The body is that physical the older I get the more I know I need him you that have gone a little older and charter reach for the bottom of your feet or even tried to stop her head some people very limited and the older you get it seems to get harder and I have to be very careful because I can go grab three bundles which shingles and run up a 40 foot ladder anymore I might look a little bit more exercise but it's fun to take some exercise what would happen is when you depend on your strength you when you are strong physically when your mind is attached in your heart you can do I will let you do God will let you do sometimes it is a liability for the strong physically. Sometimes it is a liability to the last of a lot of money were to be bless a lot of things we've been blessed with a lot of friends people get all wrapped up in things and people they do not know really how to pray to get away from that not only is their lukewarmness set into the church bears a prayer list next not just a lack of prayer what a prayer listeners something not pray at all. If the amount of people that smoke cigarettes every moment hath smote to everyday I don't smoke any and thank God I never got into that that is only because of the God of peace sanctifying not only my heart a daddy that cared enough not only for my physical body but you're not for my soul now some people they don't recognize a connection and if that's important in one area it to one person how important it is to us all that as parents we have responsibility to her children and as friends we have a responsibility to our friends if you prating God has sanctified you and you feel your whole being touched of God changed to God you have a responsibility to pray and to continue to pray for the goblet send you forth as a labor so that you can help somebody else this week let the strong bear the infirmities of the week some are stronger than others and some are very weak some of no strength some won't do but just a little bit son can't do anything you're going to have to do that for them trellis misses in the church the most born at doing certain things and doing it and doing it many times over how it is affected that and I know a lot of times you feel a change in and around the spirits of that the Holy Ghost is now bringing people to a level of praise and worship as you once are and you cannot have it give you the tendency to draw back to Google follow the Lord continue to pray he would bring trellis that's not only to the people but to the pulpit and that is what you have seen across America to the point where people have debated its not what it's used to be it's not like it used to be and they are quick to judge the past are not preaching like he wants preached and they changed the scenes they changed the atmosphere and they blame everybody else but we need to recognize that we are no different than them if we allow prayer listeners per listeners can get into it can bring you down what is prayer listeners it means you do not pray all I pray when? When? A pray all by myself while that's good but there has to be something unheard that is set not just for yourself not just by yourself out there for God to use shoe not just for people to see pray not like affairs is that Woodbury Long standing in the street corners reign for that one reason to be seen or heard were not interested in man saying hearing us pray alone but that we might be in a place that God can use us as a channel to help the needy amen? Sanctification as part of salvation that deals a progression it not only promises growth that produces it but the problem is people don't want to really believe the promise and do they begin to feel it habits affect. Want to see it affecting I believe people think that promises to bring them out of bed and put them in the altar no it is going to be the opposite of that event have all the feelings in the world like a ton of weight crushing an overview down while the promise of speaking to your soul get up and pray if you can find the grace of God to help you against the pressure of weariness tiredness selfishness whatever it is you get up out of that place of sleep and problems in Hindered says in prayer listeners and lukewarmness finder place at the altar and it won't be so weak and the service for you and the preacher won't be so dry and it won't be so difficult I've watched many people get revival and you think the whole church got revival they just got saved and not in contact with God and men want to have revival gets a if you want to have revival you know ye are saved if you're saved you know if the telling you that you're not save you can't take anything from you if you're safe now for one thing will find if your Savior live right to live by the word of God to live by the same principles found in the word of God if you're not living by the word of God you are lying to yourself you are fast to be saved and not be saved if you're living contrary to the word of God goddess slaveowning gives us the promises that he'll carry out its promises do our part. Pulses pound pray. There're going to be many hindrances to keep you from praying but if you pray what a God of peace sanctify you wholly and Paul? There's cars that are world many times over's blood and pus just as human as you and I will get what you heard me to cut its those problems led difficult day at heart they hurt just as much for you as the next one it's heart it's difficult of prayer must be made why? Because the God of peace will sanctify you wholly spirit soul mind-body and the good thing is when you let him help you in not only touch a junior spirit and the soul but he also touches you and your body many times you go to prayer week tired hurting and you and then you come out of her heels lie because the God of healing touch you and your body he hasn't changed he hasn't changed we have changed by he hasn't changed and that would be like show and tried in areas that we've never been tried in who have one thing above and we know there is a devil we know there is a Redeemer we know there is of her life to keep up it is more than just make and sacrifice for us and our children and saying prayers there is a life of faith when you are when you need healing you believe God for when you need deliverance to believe God for and God wants to get our attention on him this is not a matter of any one individual this is a matter of getting our attention on him love him serve him seek after him because not only need help not only I need strengthen my body and my soul my spirit I know there are a lot of bother other people that are very weak that are being destroyed by sin and Matt we are weak help them we won't help them

second Corinthians the third chapter the 18th verse. But we all with open face beholding as in a glass the glory of the Lord are changed into the same image from glory to glory even as by the Spirit of the Lord.

You can add one cubic your stature but he can change you he can grow you up and change them to the same image and stature as God is his son just like Jesus just like Jesus sanctify us our whole being sold spirit body sanctify me get your mind on him again change yourself but we have a responsibility we are not talking about just the Overcomer cannot talk about just the bride message were talking about if you want to see him if you want to be a part of him you need to have the God of peace sanctify you wholly spirit soul and body people live of the idea that they're going to heaven because of the greater her how shocking it will be for many would-be as they prayed a prayer you will be saved without praying but praying alone won't save you need to pray to keep saved because there is a devil there is hindrances is an adversary is trouble. We need to grow we need that process the sanctification process is so needed and I pray and I pray prayed till nothing happened what difference does that make God's promises of God's promises are good matter what we feel see feel no matter what we go through God's promises are good God is faithful way is promised he would do and I have a responsibility until I believe him because he'll do well once I believe him to the level that he is looking for some people forget that they think they have faith in a do your faith was not where he wanted it to be God wants you to exercise more fate today than you did yesterday God wants you to exercise more faith wise is trouble lingering? God wants more faith. God wants to exercise all the faith that you have. Can you imagine if we all exercise the faith all the faith that we have what a change that would make take place in our whole being and the whole atmosphere will change if we exercise the faith that we have he has been so good to us talk about how much faith you have take inventory examine yourself safety and efficacy if you have any faith see how much faith you have see how much faith in God would work mightily just believe, and times God would work just one what would he do for us all? Sanctifies fully is a time to pray? Is it time to pray and faith? Is it time to believe God fully completely with all our faith? Is it? Some will wait until the tribulation hour the Holy Ghost is faithful in times of heavy hard persecution to bring people down to conviction to teach them the need to pray in the times to pray that the disciples suffered of losing their life every day was very dangerous they had tried to stay alive. To be able to just be fed there was traveling was not as easy as we have it today. It was very difficult. Click save bad a burning desire and the heart to preach the gospel in Moscow would say words of the apostle Paul wall with me if I preach not the gospel they would feel that burning desire to do that burning desire in the heart of they must speak the word witness to truth reach out to the lost it is time to witness it is time to believe God it is time to worship God this time that you send it is time it is the last time it is the last time this generation will see the move of God to the level that God is promised we'd better things but we are going to experience if you believe God we pray like he wants us to pray will experience like no other generation has ever experienced that is what is promised he said in the last days Savior for all his spirit and he said not only the former rain and the former rain and the latter rains in in the same month with back together in the same month there is going to be a mighty outpouring of God's Spirit to sanctifies fully God is not on the sanctifies in our whole being with mercy jobs from heaven he won't do it that way that he is going to sanctifies fully with the spirit if we believe him we continue to pray we will see what no gender other generation some men in days gone by its and God move it was not meant to God God to move but it was holy men of God sanctified by God praying as God sanctified them God moved upon them and put them in a position put them into prayer put them into that place and God used them and many times they do not understand it fully and they got out about it and are viable to build a thank God for the faithful that stood all their life praying there was a few Noah Sima continued on some continued on continued on DL Moody spoke about if you people don't pray like these to pray but I am sensing that fear in my body that I need to pray if no one else praise I've got to be that man that is fully surrendered to the Lord of God to pray at DL Moody would have the church people that would continue to pray and not get warm and not get into a prayer list a what would've come of that time we don't know we don't know how he knows what was done we don't know what would've been done because God is only going to work for theirs people bring them where they believe God when they let's keep on praying let's not let up let's not let go was not let down keep praying keep trying he is truly his faithful healed of he'll do it in the field do it in your friend other than your mother your father you says that your brother your friend he will do it. He is faithful it is time to pray it is time to obey the Lord is time for the fire of heaven to fill us touch us with coals of fire for a blitz touch these bodies with unclean lips begin negative things Isaiah was not a curse of Isaiah was not a bad word be paired he simply did not operate by faith is what he knew and when it goes a fire came what was made I am a man of unclean lips why? Because I do not praise him like I should do not understand his glory like they see it now again understand his wonderful Majesty he is far more glorious than I ever imagined greater members on the floor.axis faith and he adds the faith it was not great men doing great things it was men like you and I praying a great God he will do it again he'll do it again for you to believe him healed do it again for everyone that believes in the server great God he is a God of peace shall preserve us he is sanctify our whole being to the heart of the hungry that will believe him now with coals from off the altar of what the fire of Heaven and our lips number souls are spared so that we can see him and we can praise him like we should appraise would come that would be more than just reach the next few that would breach have praise and worship the God? It is time for not just move upon us at home abode and Wallace be within us that like a Jeremiah that would give the scourge of the troublesome day it would burn inside of him that he had to go Jeremiah Jeremiah NA preach the gospel to those that would not hear and not just be on the lips of my body but on a soul and spirit it is time is time and pray in the spirit amen praying not only our hearts would receive a 500 pounds would just be as flaming swords as the son of God flaming swords praying and the Holy Ghost is so important in the developing of your experience in maintaining preservation but then there comes a time in ministry God is something better for us something better people of Prague themselves like different things and some go beyond being proud about that and they got out about something else some people will probably didn't speak in tongues and is causing division in Paulo saying it is not wise to be measuring yourselves some of the of the assembly doubt it is not wise in measuring yourselves when measured itself of the gifts God has given you he is a God of peace he is a God that sanctifies you only our whole spirits and body sanctified by the power of God

Just to be obedient and the bat channel that God would speak for a thing for the level were at fire would come out of our fingertips if you would come on words on because I think we use our fingers user account for for user John Moores because we talked more and not because he prayed more let it be right let it be right how my data be let it be right does it have to sanctify me sanctify this time be so quick to just talk and have a conversation to let it be prayer let it not be a talk for hours and pray for minutes is her problem pray gobbles on the belief and spend that time and for a youth spent in complaining of Birmingham watched the difference a God of peace with it was horrible when there was trouble now the God of peace he has always been the God of peace but we haven't seen him do in the day when these iodide Isaiah saw the Lord high and lifted up and not saying that is hindering us a finger has our attention has our focus and has are mine and has our passions and nothing is gone God is in his rightful place and he is exalted he is lifted up I can exalt God and myself but God is given to us faith and as we lift them up and online do not spirit he will be lifted up and are become your be lifted up deal manifest themselves instead of God exalted inside by sending him to whom Ross and it was so much on the cross as coming up out of the grave of death experience the cross experience was very difficult and hard and you are going to face those sufferings but is the resurrection power seeing God glorifying hence time out of death his son see God glorifying himself in your life are you one suffered and suffered much because of the trouble of sin in this world that you did not go by that and by his promise what God glorify himself in the lives of the believer the obedient believer in man the God of peace in prayer he searches me he served as our heart doeth seed for God like God are you? Come see for God like being God for bombs to come to pass the search forever the devil would like to get you to think is their God? What are the promises? Are they true? The devil loves debates to keep going on the devil fill your mind with all kinds of Scripture to keep the debate God that if you settle in your heart there is a God he is a God of peace he is a God that sanctifies your whole being I will pray and I will believe him right now are watching work what a change takes place in your life to serve the Lord without debate no debate without argument we give ourselves to the truth amen? We do not only not understand fully God we don't fully understand the truth and we don't even fully understand what is missing inside of us and to pray like you should and he will reveal it to you and he'll give it to you and as he gives it to you and adds to your life that is missing that was what I was missing and cannot be proud about what you're receiving State joyful there is more is a whole lot more and they'll never be a time when there isn't more there will always be more and he revealed himself more TU don't get to the place where you're happy in the sense of God we need him anymore of him he is a God of peace and I'm going to post a bit nervous but he is not on the God of peace but he is a God of love and peace he is a God of love and peace in Romans 16 and 20 is a God of peace in 1533 he is a God of peace and first Corinthians 1327 he is a God of love and peace and Philippians 49 he is a God of peace and Hebrews 13 and 20 he is a God of peace in Romans 15 and five is about a patient's and he is a God of consolation and first Peter five and 10 he is a God of all grace in Ephesians 117 he is a God of our Lord Jesus Christ if you do not understand peace and you don't understand love and you don't understand patience and consolation genuine set Jesus Christ as your Savior you understand what he says and accept Jesus Christ the Lord Jesus Christ he is a God of our Lord Jesus Christ except him and you can know all these things you'll never be without these things these things can be in your life and abundance that stand together and pray that seek him fang God it was said the God of Abraham and got it was said the God of Isaac and the God of Jacob in fact you can see all three of these men named in one verse so it is not a matter of just Abraham and Isaac and Jacob but you'll see Abraham Isaac and Jacob he is a God of Abraham Isaac the God of Jacob is not the God of the dead is a God of the living and then you're fine where he is a God of the dead and in the sense of them have died in faith if he died in your same he is not diverse and he is not your God but when your body but if you know Jesus and you die in his body stops breathing and you know Jesus you know there is a hope of resurrection and the life we need to make sure now don't let another day go by don't let your experience or anyone else's expense he is your God is a living God he is present here to help you.