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The Secret of Pleasing God

The Sercret to Pleasing God

Hebrews 11:5

Rev. James Re. Reynolds, Sr.

Sunday Morning, January 2, 2005

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Scripture says. Just the head was immense pressure from God he and his testimony that he plays God what was it that please God. By faith he was translated that he should not see dad. And was not found because God to translate him before his translation before his translation he had this testimony that he please God. To understand how he please God you go back into genesis of this chapter 22nd verse says and a unique walk with God after he beat out Methuselah 300 years intake walked to with God this is not a mixed record this was God testify of intake and evening walk with God. Before his translation he had this testimony what was his testimony? He walked with God! And then walking with God he please God.

And I'm not so concerned with what he addicted but I'm concerned with where we are and where we are going. And if we are going to be counted worthy to escape. We are going to have to also please God. And how are we going to please God? By walking with God. Not on the surface. But in a heart relationship. Another Bible has a lot to say and it doesn't give us all about how a unique walk with God but the Bible has a love to say about walking with God. We have the tendency to look at only one side to God is concerned with is walking to please him. Romans six chapter in the 14th first he talks about walking into this of life. Walking in newness of life. The Greek brings out the fact that it's a life of a different quality. It is altogether different from the life of the flesh. That which is one of the flesh is flash that which is born of spirit is spirit marvel not that I said unto you you must be born again. Spiritual life. The life of Jesus being made manifest in the heart of the believer. A new creation. Born of God. You don't become a member of the family of God by attending church. You become a member of the family of Cannes by birth. Again I wonder where the minds of some of these preachers are. I picked up a pamphlet I'm not sure just what it was a member reading this week and the man said thank God I've been born again I've been adopted into the family of God. You would not adopted into the family of God. God does not take wayward sinners and just make a legal document. They must be born of God. God does not use the term we use the adoption has no meaning whatsoever of taking a simple person in a document into the family adoption has to do his son said a berth into the family and our legal age of put into a position of adoption -placed as sons- with the same authority as the father or it you were not going to go to haven't just because Jesus made provision. Because he paid a tremendous price. I saw a little girl in the newspaper the other day if somehow we could reach her I would adopt her but she would always be an adopted child. Seven years of age left without no family over there at terrible tragedy that destroyed 130,000. 150,000 he keeps going up and up. There's really no end to it. But what I saw that little girl in a sad look in her face and very pretty little girl such a sad look somehow if we could reach her how would adopt her but she would be an adopted child. She would never be one that is a part of the family other than by a legal document. God does not just have legal children he has birth children you must be born again. I recall that accuse ago when my daughter Lori was very small I cannot be really the but she asked me one day that he and my adopted I said Laurie if you was an adopted child I would have taking you back on a new creation

if the quality of life ago. Born of God walk in newness of life second Corinthians 517 if any man be in Christ he is a new creature old things are passed away behold all things are become due. There are three very important mosques in the Bibl there are three that are most important. One of them being Jesus said to John to reimburse seven you must be born again marvel not that I said I'm to you you must be born ag again you cannot walk with God without being born of God. You can walk with Christians. It's walk with the church. He can one concern religions, but to walk with God he must be born of 10. Marvel not this and he even must be born again. You must worship him in spirit and in truth. John four and 24. There's only one way to worship God. You can sit here singsong split if it is not coming from the Spirit part of you it is all for and ritual. The only way that you can worship God is my spirit. Must worship in spirit and in truth for God is the spirit. How many are listening? Must be born of God must worship him in spirit and truth. And you must believe. Hebrews 11 and verse six without faith it is impossible to please him for he that cometh to God must believe that he is and that he is the border of them that diligently seek him. Though the Bible doesn't say this or emphasize it by saying modest but there is any command that goes along with these 3 miles the command is to be filled with spear. How many know it's a command? There is a vast difference between being born in the spirit mean baptize by despair. Somebody was saying just the other day on the radio that every Christian that has been born of God is filled with the spirit. That is not scriptural. The early disciples wherever they went or always encouraging believers to receive the infilling of the spirit. Peter stood on the day of Pentecost preaching to the multitudes and Peter gave them a lesson that it is not just a matter of having since fermented and been born of God but should need to be filled with despair and it wasn't just for them. And I hear people say all that was all done. No ex measure marked that is not all done because God is still pouring out his spirit upon the ground that is Thursday the ground that is dry. He ever wonder why people don't receive the Holy Ghost? It is because they get don to shout me down'et much of the world. But we need to be filled with us. However we to walk with God? They that walk in the flesh cannot please count. You need to be filled. So walking in this of life means having the life of God manifested in you. Now I realize that this message is not just for the run-of-the-mill I'm talking about a people and get ready them to be in the bride. He was not. And the reason why he wasn't was because he walk with God and the police God and if there's going to be a body of equal to be a fulfillment of the that tie they had to walk with God and please God not according to what they think the court with the Bible says. While not after the flesh Romans eight and verse one. There is therefore now no condemnation to them that walk not after the flesh but after this. Perio a told you this before a lot of he didn't hear it 1-92 for one to it one of the trips that we are taking near his eye and and happened to be near the time of chapel service and I decided that I would go in and one of the faculty members was preaching that day. Any use at first a Scripture there is there for now no condemnation to them or Christ Jesus. And he made it very definite. And he began to go on that there is fornication going on among some of you but you don't have to worry about some of that because you're in Christ Jesus. There is now caught no condemnation to them or Christ Jesus. I set Sr. Brinkman knows sister can wonder why Sister Gibson didn't get up. Sister Gibson made a still maligned and it was good and it was right. You're not going to go on to haven't just because you mouse sometimes platitudes. Walk not after the flash. Verse eight since sold in Seoul than they that are in the flesh cannot want? Can not please God cannot please God. To see how important it is for us to have this bird of God and is not walking after the flesh to please God. I was the likely White House the other day in her demands that it was this raw flesh that causes us all the trouble. It is not this game. When he talks about flesh in the Bible he is not talking about the scan this can never gave me any trouble against can all eligible. It is a carnal nature that fleshly nature in the flesh the carnal man cannot please God! Flash cannot! God. It is not the body it is the man inside the soul. The soul in dozens of the body that since the soul that seems it shall die. Now for we come to know God we have about a way of the sole inhabitants. Period are you listening? You that were dead and trespass and sends what is he talking about? Is that time of the flesh being and he stunned about the spirit that which makes contact with the we were dead and trespass as incense and he put into less new life the life of Jesus. And that is what pleases God collations talks about walking in the spirit and you shall not fulfill the loss of the flesh. In the view have a problem to last? Have any problem with a carnal nature? Have you troubled flying off the handle and stick it in the walled vibrating? Walk to spirit! You shall not fulfill the last of the flesh thirdly walk honestly Romans 1313. The word honestly in the Greek has in the eye idea of becoming Lee walked becoming Lee walked recently want a brightly. For to the social life in the Gentile. Contrasted by the confusion that is going by end the churches or he said walked differently from the Gentiles walk differently from the run-of-the-mill in the church. Won't circumspectly. Walk honestly what a brightly. Titus two and 12 says we should live soberly righteously and godly in this present world. All that doesn't mean 10. If you see. You are going to beat a lot of people that are saved as if I but there has to be a turnaround from where many of them are a use of the the same if I appeared in the times have wasted behind the status and told you to hold her church is not going to be translated out of here like. There's going to be a very small number. That will find that straight and narrow way. The church will go through any time persecution to cleanse it from the its worldly miss. From its flash cities. And then there's three and half years of tremendous judgment. The first half years of the tribulation is persecution given the church ready refined. The last 3 1/2 years is a time of the judgment of God poured out and is starring this time that a number that is who global John couldn't put a number to it and they came out those old Tommy there isn't going to be any saved artist time. He hear the consensus today everyone is going to go flying out of here. The book says that some of them be persecuted and there's some that I got a taste of the wrath of God and is only at that time they washed their robes and make them why in the blood at land. I I don't know about you I would rather listened to the word and straighten up. And be counted worthy walk by faith second credit whose five and seven cents fully walk by faith by the word we walk by faith and not my site. You don't measure yourself by someone else. This is a personal relationship with you and God. For one that your measure yourself why might not be making it. Walk by faith.

The walk of faith. By faith we learned how to law. I do learn to please God? I safely receive revelation that helps us to understand the truth how we ought to walk. Are you listening? Probably someone appreciate this until after it's too late but you remember me saying this because we are near to the time when some people are going to be leaving here. Some are going to be leading. Not all. That is a total distortion of true they say everybody is going to go flying out of here. By faith we learned how we ought to walk by faith receives strength to hawk. We sang just a little while ago I can't even walk. I need him I'd need his strength to help me to walk to please him. Ready want to be in the pride? Is that a motivation? To help you to want to live to please him? Hey are you satisfied just to be saved and go ahead and hold on hanging around but if you want to become support to escape all these things get. Lord help someone to understand the truth of God's Word. Hey if I told you to today and goodbye everyone of you a Cadillac probably some of you would be underway right now to the dealership. I am putting this for you the promise of God that some of you are going to be in union with some of cannot. Isn't that a motivation enough to want to be a part of that? And we see that we understand that how? By faith. Walk by faith in

Going back to our scripture that we read the whole thing is involved with faith. Hebrews 11 chapter and fourth first talks about able offering Pentagon more excellent sacrifice. How do you worship? By fee. By faith people offered. We worshiped on by faith and they says even a clump of God. How did he want to God! He walked by faith. And this has no looking warned of God prepared an art. No one worked there has to be a faith that has inspired us to worship God to walk with God and to work forgot. To tell me that it's all done. As far as his part what he said it is finished it was finished but as far as our pot we are in process until that day.

The fifth and walk worthy. Ephesians 4 verse one rating down to verse three for this cause sorry verse one of Chapter 4. Therefore the prisoner of warned the siege you that you walk worthy of the vocation walk worthy of the vocation where the air called with all loneliness time is how to lock walk worthy with all leaders in the lease and long-suffering and every to keep the unity of the spirit in the bond of peace. But everybody else do it. Know if you are a believer and you're going to walk with God to please God you're going to have to do these things. When all loneliness and weakness and long-suffering for marijuana and other end of endeavoring to keep the unity of this period. One of the Greek words in his use concerned while is to walk a straight line you heard me a man's testimony. The way still straight the way still narrow and it still says only few will fight. Walk in a straight line. To be worthy. Walk by a rule. Now some say about coming to live at the delivered center who they read in the rule says in a still can't live my that. You know used to be in the homes when the children get a more live by the rule that dads would go to the door and say there's the doors on. If you live in this house is going to live by our rules is what got us immediately by his rules. If you can please add you to live by his rules. Isn't this good? Don't expect you to get all excited and jump out to them. Philippians 3/16 says let us walk by the same one? Let us walk by the same one? If you have it say it rules! Oh wait I want a new rules. If you're going to please and you want to walk according to his role. You can walk with God and he was not forgot to can and before his translation he had this test one that please cut under the please God he want with it. Ephesians 5 and $.15 walk circumspectly in the word in the Greek has to do with want accurately walk according to the rule want carefully locked diligently walk exactly want perfectly. These are all times a use concerned that term circumspectly. To expect the cushion to be an example of Christ? Will in the world looks at you to the sea Christ who they see the world. Servers the Greeks came shouting sirs we would see Jesus. Hey Phillip you should've been showing Christ. He should've been such an example to them that they would have meant pleased to see Christ in him. But they realized he was I came in so they said we want to see Jesus. Camby show to the world. Is there need to show to the world especially in this hour. You know what the world is thinking? Anyone that goes to church today is considered a Christian. And they say those Christians they are played by homosexuals. Christiansen plagued by homosexuals. The Catholic Church may be. They're all kinds of things going on there may be crooks. Some say to me what about Jimmy Swaggart he was a Christian who I wonder where he was he simply got exposed for what he was in the world today still at tax the church who was it a kids playing. What we would now in Ohio right after he was exposed we went out Ohio we could hardly big people to come in the content a few Christians. Centers and outgoing to come hey this guy's just like Jimmy Swaggart. We get the team they played the game. And this is a sad thing for Bo Dole church today Christians are blamed for all the senators foolishness they're still a genuine they're still pure there's still a genuine that wants to live for God live a separate life with the please him more than anything else.

And I'm if a walk in love of the Ephesians five says Lee therefore followers of God walk in love as Christ also has loved us and giving himself himself for us and offering and the sacrifice to God for suits really savor won't end of period love. The word followers there had degree carries the idea of imitating. In this be like him a fee shoes walk like he walked. I've spent a lot of time apparent to help you to make it. There's some better going to please count. And how are you going to please God? By walking according to the rule book. Walk in love as Christ also walked. He's our example. You might say to me, Brother Reynolds, and somebody said that he can't recall who was but we're all putting the 10 up and if you've ever been around the Tarantino that we have some big holes they go almost 35 feet into the air 6 inch steel and they are heavy if you don't think so come by next time that help resurrect it. And I don't recall altogether what happened but I raise my voice when I saw danger of sort into his brother announced you raise your voice. When you're working with a group of men and you realize that somebody could be hurt you might raise your voice. Not that you angry or upset but you're simply trying to save the situation. Anybody listening? Walk to love as Christ also has loved us. And hath given himself. Listen. Without love you can have all the faith in the world to still be nothing. Without love you to give your body to be barred get everything you have it will profit you have. This is what the word of God says. A combination of faith alone, hope to which is based on Grace in the greatest of these is love him. This is not soft spongy. Like to see walk a and all walk flat-footed? Ever see and walk on his toes. Get down your feet. It is all right for what that's why they make those big heels. Walk in love. Love as Christ loved.

And it all up walked the please God. First Thessalonians the fourth chapter for the more we beseech you brother who that yet received of us how he ought to law. How you ought to walk. We've given you to teach youth the lessons to how to as you have received of us how you ought to want and to please God. How he can please God? Walking according to the truth. First-round ones that looses walk in the light first John 26 as a walk as Christ walked. Search on inverse forces walking truth. If we walk like this we will know the secret of please.. God. If you walk according to the truth you can please God. You see well if I go to church doesn't have please God? It all that pleases yourself. God is going to be God when you have go to church or not. What pleases God is when you leave church and you walk like Christ. Did. If you walked like you want if you walk according to the book you'll please God and if you please cut God. To understand what is saying to you? Dentist in the word is saying to you. If you want to please God you will be not for God is going to take you. It won't be warm and some ago and could be missing. For two milk are taken one is taken you the last. To earn a bed was taken in his left. It's not the social life is his spiritual life. The be a part of that number? Is it by the Reynolds I don't think it is necessary for us to do all those sings. Will wait for the tribulation to come to me that. If you wanna be a part. Remember when she said to get out of here to escape all of this to escape the whole tribulation our to be counted worthy he listed although sings undergone to happen to the tribulation and he ends it all up and saying watch and pray that you be counted worthy to escape all these things and to stand before the son of man. Let's pray.