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Getting Your Grip on the Gospel Plow

TEXT: Luke 9:51-10:2

INTRO: The Family Business - Getting Your Grip

  • Your generation must get its grip on this GOSPEL PLOW or you will fail in such a time as this. --- What can I liken this generation to but ...
  • "United We Stand" -- The unity of SHARED WORK. (What number birthday is this coming July 4th, don't shout out answers.)
  • There is so much more to be done!
  • THIS PLOW ... What is it? It makes way for the SEED.

1. I"VE GOTTEN MY GRIP ... through Small Obediences

  • Even a great work like a "YOUTH CAMP", if you take a closer look is some of many tiny obediences. YES, sir. NO, Ma'am.
  • Don't be so disagreeable, we are trying to help you! :)
  • As newborn babes, desire the sincere milk of the word,
  • many great opportunities arise out of being in the right place at the right time

2. I"VE GOTTEN MY GRIP ... through Rich Experiences

  • Glenn Reynolds could not go so he GAVE ME his ticket.


  • Must Come By It Honestly - "Get's It Honest"
  • (Inherited it; Dad and me worshipping alike) ---

4. I"VE GOTTEN MY GRIP ... Gaurding against getting caught up in the wrong spirit.

  • ON THAT BALL FIELD, ... flesh and blood is not my enemy
  • "And They went to Another Village" 9:56

5. I"VE GOTTEN MY GRIP ... Excerising my gifts,

  • Cut my teeth on following the. Anointing in testimony service. Headache growing pains might cause.
  • A mind to Work - Learning the FAmily Business (Prov. 18:16 a man's gift make way)
  • Hobbies that Serve (not a full time thing, but little is much when God is in it.)

Kicking dirt back in my hole

What is the Gospel Plow? What can I get out of it Before knowing what it even is

Prqching is Teaching is

Winning their hearts before demanding their submission.