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The Place of Power

Rev. James R. Reynolds, Sr.

June 26, 2005

Sunday Morning

Title: "The Place of Power"

Text: Mattthew 18:19

There is a place that the people of God can get into wherein they can receive answers that they have struggled for for a long time. 

There is no failure on God's part: the weakness is always on our part.

Agreement is the place of power.

**I. Divsion is the Devil's Device**.

Division destroys. No good comes out of division. For the sake of unity, division does sometimes become necessary. Abraham amnd Lot's cattlemmen disputed with each other amnd for the sake of unity Abraham and Lot parted ways. Luke 11:17; I Corithians 1:10. If the devil can divide, he will conquer.

In agreement, we have the same mind, same judgment. Division is often the result of poor judgment. Be sure the information you get is true before you publish it. I Corinthians 3:3

The word agreement is a compound greek word meaning: together like musical instruments in harmony. We must be in agreement: believe the same thing, hold to the same thing.

Acts 2:1 One mind, one motive, and one purpose in veiw. Our vision and purpose should be to glorify God

**II. There Must be Unity of Affection**

We are to love one another. John 13:34 Is it not true that we make concessions for the ones we love?.Proverbs 10:12 What is it that will bring us into agreement? LOVE.

Agreement is a condition of the Heart.

**III. There Must be Unity of Action**

    We must labor together in the work of God. If two will agree, be in complete accord, be in harmony.... We put no effort in promoting that for which we pray for. If we are praying for god to do something, let us do something to promote what we pray for. We shoul d be putting some effort into winning souls.

**IV. There Must be Unity of Purpose**

    If all the church exists for is to fill the seats, we have missed our purpose. The Church must be reaching the lost and rescuing the perishing. It is not church growth or individual exhortatoin for which we work. Souls should be our hearts cry.

**V. There Must be Agreement in Prayer**

Can we agree imnm prayer that souls need to be reached?

**A. There Needs to be Agreememnt with the Whole heart**

    Psalm 119:2; Joel 2:12 How long has it been since we have agonized for a soul. Jeremiah 29:13

**B. Our Asking Needs to be Accordimng to the Word**

    I John 5:14 We can ask for souls and Know we ask according to His will. It makes a difference what we ask for. At the top of our ask list should be "souls."

**C. We Need to Live Right**

    James 5:16; I John 3:22 God will bring forth the results when He sees the agreement amongst His people.


We need to find that place where God will answer a man for the sake of the lost. God's people must be united and in agreement.