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The Way of the Eagle

The Way of the Eagle

Rev. James R. Reynolds. Sr.

Proverbs 30 verse 18 says, ---read verses 18-19……. Using the phrase there in verse 19 the first part of that verse "the way of an eagle", "the way of an eagle." I ask my wife if she would stand and pray…

The way of the eagle. In Deuteronomy 32 verses 11-12, Moses under divine inspiration is singing this song. This 32 chapter is a song and he has caught the inspiration of this great theme here and in this 11& 12 verse "as an eagle stirreth up her nest, fluttereth over her young, spreadeth abroad her wings, taketh them, bareth them on her wings, so the Lord."

That is Moses under inspiration of the Spirit of God is comparing the great eagle and the care of the eagle for its young… in training…comparing it to God Himself.

The eagle portrays God more than any other bird. There is no reference to birds in comparison to God throughout the book, but the Bible teaches us that the eagle is symbolic of God.

Many things in connection with that, one of them being the beauty and majesty of the eagle. Now this is a handmade, and I'm sure some of you realize that this is not an exact replica…but it serves to us a little to us what the eagle is like.

Now you have to really understand somewhat about the eagle. It's a beautiful bird. Not only in flight, but its a beauty bird in itself. And they tell us that if the bird didn't have certain elements it wouldn't look as majestic, but most eagles, and I see that the architect or whoever made this didn't really do justice, but it makes the eagle, because of that bone structure over the eye…it makes him look majestic.

Has anyone ever seen an eagle? Now there are some folks that miss an eagle and they think sometimes that hawks are eagles. Reading one time of a man saying that the folks he was staying with…"oh…there's an eagle flying."

And so excitedly, because he liked the eagle he said he went outside and all to once he seen this big bird flapping its wings, he said, "that's not an eagle that's a hawk."…Amen, there's something majestic about the eagle.

Also there is the strength of the eagle in battle. This is why it is known as the "king of the birds." Like the lion is known as the "king of the beasts," the eagle is known as the "king of birds."

The majesty or majesticness of the eagle in flight if you ever watched an eagle soar, and I've done that and watched them and I think its the most beautiful thing just watched them, they don't' flap, they just soar…

The mastery of the awesome forces of the wind. No other bird does what the eagle does. Now these are all lessons as we get into it you'll see as we develop it that we come to this aspect, the compassion. There's no other bird that has such compassion upon its young as the eagle.

Hawks and vultures even will hatch their young and go off and leave them, but not the eagle. Are you listening? And so we see here the All-Seeing Eye. The eyesight is also type of God, Himself and also these things have to do with the believer.

The first thing is I have been saying to you as I have annouced this night after night. An eagle has to be born an eagle. They don't join the eagle family and you can't make a vulture…though it has somewhat of distinguishing aspects of the eagle…there is no comparison…you can't make a vulture an eagle. You can't make a hawk..though it has some aspects of an eagle…the eagle has to be born or hatched an eagle.

I'm saying to you tonite you have to be born an eagle christian. You have to be born into this, you don't join it. You don't sign a log and become a member. You can take all of the things that Christians do and often times I think this a failure, because people say…"well I do all that the Christian does, why am I not a Christian" …It matters not what you try to do to be a Christian….you have to be "born again." You have to be born of God to have His nature…Can you say, "Amen?"

So the eagle being the "King of Birds," shows to us some tremendous aspects of the Christian life. When the Scripture makes reference to the eagle, it is referring to the "golden eagle" or the "imperial eagle." Now…I won't take the time to go through all the different eagles, but there are many. I think here in our state they refer to the "bald eagle." But throughout Scripture, over and over again He is referring to these two types of eagles , the golden eagle. The reason why it is called the "golden eagle" because after a certian age , it develops a golden crown…dear God…

And the "imperial eagle" has strength and that indicates of that imperial power, that which is in control. Now speaking of the "golden eagle," gold is always a type of Divinity. Hello?

The Christian is a partaker of the Divine Nature and the more we partake the more we develop into what God wants us to be. How many of you know that just to be a Believer does not does not put you intot the category of a close realtionship with Him in Heaven?

Now I hear this all the time, that anyone thats in the church is going to be married to Christ….You don't find that in Scripture, they read that in there.

And in the eagle is a great example of this. And so the Believer becomes a partaker of the nature of God in new birth, but it doesn't stop there.

Peter says that we become partakers of the nature of God the very characteristics of God by these great and precious promises, having escaped the corruption that is out there in the world …thank God!!! And ah you partook perhaps many years ago but how about tonite..but how about tonite? .amen….just like the eagle grows, so the believer has to grow and develop.

When they first hatch, they are nothing but a fuzzy ball, very white, the feathers are very white, very fluffy. And they remain like that for several weeks, but finally they shed that fuziinees and begin to sprout soem real feathers…Are you lisitnening to me?….Aren't you glad that there is a changing and you are not always a babe and that you dont'have to have someone always bring you meat and tending to you….Amen, dear God…

Now the "imperial" is that one that has power and authority. And the Scripture tells us that He has given us some power and authority over the Devil..All ..What's that? All. How many believe that?

This is why I beleiver the reason God used these two eagles throughout Scripture, because of the golden nature. And also of the imperial nature, because He wants His Believers to be like Himslef, but also to have power over al the power of the Enemy.

How many of you know that there is difference between "power" and "authority?" Now the Bible says that the Devil has "power", but He says He gave us "power" and "authority" over all the "powers" of the Enemy.

I often use this illustration and probably some of you get tired of hearing it, but it illustrates what I want. You take an eighteen wheeler with 40 ton of steel on it going down the road, 60 mph…you would have to agree that's some "power." Right?

Now if it passes through an area where it says 35 and he continues to go 60 and a liitle fellow standing the side of the road that has a little silve thing on his side, and he's got a whistle in his mouth. And this big eighteen wheeler with 40 ton of steel coming 60 mph down the road, thats alot of power.

But this litlle guy he stands there and he "breeeeee" and you hear those big ol' air brakes come on and yuo hear the tires "screee..each," that's "authority." And He said He gave us all "power" and "authority" over the "power" of the Enemy…Amen!…dear God!!!

Y'know we sometimes…I hear Christians say, "I'm afraid what the Devil is going to…," …Listen!!!

I like what one fella said that was staying with me at the Center, he came downstairs one morning and he said, you know Brother Reynolds when I was praying this morning, when I first got up this morning I heard the devil said "he's up."

…..Does Hell recognize when you get up? Does Hell get a little bit excited when you get up? Or do you get all excited, when the Devil comes around? He gave yu all "power" and "authority" over the "power" of the Enemy.

…dear God…we need to undertand the goodness of God.

Now the ealge in flight, solomon uses this and I m sure that probably many things that I won't be able to touch tonite, because you wouldn't last that long. but the eagle in flight and here Solomon said, it was so wonderful, too wonderful for him, there be three things to wonderful, then he said four things, beyond him, and he begins by saying "the way of an eagle in the air."

And studying this , I found out the eagle never leaves it nest or the dwelling place, because a lot of times before a nest is ever built it finds a rock and thats his dwelling , he sits on a rock. And whne He takes a rock and never changes it. He chooses it for life…. dear God, would believers find the Rock and hold to it, and let the Rock hold them! "Amen?

But in the morning hours, before the eagle ever takes it flight, it will spend one hour cleaning its wings and oiling them. It has a special gland that it secretes oil, for that one purpose.

Now, in the morning, if you went around where an eagle is getting ready, you would see them taking each feather and running its beak down…its cleaning itself…

I wonder how many believers that take an hour every morning to make sure their feathers are clean? Each feather that goes down and keeps working and cleaning itself. Thank God there is a fountain open in the house of David, where you can get your feathers clean. Amen?

And then it begins to oil it feathers because often times eagles go after fish. And fish have a tendency to swim. Don't find too many out on the land jumping around. And so if the eagle would go down and get involved with that water, if it didn't oil itself, the water would make its feathers too heavy, so it couldn't carry its prey….Isn't God something?

But I thougt as I was studying that through, the eagle cleaning itself and then oiling itself. Listen!!! We shold never leave home, we should never begin to face the day without fresh oil from the throne. Can you say "Amen?"

We need the oil of the Holy Ghost. We need the power of God breathing in us and through us. Amen?

Alot of folks get themselves in trouble, cause they dont' prepare for the day. Clean your feathers! Oil your feathers! The Devil would like to swamp you…keep you from being able to soar. Are you listening?

Isaiah the Prophet said, we sang it just a little while ago, "they that wait upon the Lord, shall mount up…" Listen! An hour isn't long. I've found that an hour is too short. I like at least three hours in the morning to clean my feathers.

And get them well oiled.

And…I 've had people say… how can you pray that long?…dear God…there's time after two or three hours that I wish I had more time….so muhc demand upon your time.

Well, I like to go on through to the Throne, hang on a little while…Is any one listening to me?

Dear God…we get so busy…we get so rushed…Take an hour in the morning and clean your feathers and oil them up real good….because you'll find the Devil out there somewhere trying to water you down, wet you down, so you can't soar. Amen?

The eagle becomes a master of the use of the wind. Utilizing currents, not available at altitudes of lower levels. The eagle finds currents of a high altitude that most birds never come near….oh dear God…you are not hearing me…

Nothing to see an eagle almost out of sight. Up there, just gliding…Its caught and utilizing the wind. Jesus said "the wind bloweth were it listeth and thou hearest the sound, but cant tell which way it cometh or where its going, so is everyone that is born of the…"

Hey, I can't soar, but if I can catch one of those currents in the Spirit…boy, I can go high! How many want to go high? How many really want to soar into the heavenlies? He said "He picked us up and made us sit together in heavenly places." There's a high place that God wants to bring us into. But we have to utilize the force of the wind, to master the force of the wind, sail… See, once an eagle gets in flight you will never see it flapping its wings.

The eyes of the eagle. The eagle has the ability to focus on objects several miles away. We don't have that in the natural, but the eagle has. God put it into it an ability to focus, change the focus, so that its like a telescope. Anybody look through an telescope? And you turn it so you can focus in real well. God put something in the eye of the eagle, so that he can see several miles off, just as clear as if he was there.

When I was up fishing with my brother, we were up there beyond Millnockett somewhere, up a little stream. I think Annebelle was there. Remember when we were out in the boat? I saw this eagle up there, you could hardly see it , it was up there so far, it was just a little speck , and it was kind of soaring around. I think it was my brother who called my attention to it and I saw, and the next thing I knew, my brother said, "look at that", and I looked up just to see this thing, it came from way out there down and hit that water and it came up out of there with a great big sucker, that thing must have been that (i.e very big) long. Right? And when he came up out of there, …and he was just skimming the water, I mean that thing was so big…it probably weighed more than he did. And he just skimming the water. But just as soon as he got up, so he got into that current…..

But he saw that, he saw that, way up there. Bang, he had that thing. I mean he came down…it must have been a mile or more.

Dear God…eyesight….Beautiful! He can see afar off. I'm not talking about an eagle…dear God… we are so nearsighted we trip over our own feet.

Hey, how many of you remember reading about Abraham? Now that was a great, old eagle. He saw the place, he saw the place, he saw the place afar off. Calvary was a long way off, but it says he saw the place afar off. And Jesus latter on said, "Abraham looked to see my day and the Scribes and the Pharisees said, 'you are not 50 years old'" but He said, "Abraham looked to see my day"…but when did he see it? He saw it with those 'telescopic eyes', he could look down the pages of history and see into prophecy, see into the future, and God wants His believers to see things that the natural eye, the carnal eye cant see.

Sometimes you read this Book and all to once you begin to get things out of there, the natural eye can not perceive….dear God…

He cause yu to see afar off. Amen? Oh yea, there are alot of things happening right now, God is helping us to see and understand. Oh yea…getting us ready to get out of here.

The eyes of the eagle not only can see afar off, but also God has put in there a fluid that is affected by a magnetic force. Isn't that… straight? And that magnetic force is always affected, or the eagle's eyes is always affected by the magnetic pull of the North Pole, just like a compass. You take it out, why do men use a compass? Because it always gives you exact place and God has put into the eagles eye, so no matter where he goes, he can always designate, find his way back.

And more than that, it keeps him on course! God has given some eyes, so to keep us on course. And no wonder David said, "Your lamp, your lamp is a light unto my feet and a light to my path." Amen? Oh yea…dear God… oh yea…oh yea…Amen!

It's a wonderful thing to know that God wants us to stay on course.

I don't know about you, but there is something that God might not be in my eye, but He has put something in my spirit. Boy, when I see people veering off, I have no intentions of going that way. He keeps me on course. That doesnt mean we don't have any struggles and we dont have some storms and we don't have some winds, but it keeps us on course…Oh yea, I know where I'm going..and I know how I'm getting there…and I am determined, I 've made up my mind, I'm going through with Jesus all the way. Amen?!

It matters not if the preachers don't go, and it matters not that the deacons don't go, it matters not that if the Church doesn't want to go, I'm going to keep focused. There is something pulling , something drawing….it's like that magnetic force…its pulling me…o' listen…dear God…I want you to know there is something in the heart of the Beleiver that God keeps pulling on.

Amen! A young boy one time, he was out flying a kite and it was a real cloudy day. And the kite went way up above the clouds way out of sight and he is standing there. And a man came along and said, "son, what are you doing?" and he says, "I'm flying my kite." He says, "you are doing what?" He says, "I'm flying my kite." He says, "I don't see any kite. How do you know there's a kite up there?" He says, " I feel the tug on the line…. I feel the tug on the line."…dear God…Does anyone feel the tug on the line, tonight?

The eagles eye is covered with two lenses. Two. All other birds have one, but the eagle, God gave them, two lenses. See God did something very special, because He knew it was going to be a type of Himself and of the Believer.

Now the eagle will use one of his eyelids at all time when he is in flight. Or when he is searching for prey or food. But at times he wants to soar and soar right into the sun. He's the only bird that can look directly into the sun, because when he focuses in to fly right into the rays of the sun, he pulls that second eyelid down and he can look right into the sun. It's like sunglasses. Built in sunglasses. You must understand God is a great God.

And all the world out there they can't see Him. They can't look at the sun. They can't focus in on Him, but God has given to us a special eyesight folks. If you can see Him tonight, you can focus in on Him , you ought to be thanking God. God you gave me the ability to look at the sun and to see Him in His fullness and enjoy His presence….Dear God.

Another thing, about having this ability, sometimes a group of vultures will attack an eagle. And all he does, is pull that second set of eyelids down and soar right into the sun. And they have to leave him alone, they can't follow him….You get those vultures on your tail, head right into the sun.

I know this blesses me more than it does you…dear God.

The eagles diet is so much different from any other bird. The eagles diet is the source of its strength. How many of you have heard the expression, "you are what you eat?" Did you ever hear that…"you are what you eat?" And our strength depends upon what we eat.

Now you can suck on a lollilop or eat icecream and it might taste good, but it won't do much work. An eagle needs alot of strength in those great pinions, so it has to have a good diet. Are you listening?

Now the eagle does not eat like other birds. Hawks will find a rabbit that has been dead out in the sun…for maybe days. Do you know what happens to meat when it is out in the sun? It gots some of those little white crawly things. How many of you like that kind of meat?

But a hawk, a vulture, will not attack something living. It will circle around it and wait. If it sees it is in trouble, it will wait its time until it is dead. It likes that which is dead. Not so with the eagle….dear God.

Now it chooses its food. It doesn't just go flying out and see a fish down there and attack it or a rabbit. It decides before it ever leaves it rock. It knows what it needs. It knows what it has a hankering for. It might be a fish today. It might be a rabbit tomorrow. It might be a lamb the next day. It might be a deer.

So he doesn't eat what he finds, he finds what he wants to eat.

Boy there is some good things to find in here. Amen. What will make you strong…its not eating old meat, maggoty. See an eagle will not eat anything that is dead of itself, it has got to eat something that still has life in it.

Fresh meat. Fresh revelation. I remember the first time I went down South and started to share something with the preachers, and they said, "Where did you get that from Brother Reynolds?"

I got it by looking for it. I went looking for ….dear God….Aaamen!

The Christian needs fresh meat. You need it! It will make you strong! When the Enemy comes against you….Outrun me, go by me , such force, gone, just gone, running, just gonna run the race, and win the race. And pretty quick you see them running back the other way just as fast as they were going this way. What happened? They lost their strength. What is it that keeps you going? Its getting hold of some food that will fill your soul and make you strong , so that you can face the currents of life, the rejection, all the things that come against you, the attacks of the vultures, and even the snakes.

One of the things that Solomon spoke about here was, he said "that it was too much for me to see the Serpent on the rock."

That's a message all in of itself. Boy, I want you to know that the slippery, slimey Serpent is on the rock today. He is using Truth to deceive and to destroy. Amen?!!! Dear God….

Gotta have some fresh meat. Over in Hebrews…and I like this good…real good…This is from the Amplified and he says in Hebrews 4 and verse 12: "FOR THE WORD THAT GOD SPEAKS"….now in the King James it says… "THE WORD OF GOD IS QUICK AND POWERFUL" …but I like this, now FOR THE WORD THAT GOD SPEAKS IS ALIVE AND FULL OF POWER." "THE WORD THAT GOD SPEAKS" The book says of itself, the letter killeth but the Spirit giveth life.

God can cause this book to talk to you. And God can speak to your spirit. And here in this Amplified, catch this for a minute… "FOR THE WORD THAT GOD SPEAKS IS ALIVE AND FULL OF POWER;" making it active; operative, energizing, and effective.

I dont know if this has ever happened to you, but it has happened to me so many times. My wife and I used to do a lot of evangelistic work before we started the Center.