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Danger of Never Growing Up

Song 8:9 &mdsh; If she be a wall, we will build upon her a palace of silver: and if she be a door, we will inclose her with boards of cedar.

Hebrews 6 read

I. The Danger is Real

  • casual: relaxed and unconcerned.
  • PICKING AT THE THE RUST SPOT, not just letting things slip
  • 2018 surevy discovered, Americans are getting shorter. For Most of US History Americans were among the tallest people in the world. Colonial army was by average 3 inches taller than British soldiers. (WW2 2" taller than germans) AMERICANS WERE TALL BECAUSE AMERICANS WERE HEALTHY.
  • Annebelle Tuttle (4'6")

II. Stunted Growth

  • Are we PREPARING? Getting Ready?
  1. Genetics - Genetics account for 86% of height
  2. Environment - Diet, Habits of Life (Diet in child hood is crucial to height development)
  • There has never been so many CHRISTIAN THINGS = Integrity (honest, moral uprightness -- You can live upright in an upside down world. 3 Hebrew Children)
  • "Unisex Alpaca Slippers" --- NO
  • Sneaking Kisses in the Youth Camp Closet
  • Loseness men and women
  • Not everyone is "god's children" ==> Must be Born AGain

III. How Do We Grow?

  • HOW WE GROW Growth doesn't come just cause I "want to grow up" like a preteen wanting to be a teen or a teenager grown up - Development
  • Development not Wishful thinking (Do things)
  • Integrity:
    • Do for Someone that cannot repay.
    • Ask for instruction and Correction. "Preacher talk to us about movies"
    • Bear the Loss yourself
    • NO matter how skilled you are, let your EFFORT be your greater quality.

1. Not Enough to Hear the Word but are we "DIGESTING IT" (Chew your food!)

  • WE need the Word of God DAiLY

3. Worship

  • Spiritual beings and the Holy Ghost
  • God is a Spirit and they that worship him MUST worship HIM in Spirit and in Truth.
  • Danger of not going anywhere