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Bible Believers Treatment of Bible Believers

The Civil War Among Bible Believers

THEME: Lessons we can learn from our history as Bible Believers of our treatment of other Bible Believers.


  • Calvin's heavy handedness
  • Zwingli drowning of baptists?

Persecutions by the PURITANS

  • Roger Williams perseucation in New England
  • John Clark, Obadiah Holmes PURITANS busted down the door during service and took them to a puritan church service, jail and court [John Clark defends Believer's baptism], beat Obadiah Holmes "slashes to his back", "You have whipped me as with roses"
  • Doing God's service when putting to death
  • Roger Wiliam's "a bloody tenant yet more bloody"
  • John Leeland
  • Isaac Backus

Ministry Wrongs

  • abuse of power