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The Abundant Life

Rev. James R. Reynolds, Sr.

May 22, 2005

Sunday Morning

Title: "The Abundant Life"

Text: John 10: 10

--> One side on the tape, that is all he preached


The world knows nothing of life. The sinner is dead in tresspasses and sin. 

The Christian has life. Life is a gift of God. 

1.) Natural life is a gift from God. 


Without the life of God we are nothing mor

Psalm 103: 

Jer. 1:5

Acts 17:22

2.) God gives spiritual life 

Romans 6:23

Without the life of Jesus Christ you have no spiritual life. 

I Timothy 5:6

They that live in pleasure are dead in sin. 

People sit in the rain for many inings to watch someone hit a ball. They are dead. 


B) Life in the absalute, the life that is in God

In him is life... not just breath, life

a)he is creator of life

b)he is the giver of life

c)he is the restorer of life

Eph 4:18 - a complete alien from the life of God

Adam was alienated until God provided redemption to restore life to him

Ezekiel 1:8 - The soul that sins, it shall die. 

The only way to have life is to have it to restored by Jesus Christ. 

What is the devil doing? Stealing, Killing, and Destroying

The world always seems to use the lure of flashing lights to attracte you. 

I John 5:11 - That life is "zoe" the life of God

You need the life of God in you. 

Truth is not a prrequisite to life, you must receive the life of christ, to have life. 

When Adam sinned, sinned entered into the world, he posined the human race so that all

postatiry would be with sin. Every baby that is born is born with sin in him

When Adam failed and sinned, he lost the life of God. Adam broght us to the graveyard. 

Christ came to the graveyard to save us, and bring us out. 

Stone typfies law, and when you put something to the stone, that represents breaking the law

It takes God doing the best in you. It is more than you can do. 

The law was broken, they took Jesus to the grave, to the place that we were. 

Christ is more than our example, he was the Lord our Saviour. 

Ressurection life - to take us out of that terriable bondage


II. The Measure of that Life

Christ is a risen Saviour, the grave is empty. Adam took us to the graveyard, and Jesus took us out of that graveyard. 

He that believeth. You have got to believe. 

Some have life like a flickering candle, 

Some have life like a roaring furnace, 

Some have just enough life to be miserable

A sick man may have life but it is very limited, just enough to make him hurting and miserable

A prisoner may have life, but thier life is limited and confined. 

But when he is set free, he has life and more abundant. 

The sinner being set free, like the psalmist said, like a bird being set free. 

Just because you have been saved and even filled with the Holy Ghost does not mean you have it all.

With Christ there is an overplue

Psalm 27:11

Romans 5:17

I cor 8:22 - abundance of joy

Some people have the conseption that if you are a christian that you have to be sober and queit. 

Ephesian 3:20 abundance

I peter 1:3

The best pill that you can take is the Gos-pill

Isaain 55:7 - abundance of power 

Abundantly pardon 

I Peter 1:3 

Not just enough to have life in this life but you must have the life of Jesus Christ - LIFE Abundantly

Something that will fan the fames of your experiance and help that fire to grow, go tell someone about Jesus. 

Sin is the problem, Christ is the cure

If you want to find life, tell somebody about the life that is in you.