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Are We Missing it?

A sermon outline of Rev. James R. Reynolds, Sr.

Text: Revelation 12:12

Revelation 12:12 — will to the inhabitants of the earth and of the sea and the devil is come down unto you having great wrath, because he knows that he asked but a short time.

The devil has come down. Are we seeing him?

  1. What did Jesus say to watch for?

"deception" — "be not deceived"

the church — look at it — has it been deceived?

Premarital sex — marriage and divorce — the government involvement in the family and the destruction of it.

  1. How have we been deceived?

    1. Through television — subliminal messaging

    2. Ready a talk shows

    3. That movie E. T.

Subliminal words. Get a Pepsi, etc. Get a drink. The man was crying "I did it". "Homosexuality is good."

    1. Rock groups Groups — so-called Christian

That Stripers — from the stripes of Jesus. Times Magazine describes them — "All 4 members of the stripers and shaggy shoulderlength hair, lots of eyeliner, and plenty of weather in chains to go with the spandex."

    1. The New Age Movement

the rainbow is their sign.

      1. All major networks are now New Age.

      2. Homosexuals are a part of it.

      3. Feminists are a part of it.

      4. Peace or anti-nuclear movement. Their rainbow has a dove in it.

      5. Lucifer publishing house.

      6. Unity church — homosexual marriages.

      7. The holistic health movement.

  1. Have we forgotten the devil's tactics?

    1. He lies about God.

Genesis 3:4 — 5 what is going on? Now.

    1. He instigates to sin.

John 12:12 the devil having put into the heart of Judas to betray Jesus.

    1. Sinners are under his dominion.

Acts 26:18

    1. Produces lying wonders.

II Thessalonians 2:9

    1. Sows tares — what are the tears?

Matthew 13:38 the tears are the children of the wicked one.